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Cooking Channel Cooked Up A Storm At The 2013 Cooking Channel Upfronts

When the Food Channel became popular and their reached the height of their ratings back in 2010, Scripps Networks announced their brother channel…. The Cooking Channel! Both the Food Channel and the Cooking Channel are flourishing despite the latter being in its infancy. In fact this year during upfronts, the cooking channel announced an impressive slate of upcoming new programs that will find its home on this channel in 2013. In fact eight new shows will premiere on the Cooking Channel before October. Whether you like pizza, chinese, donuts or struggling restaurants you will like what is being offered this year. 


Pizza Cuz is a cross-country pizza exploration through the taste buds of pizza aficionados Francis Garcia and Sal Basille, owners of the growing pizza empire, Artichoke Basille’s Pizza. In each half-hour episode, these first cousins from Staten Island travel everywhere the pizza pie can take them – from San Francisco to P…

New Additions To HGTV, Announced At The 2013 HGTV Upfronts

When HGTV wants to rebuild or add to something, it does it in a hurry. That’s why it should be no surprise that HGTV not only announced 9 new shows during their upfront presentation; they also plan on launching all of these new series before August 1st 2013. The new series will put brother against brother; create a new home improvement reality TV star, no holds bar real estate advice, and home improvements that can be done in the time it takes to go to dinner and a movie. HGTV has seen the market value of Soap Opera stars, in fact more than three shows on their network has a Soap Star as the host. These new series will join the newest HGTV breakout hits; Flea Market Flip, Hawaii Life and Island Hunters. HGTV is determined to stick to its roots giving fans exactly what they want in terms of renovations, design, and real estate. 

New Additions To The HGTV Lineup:

Restoration Series

Flip or Flop (Premieres: Tuesday, April 16, at 11 p.m)
Tarek, a self-proclaimed "driven real estate ge…

Hulu and Hulu Plus Host Their 2013 New Fronts... Reality, Scripted and Soaps Galore

For web savvy individuals under 35, Hulu and Hulu Plus have are bookmarked on our computers and a primary way to watch the television shows you didn’t have time to watch the night before. Therefore with the increase in original programming, and expanded deal with the networks, it is no surprise that Hulu Plus subscriptions passed the 4 million mark. With four new original series, and several exclusive series set to debut this year, I am positive that Hulu will continue to grow with content and in viewers and subscribers.

The Awesomes is an animated show for adults that combines the thrills of comic book storytelling with the irreverent and inspired comedy that is the hallmark of show co-creators Seth Meyers (“SNL”) and Michael Shoemaker (“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”). It is the story about the greatest superhero team in history, The Awesomes, and what happens after all the most powerful members leave. The team is led …

Episodes Of The Kardashians Can Stop Repeating 5 Times A Week, E! Network Announces New Shows At Their 2013 E! Network Upfronts

The Kardashians can stop playing double duty, filling up all the holes in the E! network scheduling , due to lack of content. At the E! network upfronts, the Pop culture power house unveiled 6 brand new shows, at least nine specials and a multitude of original programming including; comedy, reality and scripted. Unlike last year, E! Network seems determined to launch a scripted original program before this time next year. With nearly all reality shows declining in the rating it would be safe to say that scripted television is making a comeback and E intends to hop on board. Earlier this year E! closed a multimillion dollar deal to keep the KARDASHIAN/ JENNER Clan, which has the become the heart of the E! network, on the airwaves until at least 2015. Looking at what is being promoted in its development slate, I feel comfortable predicting that the race to best original programming will be between E! and Bravo, both of which pushed heavy development slates and a range of new series dur…

The MILITARY CHANNEL Marches In New Content At The 2013 Military Channel Upfronts

The Military Channel announced five new original series during the Discovery Communications Upfronts. The new crops of shows seem to fit right at home on the Military Channel. Against the Odd’s appears to be the highlight of the development season, it features first person accounts of battle from the soldiers who survived. The Military Channel is the only on television for everything to do with warfare, battles, new technology, and stored about the soldiers that fight to keep our nation safe.
New Original Series…..
The Military Channel presents an emotional and awe-inspiring new original series that tells the stories of an outnumbered group of soldiers whom have found themselves in life or death situation with all the cards stacked against them. Their enemy is larger, stronger, and determined to win, but our band of brothers must pool their resources and summon the strength to mount the seemingly inconceivable mission of overcoming their aggressors. AGAINST THE ODDS sho…

Animal Planet Has New Shows And Wild Entertainment.... See What's Up At The 2013 Animal Planet Upfronts

Animal Planet is riding high on a good ratings season, which launched pushed it to become a top 20 cable network. In 2013-2014 Animal Planet will bring back 20 returning series, and at least 11 new series.  Animal Planet has seemed to have found its niche blending human and wild, and allowing all the series to have human characteristics. From monsters to whales, fishing to polar bears animal planet has something for the animal lover in all of us. Animal Planet’s newest star, pro wrestler Eric Young will be a lead on the new series Off the Hook.  Animal Planet will be sure to live up to being a top 20 cable network.

ALASKA BUSH FAMILY Deep in Alaska’s wilderness, Billy and Ami Brown, along with their seven children, thrive by living off the grid alongside some of the world’s most dangerous animals while they endure the harsh climate and challenging terrain. In ALASKA BUSH FAMILY, viewers get an inside look at the Browns’ unorthodox way of life and discover how they…