Tuesday, June 3, 2014

CW does Newfronts, CW SEED 2014 NEWFRONTS

Last Year the CW created the digital-only arm of their network and they named it; CW SEED. This year CW SEED had their own version of an Upfronts, which other digital studious call a Newfronts. With four new series set to premiere this summer on CW SEED, this digital studio is growing by leaps and bounds. So if you’re bored and you have finished your Netflix queue and watched everything worth watching on Hulu, head over the CW Seed it promises to make you laugh!


L.A. RANGERS (Already on CW Seed)
stars Bethel (“Hart of Dixie,” “Stupid Hype”) and his partner, director Dugan O’Neal, as two na├»ve, borderline delusional, wannabe filmmakers working as park rangers in LA’s Griffith Park. Each episode follows them as they are pulled from their regular, boring lives, into the epic movie-versions of their dreams. From western to sci-fi, anime to action, the cinematic possibilities are as endless, limited by the scope of their own creativity…and the constraints of public servitude. Park hours: sun-up to sundown. L.A. RANGERS was written and produced by Bethel and O’Neal.

are special mini-episodes of the hit improv comedy CW Network series WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?, starring Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles, and hosted by Aisha Tyler, packing 30 minutes of funny into two-minute webisodes, including exclusive bloopers and outtakes.

PLAY IT AGAIN, DICK (To Premiere this Summer)
stars Ryan Hansen as himself, as he begs, cajoles, and pleads with his former “Veronica Mars” castmates and friends to help him get his character, Dick Casablancas, his own spin-off show. PLAY IT AGAIN, DICK is co-written and executive produced by Rob Thomas, the creator and executive producer of “Veronica Mars,” and will include guest appearances by some of Hansen’s fellow “Veronica Mars” stars.

THE KELLY CUTRONE PROJECT (To Premiere this Summer)
is a fast-paced, one-of-its-kind digital talk show about everything from fashion, to pop culture, to things your mother never wanted to tell you, hosted by public relations maven, New York Times-bestselling author and AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL judge Kelly Cutrone. THE KELLY CUTRONE PROJECT is hosted and executive produced by Kelly Cutrone, with executive producers Liz Gateley and Tony DiSanto, in association with DiGa Productions.


Husbands (Has been renewed for Season 4)

The P.E.T. Squad Files (Renewed for Season 2)

Very Mallory (Renewed for Season 2)


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