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ION New Christmas Movies 2013

ION is celebrating the Holidays in a big way with Five All New Original Holiday Movies set to premiere in November and December. ION Television wants viewers to “Get Wrapped Up in the Holidays,” these five new movies will air alongside 13 other returning favorites from ION’s catalog of movies throughout the holiday season.


Premieres Sunday, November 24, at 9/8c

Cast: Dean Cain, Jud Tylor, Bill Lewis, Jamie McRae, Cooper Barnes, Jodie Sweetin, Seth Menachem, John Savage
Scott Hanson, a ski resort sheriff, inadvertently arrests a sleeping Santa in the snowy woods on suspicion of a crime he did not commit. With his sleigh ride now in doubt, Santa is put on trial. But, during the proceedings, Sheriff Hanson, also a dad and widower, begins to fall for Santa’s court-appointed defense attorney, Sarah.

Premieres Friday, November 29, at 9/8c

Cast: Samaire Armstrong, Matthew Lawrence, Julie Brown, Jim O’Heir
A young, single mother, Jen, begins to lose her faith in the magic of Christmas. At the local mall Santa, Jen immediately feels an attraction to Chris, the young, attractive man filling the suit. Little does Jen know that Chris is the son and heir to the “real” Santa, and his mission is to find himself a Mrs. Claus. As the two fall for one another, Chris faces his inevitable return to the North Pole.

Premieres Sunday, December 1, at 9/8c

Cast: Ashley Scott, Patrick Muldoon, Kip Pardue, George Hamilton, Shelley Long, Mo Gaffney, Essence Atkins,  Susan Olsen,
Maya, couldn’t have any less in common with her co-worker, Pat, who happens to be the company founder’s son. But, tasked with traveling across the country on a Christmastime social media tour for the company’s leading canine and most-prized possession, Scoots, fate finds a funny way to intervene. In their race against the clock, the two begin to fall for one another. Unbeknownst to Maya, though, her remorseful ex-boyfriend is in close pursuit, hoping he can win her back.

Premieres Sunday, December 8, at 9/8c

Cast: Haylie Duff, Nicholas Gonzalez, C. Thomas Howell, Mark Famiglietti, Sheree J. Wilson
With her California hometown in the rearview mirror, Belle heads north on business to catalog the sale of a large mansion. While The Job is a dream, the client, Hunter Lowell, is not. But, as the two spend more time together, his icy demeanor begins to melt. Although their relationship is budding, Belle’s long-time suitor, Tony, arrives, sending mixed signals to Hunter while adding chaos to the holiday season.

Premieres Sunday, December 15, at 9/8c

Cast: Melissa Sagemiller, Brad Rowe, Tom Arnold, Stuart Pankin,
After being told by her boss that she must listen more attentively to others, Elizabeth, a skilled executive, meets one of Santa’s helpers, who blesses her with an extraordinary gift. Through a Christmas pin, Elizabeth can listen to every unspoken thought of anyone she encounters. With her new-found power, she attempts to be a better person, turning an office rivalry into romance while learning the true meaning of Christmas.

New Hallmark Christmas Movies 2013

Nothing says Christmas quite  like a Hallmark Christmas Movie. This year, Hallmark will be showing celebrating Christmas starting November 2nd 2013 all the way until December 25th. With 13 brand new Christmas movies premiering on the Hallmark Channel this year, feel free to make the Hallmark your Christmas Movie Head Quarters. 


The Thanksgiving House
Premieres Saturday, November 2 at 8/7c

A woman buys a house in Plymouth, only to discover that the very first Thanksgiving took place on the property. As a result, she finds herself in a battle with a local handsome historian who wants to tear down her house to study the site. Stars Cerina Vincent and Lindsay Wagner.

Pete's Christmas
Premieres Friday, November 8 at 8/7c
A young 14-year-old boy named Pete has the worst Christmas Day ever, only to find that he must repeat the day again and again until he gets it right. Stars Bruce Dern, Zachary Gordon, Bailee Madison, Molly Parker and Rick Roberts.

Snow Bride
Premieres Saturday, November 9 at 8/7c

When a reporter encounters the eldest son of a famous political family at a mountain retreat, she winds up pretending to be his girlfriend over Christmas so he can save face with his family. Should she secretly expose newsworthy scoops about the famous family in order to save her job, or trust that she's falling in love for real? Stars Patricia Richardson and Katrina Law.

A Very Merry Mix-Up
Premieres Sunday, November 10 at 8/7c

Alice thinks she is heading to her fiancé’s hometown to meet his parents and spend the holidays, but a mix up at the airport lands her at the wrong home. However this “wrong” family is just her sort of people and she quickly forms a bond with them, especially with the handsome son, Matt. When she visits the "right" house, will her destiny take a detour? Stars Alicia Witt.

The Christmas Ornament
Premieres Saturday, November 16 at 8/7c

Widow Kathy Howard is having a hard time facing her first Christmas alone when she meets Christmas tree lot owner Tim Pierce, who helps her to see that there is still hope and love in the world.  Can Tim and the Christmas season help open her heart to a new life? Stars Kellie Martin, Cameron Mathison and Jewel Staite.

Catch a Christmas Star
Premieres Sunday, November 17 at 8/7c

Just as her latest Christmas album is being released, famous singer Nikki Crandon is reunited with her high school sweetheart and starts to believe they may be able to rekindle what they had in the past. However, problems arise in the form of pressure from her record company, an old boyfriend and the paparazzi. Will Nikki be able to overcome the many obstacles to finally be with the only man she has ever loved?

Window Wonderland
Premieres Saturday, November 23 at 8/7c

With the Christmas season fast approaching, department store window decorator Sloan Van Doren is hoping to take over the recently-vacated head window designer spot but finds she has to prove herself by going up against rival Jake Dooley. As they compete they find they may have more in common than they think. Stars Chyler Leigh and Naomi Judd.

Fir Crazy
Premieres Sunday, November 24 at 8/7c

When marketing executive Elise MacKenzie decides to help sell Christmas trees at her family’s Christmas tree lot, she discovers a newfound fondness for the holidays. But all could be lost when the store owner who hosts the tree lot on his block wants to shut it down, and it’s up to Elise to find a way to rekindle his Christmas Cheer. Stars Sarah Lancaster.

 Let it Snow
Premieres Saturday, November 30 at 8/7c

A resort executive is sent to a newly purchased lodge in Maine with instructions to turn it in to an ultra-modern resort, and finds a charming, successful lodge loaded with holiday spirit. Will she stick with her boss’s plans to tear everything down or find a way to save what she has come to love? Stars Candace Cameron-Bure and Alan Thicke.

The Christmas Spirit
Premieres Sunday, December 1 at 8/7c

Charlotte Hart is a distinguished journalist out to save a quiet New England town from a ruthless real estate developer, but a terrible car accident puts her plans into a spin. Stars Nicolette Sheridan and Olympia Dukakis.

Santa Switch
Premieres Saturday, December 7 at 8/7c

Even the real Santa Claus needs a break every so often! Dan (Ethan Erickson), a divorcing dad facing unemployment at holiday time, can’t even land a mall Santa job. Then the real Kris (Donavan Scott) visits from the North Pole, leaving Dan in charge of things. Fortunately Dan receives a little guidance from his elf assistant Eddie (Oscar® nominee Sean Astin). Now the fate of Christmas rests in Dan’s hands! Stars Sean Astin, Ethan Erickson, Anne Dudek, Annie Thurman and Griffin Cleveland.

Hats off to Christmas
Premieres Saturday, December 14 at 8/7c

Instead of getting a promotion, Santa Hat Factory Assistant Manager Mia Winters is told by her boss to train his son, Nick, for the job instead.  Mia soon finds herself falling for the charming Nick. When complications arise, Mia must decide if she can really trust Nick with her heart, and the heart of her young son. Stars Haylie Duff & Antonio Cupo

Finding Christmas 
Premieres Sunday, December 15 at 8/7c
A disgruntled New York ad executive, Sean, swaps houses over Christmas with Owen, a North Carolina repairman who is also going through his own heartache. Owen meets Sean’s assistant Mia when he arrives in the big city. Sean meets Owen’s sister, Ryan, when he arrives in North Carolina. Sparks fly between both couple, With Christmas approaching and the home swap nearing an end, the future for both of these new relationships is up in the air. Stars Tricia Helfer, JT Hodges, Mark Lutz and Cristina Rosato.

(Pictures will be updated as they become available)

New Lifetime Christmas Movies 2013

The yearly It's A Wonderful Lifetime, programming event kicks off November 9th with the premiere of 1 of its 7 new Holiday Movies. So bake some cookies, and relax by the fire, Lifetime has some wonderful holiday movies for you to enjoy.

A young mountain girl  (Desiree Ross, ) as she pursues her dream of becoming a country star against the wishes of her mother (Megyn Price). Her journey to the stage at Dollywood with a singing competition hosted by Dolly Parton reunites her with her musician father (McKnight) and uncovers the musical legacy of African Americans in the world of country music. Mary Kay Place (Big Love) stars as her grandmother.

Local librarian Cherie (LINDY BOOTH) is ecstatic to celebrate the holiday season until she learns that a real estate developer, Tony (ROBBIN DUNN), has plans to demolish her library. Cherie rallies her neighbors to help save the library with a Christmas tree decorating contest. Not to be deterred, Tony joins the competition and recruits professional interior designer, Cordelia (MEL B), to help him beat Cherie. Will Cherie's devotion be enough to save her beloved library?

Estranged from her family, Kristin (SHIRI APPLEBY) falls asleep alone on Christmas Eve only to wake up and discover it's Christmas morning 1996 and she has to relive the worst Christmas of her life! But this time, Kristin decides to do things differently to change not only her imperfect past, but also her less- than-perfect future. '80s icon and Golden Globe nominee JUDD NELSON returns to the screen alongside Disney starlet DEBBY RYAN and Revolution's ELIZABETH MITCHELL.


After breaking up with her boyfriend, Jennifer (TATYANA ALI) moves back to the house she grew up in, bringing back memories of her recently deceased friend Jack (LAMORNE MORRIS). But after receiving a Christmas card from a secret admirer, she is stunned when she discovers the truth. JORDIN SPARKS, BILL COBBS, DELLA REESE and ERNIE HUDSON headline the star-studded cast.


After closing down her small-town family business, Wendy (ASHLEY WILLIAMS) and her six-year-old daughter Grace move to the big city where an old friend offers her a job in the toy department of Wolmans. But her excitement is short lived when the store's new consultant, Teanna (ASHANTI), ruins the holiday spirit throughout the store by replacing Santa with a hunky male underwear model. It's only when Grace begins to lose faith in the holiday that Wendy realizes she must bring the true meaning of Christmas back to Wolmans before it is too late.


When New York marketing executive Katherine (BURTON) discovers her workaholic ways are taking a toll on her son, Zac, she decides to spend Christmas with him and her mother, Lilly  in her hometown. When Caleb (HILTON) tries to rekindle a childhood romance and convince her to move back home, Katherine is torn between the bright lights of the big city and the quiet, gentler rhythms of her Southern roots.


A cynical television executive looks at the perfect world inside a snow globe and rants about how the Christmas movies she produces fall short of real life. Upset, she tries to smash the globe in to pieces, but instead, ends up knocking herself in the head. She wakes up, married to her ex, Ted with two kids. Trying desperately to return to her old life, she slowly realizes the importance of family and begins to find happiness.

Nothing Is As It Appears (Blacklist Episode 6)


SPECIAL GUESTS: Margarita Levieva as Gina Zanetakos

SYNOPSIS: A beautiful yet menacing corporate terrorist is tracked. Meanwhile, Tom confronts Liz about a mysterious box.




Ok everyone, this was a grab on to your seat and don't take your eyes off the screen for the full 60 minutes. Because, if you even blinked to long you've already missed something. A lot happened in episode 6 so let's get started.

 In Germany a man is working on a car, adding electrical equipment to it when a women maybe early thirties approaches him (she turns out to be Gina). She asks if he's ready and he proceeds to show her that he is by blowing the car up with a cluck of a button. That's nice but the women wants the next bomb to be a dirty bomb (loaded with nuclear materials), the man says that's doable. She needs it in 36 hours.

On the otherside of the world in the Keen household, Tom is freaking about about the gun, the money and all the passports with his face on it. ( could it be he had no idea?) Since he brought the box to her attention, Lizzie decides now is as good as time as any to find out what the hell is going on, but Tom isn't budging from his original story. He challenges her to call the FBI if she thinks he's guilty, with few alternatives that's exactly what Lizzie does. (Does anyone believe he's just a normal teacher? Anyone.....)
The FBI come and detain and blindfold Tom, and then take him to the blacksite where Lizzie works, which appears to be a surprise for Tom. He thought he was headed for FBI headquarters. Marched in much like Raymond Redington was, he is separated from Lizzie and placed in interrogation.

But Tom isn't the only one in trouble so is Lizzie, Dircetor Cooper isn't real happy with how this all went down and in light of Tom's situation, with the money and the passports he's having doubts about Lizzie connection to Reddington and what else she may be hiding. Until the matter is all figured out , he places Lizzie on leave and tells her to go home away from where they are keeping Tom. (She turned her husband in, so why is she under suspicion?)

But Lizzie can't go home, so she heads to the only other place she could possibly get answers, she decides to meet with Reddington. He listens and points her in the direction of a woman named Gina Zanetakos who engages in corporate espionage in the most extreme ways possible including terrorism. Reddington says Gina is Tom’s lover.
After meeting Lizzie, Reddington meets with Dir. Cooper, but he makes it clear he will only work with agent Keen if was part of their arrangement. No Keen no help taking down this corporate terrorist. When Dir. Cooper doesn't buckle immediately, Reddingtion threatens Dir. Copper with something about His past in Kuwait. And in no time at all, Cooper brings Lizzie back to active duty to investigate Gina, the terrorist. Against the opinions of the rest of his team. ( so was it the terrorist or the secrets Reddington knows about Dir. Cooper that made him change his mind?)

While the FBI is figuring all this out, Gina is dressed up like a sex kitten complete with leather and a blond wing with a middle eastern man who has apparently done her a favor. Once he shows her papers confirming that he has done her this favor, she sticks a needle in his neck and kills him. She quickly plants pills around the body, to make it appear as if it was an overdose. She then changes her clothes and hair and leaves the room, but as she heads toward the elevator, agent Keen, Agent Ressler head toward the room she just evacuated.

She gets on the elevator and because Agent Ressler doubles back to elevators so he can talk to security in the Libby they both end up on the same elevator, with some giggling volleyball players and their coach. The terrorist and the FBI agent. ( this would make a good sappy romance book don't you think?) the girls and the coach exit before they hit the lobby, Gina decides the risk of him recognizing her is to great so her best plan; immobilize him in the elevator and that's exactly what she does.

 Gina gets the jump on Agent Ressler, and for him kept going down hill, she beats him up and leaves him on conscience before they hit the lobby. But during the struggle she leaves her phone behind which Ressler uses grabs when he finally comes too. (Lol he got his ass kicked by a girl.... That has to hurt his ego) The FBI uses the phone to figure out that Gina is planning to set off a dirty bomb, the only issue is that they don’t know where, it's set to go off.

Back at the FBI, nothing about Toms story is checking out. The school he said he met with has never heard of him. (Not looking to good Tom) But Lizzie's faith in him is unwavering. As she studies pictures from that weekend in Boston She realizes that Gina was at Angel Station the same time she and Tom were. (Ok, I'm beginning to believe Reddingtons version of the story)

Using her phone and her latest alias the FBI are able to locate and raid the apartment Gina was using and where they find evidence that she is indeed an assassin. (Assassin terrorist kind sorta the same thing lol)

Lizzie's new theory is that Gina killed the Russian spy Tom is suspected of killing. But, they find in Gina's apartment does nothing to help exonerate him, in her bedroom is a close up picture of Tom which makes it appear as if Tom knows Gina.( his picture is by her bed.... That seems intimate to me)

Lizzie is Understandably upset with this turn of events so she heads off to talk to Reddington. She's confused, sad and upset and spouting conspiracy theories with Reddington as the instigator, she doesn't know who to trust. Reddington says she can trust him.

The FBI have reached a dead in, and the need Reddington to help them find the German bomb maker, a man named Maxwell. Reddington is game so he heads gto Germany to talk to Maxwell. And with a little coaxing from Reddington Max tells them that the bomb is built into a car.

Somehow the FBI has found and is moving in on Gina. ( how are these professionals always caught on the basic stuff) They have her surrounded in a DC-area park. Noticing all of the FBI agents in the park, Gina runs. She eventually heads into a public restroom and Lizzie follows her inside. The two women get into a fight, and Gina pulls a knife on Lizzie. Agent Ressler walks in and seeing Lizzie in danger shoots Gina. Gina looks like she is dying which means there is no way to figure out where the dirty bomb is.

Putting the clues together Lizzie and Reddington figure out that the dirty nuke is at the port of Houston. It is designed to shut down Houston and allow a company that controls the port in New Orleans make a huge amount of money. (It's always about the money)

In Houston, Liz figures out that the Middle-Eastern guy Gina killed killed was being used to bring the bomb into the country as diplomatic cargo. They find the nuclear car, but the bomb guys best advice: RUN.

Instead of running, they decide to contain the radiation by dumping the car into the water. Ressler makes like a hero and just in the nick of time saves the day by driving the car into the water. (Sorry little fish and the entire industry Ur screwed for a few years)

The FBI goes to talk to Gina, she made it through surgery. They offer her a deal in exchange for talking to them. She tells them that she killed the Russian double-agent and that Reddington paid her to do so. ( if he knew this would come back on him why would he point them in her direction?) (something is not quite right but the FBI is eating it up) When asked about Tom, she has no idea who He is. In light of this development The FBI sets Tom free. (Ain't that convenient) He and Liz have a tearful reunion. Tom then recognizes one of Red’s associates as someone who he thinks set him up.

Lizzie is seeing red after all that Gina confesses too, she goes to see him where she accuses Reddington of arranging everything and setting up Tom. (But why would he do it?) He denies it, and insist that it's Tom that is fooling her. She tells him to go to hell.
As Lizzie and Tom get home, the men in the van who planted cameras around their house are still watching. The man that enters the van says he's not sure what Tom is up too, the only thing he is sure of is that he doesn't work for Reddington. ( anyone else get the feeling he might have been interviewing for a job with Reddington or trying to make a deal with him In Boston?) I guess we shall have to see

Ok, wow that was a lot in an hour, the mystery with Tom was addressed and yet completely left up in the air all at the same time. Anyone convinced of Tom's innocence yet? Yea me neither. While there are some obvious timeline inconsistencies, this was a fast paced episode with a few slight of hand moments and an end game that was never quite clear. Which is exactly how I like it. I was pleasantly surprised that they did not wait to address the Tom issue until the mid season finale. The blacklist seems to want move at a fast pace and I am right there with them. I can't wait till next week.


Gina kicking Agent Ressler's ass ( lol it was fun to watch)


Like I'm Bond.... I'm Tom Bond (best line by Tom all season)

SECOND RUNNER UP: delivering criminals to you is a hobby, a diversion that may become tiresome. (Reddington)


A (Loved it)


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THE ORIGINALS (Series Premiere)



SYNOPSIS: A spin-off of "The Vampire Diaries" focuses on the original vampire family, who return to New Orleans to reclaim the city they helped build. In the opener, Klaus meets his former protégé, Marcel, who controls the supernatural inhabitants in town; and Klaus' former flame, Hayley, falls into the hands of a powerful witch.


Warning this recap and review is from a girl who has never watched the vampire diaries. The good news is I get to see this series from a pair of fresh eyes with no preconceived notions, ideas or favorite characters. And here we go 300 years ago on the Mississippi River; Elijah, Rebekah and Klaus the first and original vampires arrive from Europe on a boat famished after a very long journey on the shores of Louisiana. They arrive with two brothers who appear to be dead, for they are resting in coffins with stakes through them, a group of colonist find the boat and all but one are used to quell the original vampires hunger, the other is compelled to transport their belongs to shore.

Cut to the present, where New Orleans, Louisiana is flourishing full of music, colors, parades and vampires. We first see Elijah speaking to a cute looking bartender, Cami, about how he looking for his brother Klaus. He explains how Klaus believes that their are people conspiring against him and that he needs to get In to contact with: Jane Anne Deveraux. Cami points him the direction of someone who may know where to find Jane Anne.

A tour guide, who just happens to be a witch is leading tourist through the streets of New Orleans highlighting the music, culture and all the places known for going bump in the night. As she ushers her tour group into a witches shop, she spots Elijah patiently waiting for information. The witch knows who he is on sight; seeing as Elijah is the original vampire who always wears a suit and tells him that the person he is searching for is dead. Killed for practicing magic, and that Marcel a vampire, and the underground king of the city is responsible for it.
 As the "King" of New Orleans, Marcel has dominion over the witches and he has declared that they never do magic. When Sophie comes to take Jane Anne's body away, so that she can bury it in a cemetery, Marcel shows how ruthless he can be by forbidding her from taking her sisters body. Instead he takes the body for himself, as a way of making Sophie give him answers as to what her sister was working on. ( what an ass, I mean seriously holding a dead body hostage is just evil)

As Marcel once again asserts himself as the King of the quarter, Elijah watches from afar. As he emotionally tortures the witches. As he leaves Elijah calls his sister Rebekah about what's been going on in New Orleans, fearing that is brother Klaus, has unknowingly walked into a war between the witches and Marcel, who he calls their sire? ( what do they mean sire) Rebekah seems surprised that Marcel is alive at all. When Elijah asks for Rebekah to return to help him deal with this mess, Rebekah Isn't interested apparently she is still upset that Klaus staked her for 90 year and hasn't quite forgiven enough to drop everything and help him.
Whether Rebekah decides to help him or not, Elijah wants to know why the witches have lured his brother back to New Orleans. His next stop is Sophie, behind her Restaurant praying to her dead sister. Two of Marcel's vampires catch her, but Elijah quickly kills them both, because he needs answers; what business does she have with his brother?

Sophie explains that they need Klaus to get rid of Marcel, the witches have tried to do it themselves but to no avail, Marcel has an army that they can't possible fight alone, they need an original for help. Jane Anne found a girl, a werewolf girl, Hayley, that Klaus sleep with In Virginia who is apparently pregnant with his child. At first Elijah doesn't believe them because vampires are dead they can't have children.
  Hayley is being held captive by the witches, she is scared and more than a little confused as to how this could have happened. Instead of explaining Klaus and his family's long long history he shows her kinda like a mind mend of sorts.

Apparently all the originals all 5 of them 4 brother and 1 sister started off human. Their mother was playing around with the dark arts, they were happy until the youngest of the brothers was killed by werewolves. Wanting to protect the rest of their family, their father forced their mother to cast a spell, a way to protect them from the werewolves and as a result they became vampires. But by becoming vampires, they became a different type of monsters. Klaus, after feeding for the first time, turned into a werewolf. Werewolves are cursed humans, and the curse only activates after the person has take. A life. So when Klaus killed for the first time, he transformed. Half vampire- half werewolf
Klaus’s mother had a few secrets of her own, it turns out that she had an affair with a werewolf, and when her secret was found out their father was infuriated by her betrayal. Not wanting to be reminded of her indiscretion, He forced their mother to put a spell on Klaus that would forever suppress his werewolf side. Even since their father has been hunting his children, whenever they find happiness the end up having to flee.

Eventually Klaus got revenge on his father, and after he broke the spell that bound his werewolf abilities. Elijah hopes that after centuries of family drama, the baby will bring Klaus some happiness.
Sophie explain the game, she blackmailing the originals, the baby will not be born if the originals do not get rid of Marcel. The spell that Jane-Anne performed not only confirmed the pregnancy but also linked Sophie to Haley, so that anything that happens to Sophie will also happen to Haley. And they both know Marcel would kill Klaus' baby if he found out that he was having one. Only one problem Klaus doesn't listen like being told what to do, but that's why Sophie brought Elijah back to town, as insurance. ( it's actually not a bad plan, but I'm sure it won't be as easy as it sounds)

Excited about the possible new member to their family. Elijah convinces Klaus to go to the cemetery where the witches are keeping Haley and explains to him what’s going on. But Klaus doesn't believe them, no matter Elijah is just as happy to simply kill Marcel so the Original family can have Hayley and the baby. But Sophie doesn't like that idea, she wants things done her way which include rules. At the mention of rules Klaus is ready to bounce, but Elijah stops him by making him listen to his child's heart beat.
And just when we know Klaus is going to change his mind and working the witches, he's like fuck it what do I care and storms off. ( ughhh what the hell just happened here) the witches are flabbergasted but Elijah is not, he makes they promise not to touch Hayley until he can talk some sense into Klaus. Nothing Elijah says changes Klaus' mind about being their for his baby but Elijah is not goin yo give up on Klaus or being an uncle.

Klaus heads off to meet Marcel, where Marcel makes a claim that New Orleans is his town now, it doesn't matter that Klaus made him who he is today, if he wants to stay he must play by Marcel's rules. In a show of rebellion, Klaus breaks one of Marcel's rules in front of everyone, attacking one of Marcel's family members a crime that would usually end in death but The Originals can't be killed so what is it that Marcel can do..... Nothing.
Elijah watches the confrontation go down, and calls Rebekah again, explaining what’s going on and that he will do anything to save this baby. Rebekah doesn't seem to care, she just want to let Klaus make his own mess.

Embarrassed Marcel says he knows how to deal with Klaus, which is of course when Elijah comes in to talk to him. Elijah explains that the blood of a hybrid will cure the fatality of a werewolf bite. He bargains that Marcel needs to let the witches bury Jane-Anne, and gets her body for the witches to prove his loyalty to the witches. For which they give him more time to convince Klaus to help them.

In the end Elijah finally convinces Klaus to help them get rid of Marcel, but not because he fears for the baby’s safety, but because he wants to be king, and he wants power. This child will give him more power, and after all, every king needs an heir.

Klaus in a gesture of good faith gives Marcel his blood to cure his friend, and now Marcel is back on his side…or so it seems. Which is when we are first introduces to the mysterious young girl being kept by Marcel who can sense the witches and who is worried about the return of The Originals.
Elijah picks up Haley from the witches and takes her to a huge new house where he asks Hayley about how she feels about becoming a mom; she tells him she was abandoned when she was born, and her adoptive parents kicked her out the second she turned into a werewolf. So, She doesn't know how to feel about being a mother because she’s never really had one, but Elijah promises to always be be there. Which may be a problem since Klaus stakes Elijah believing that family and love are weakness.

 OK so The Originals was actually a really good show, I was actually pleasantly surprised, but what makes the show good isn't so much the vampires, the witches, the werewolves, and the fact that they are all trying to kill each other or run one of the other paranormal groups out of the bayou. What makes the show good is the connection and the relationships between the characters. How much they care about each other and how they all seem to survive the unimaginable. I would not be surprised if Marcel doesn't feel a little bit abandoned by The Originals which he believed was his family.. I am interested in how all the events will play out so I will definitely be tuning in. CW you have hooked a viewer.


SCENE STEALER AWARD GOES TO: klaus attacking a vampire in front of Marcel (take that kind of New Orleans)


not sure yet, we'll get back to you

OUR FAVORITE CHARACTER THIS WEEK: Elijah (he lives family and he takes dare of his own)


B (I admit I was a little confused, but it was much better than I thought it would be, so I will be tuning in next week)