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Chasing Life - Denial is not just a River in Egypt (S1E2)

Chasing Life
Review S1E2 - Help Wanted

"It's never a good time to get that kind of news"

As we figured, being alone and having no one to talk to about having cancer can't last for long. April tells her bestie, Beth, that she's sick, and she reacts more like we thought April would with looks of disbelief and crying. Sometimes it's as hard to watch someone go through something, as it is to go through it yourself. As April tries to run around town, acting like she's not sick and nothing is wrong, one can't help but notice that she's moving a little slower and is a lot out of breath. While April seems hellbent on doing absolutely nothing as it relates to her leukemia, Beth is doing the opposite and learning everything she can about the disease. Between dating, getting an evil new supervisor, tracking down the mysterious girl at her fathers grave and covering for her sister, April is finding time for everything except her health.

The Witch Trials continue on WGN America

Despite WGN America only covering 62% of the country with a single feed, Salem‘s April 20 premiere averaged an impressive 3.4 million total viewers and 1.5 million adults 18-49 in Live+7. Through its first two telecasts in Live+3 viewing, Salem has logged nearly 1.7 million total viewers and 806,000 among Adults 18-49, a 776% increase over the network’s Adults 18-49 season-to-date average on Sundays at 10 PM ET.

Bates Motel Welcomes a Season 3

A&E Network’s drama, Bates Motel has been renewed for a 10-episode third season to begin production in the fall. The contemporary Psycho prequel series debuted to 3 million Live+same day viewers last season, with its second season opener inching up. With DVR viewing factored in, the Season 2 premiere averaged 4.6 million viewers in Live+7 as Bates Motel continues to be A&E’s top-rated drama series in adults 18-49. “The incredible writing team and talented Bates Motel cast has made this series one of the most compelling original dramas on television,” said A&E EVP David McKillop.

Celebrities Cook on the Cooking Channel

Both the Food Channel and the Cooking Channel are flourishing despite the latter being in its infancy. In fact this year during upfronts, the cooking channel announced an impressive slate of upcoming new programs that will find its home on this channel by January 2015. In fact 15 new shows will premiere on the Cooking Channel before October. Whether you like pizza, chinese, donuts or struggling restaurants you will like what is being offered this year. This year the cooking channel is taking a page out of the E!'s network playbook, with most of their new shows being helmed by minor celebrities. So if you have some extra time, head to the cooking channel to watch some celebs cook some of their favorite dishes.


Multi-year renewal all set for Pretty Little Liars

Its official Pretty Little Liars will be the longest lasting original show to ever air on ABC Family. The season 5 premiere of PLL is set to air tonight at 8pm, and will pick up right where the season 4 finale ended. This is abcfamily’s first ever multi-season pickup. The soapy mystery has been renewed for a sixth season, to air in mid-2015, and for a seventh season, to air in mid-2016. Pretty Little Liars, is ABC Family’s No. 1 series ever in total viewers (3.8 million) and all target demos: adults 18-34 (1.5 million/2.2 rating), women 18-34 (1.3 million/3.7 rating), adults 18-49 (2.0 million/1.6 rating), women 18-49 (1.7 million/2.7 rating), people 12-34 (2.6 million/2.8 rating) and females 12-34 (2.3 million/4.9 rating). 

Our Favorite Fake Lesbian Couple is Getting A Second Season

One of my ultimate guilty pleasures, which is equal parts crazy ridiculous and a story about finding yourself, has been renewed for a second season. The controversial MTV comedy, Faking it has been given a 10 episode second season. Faking It turned out to be the highest-rated new series launched on MTV this year, averaging a 1.5 rating among the network’s target demographic of persons 12-34 and 1.4 million total viewers each week. Airing at 10:30 PM, it retains nearly 90% of its lead-in, MTV flagship comedy Awkward, and regularly ranks as one of the Top 10 most socially engaged primetime cable series on Tuesday. 

Chasing Life - Pilot Review

Chasing Life

“Let me save your life then you can go back to hating me”

She’s quick witted, snarky, awkward, savvy and only 24 years old. In an attempt to land the biggest story of her life, April Carver finds out that she has CANCER. Which sucks because her life is just beginning; an amazing best friend, a job that she loves, her crush returning her feelings and a family just starting to get over fathers passing, the timing of this couldn't be worse. I expected for this show to be a cry fest full of love ones mourning, hospitals full of dying patients and a family coming to terms with one of its daughters having cancer and watching how that would affect everyone else’s life. But that’s not what this is; in fact it’s the exact opposite. This isn't Cancer Girl, where the show revolves around her and her illness 24/7; instead this is about 24 year old who happens to have cancer trying desperately for that fact not to overwhelm the rest of her life. Cancer is a pa…

CW does Newfronts, CW SEED 2014 NEWFRONTS

Last Year the CW created the digital-only arm of their network and they named it; CW SEED. This year CW SEED had their own version of an Upfronts, which other digital studious call a Newfronts. With four new series set to premiere this summer on CW SEED, this digital studio is growing by leaps and bounds. So if you’re bored and you have finished your Netflix queue and watched everything worth watching on Hulu, head over the CW Seed it promises to make you laugh!