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Celebrities Cook on the Cooking Channel

Both the Food Channel and the Cooking Channel are flourishing despite the latter being in its infancy. In fact this year during upfronts, the cooking channel announced an impressive slate of upcoming new programs that will find its home on this channel by January 2015. In fact 15 new shows will premiere on the Cooking Channel before October. Whether you like pizza, chinese, donuts or struggling restaurants you will like what is being offered this year. This year the cooking channel is taking a page out of the E!'s network playbook, with most of their new shows being helmed by minor celebrities. So if you have some extra time, head to the cooking channel to watch some celebs cook some of their favorite dishes.


Siba’s Table (Series Premiere: April 5, 2014)
Siba Mtongana epitomizes the rich fusion culture of South African food today, giving the traditional recipes she grew up with a totally modern twist and an injection of international flavor. Produced by Pacific

Korean Food Made Simple (Series Premiere: April 19, 2014)
Korean Food Made Simple celebrates the phenomenal Korean food wave that is currently sweeping the globe. Leading international Chef Judy Joo takes viewers on a spectacular and very personal journey to her homeland where she not only introduces them to the seasonal foods at the heart of Korean culture, but also shows them how to really enjoy it – Korean style – as she shares her mouth-watering adventures with family, friends, characters, and aficionados along the way. Back home in her London kitchen, Judy creates simple yet exceptional Korean-inspired recipes – from weekday suppers to weekend dinner parties – using easily-sourced ingredients designed to give any home cooked meals the uber-cool K-factor. Produced by Blink Entertainment

Belly Up (Series Premiere: June 16th 2014)
Eddie Russell is out to change the way America experiences pub food. He is on a pilgrimage to enlighten the cooks, barkeeps and grillers of the nation’s watering holes on delicious and sophisticated bar food. Answering the call from a desperate employee, Eddie swoops in, learns about the establishment’s clientele, tastes what they serve in the bar and comes up with new, innovative and enticing bar foods that will not break the budget. In fact, he hopes to do just the opposite and bring in more dollars than the previous traditional fare. Produced by Two River Productions for Cooking Channel

Real Girl’s Kitchen with Haylie Duff (Series Premiere: June 7th 2014)
Real Girl’s Kitchen is an intimate look inside Haylie Duff’s life, her family and friends, and, of course, her love of great food. Join Haylie’s world as she shares recipes, stories, and adventures while exploring her hometown of Los Angeles and New York City, where she is constantly inspired. Produced by Ora TV

Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers (Series Premiere: June 8th 2014)
Exemplary father of six, Rev Run finds his true joy in family, good friends, and great food. But with four of their six children off on their own, Rev and his wife, Justine, have a near empty nest and long for the days of a full table. Determined to get the gang back together for weekly Sunday dinners, they will use simple, heartfelt recipes to lure the kids back to the table. Each episode will unveil a new recipe to be shared among friends and family. Sunday by Sunday, Rev and Justine will show that the perfect family meal isn’t just about the food, it’s about who is sitting at the table to share it. Produced by Good Clean Fun for Cooking Channel

Sweet Julia (Series Premiere: June 21st 2014)
Julia Baker is over the top in her bakery kitchen. Viewers get an inside look into her shop and all the stunning dessert and chocolate creations that Julia and her team put together. From family parties to birthday cakes for clients and friends, Julia takes sweet treats to a whole new level. Produced by North Pacific TV for Cooking Channel

Bite This with Nadia G (Series Premiere: July 14th 2014)
Nadia G rocked your kitchen, now it’s time to rock your city! Taking her epic passion for food on the road, Bite This follows the adventures of the Bitchin’ Crew as they travel to America’s hottest culinary meccas. Each week viewers will get a taste of a new city through the eyes, ambitions and appetite of Nadia G. Nadia might shkoff the best burger of Memphis, discover the most deliciously unusual mash-up in downtown L.A. (Chicken Tikka Poutine, anyone?) or land herself at a crawfish boil in New Orleans. With her boys in tow, they’ll be getting the down and dirty culinary secrets of the local chefs and their favorite foods. Produced by Tricon Films for Cooking Channel.

Compete to Eat (Series Premiere: July 2014)
Chefs Aldo Lanzillotta and Joanne Lusted take over the home kitchens of two local families. Working with each family and using only the ingredients and tools they find inside, they battle it out to prepare a three-course feast in only an hour. Family and friends come over to sample the food and decide which meal tastes best and wins the challenge! Distributed by E-One

Lorraine’s Fast, Fresh and Easy (Series Premiere: July 2014)
Join host, Lorraine Pascale, as she creates amazing and delicious food, completely from scratch, in super quick time, showing viewers what it takes to serve fast, fresh, easy meals every day. Produced by FremantleMedia

Carnival Eats (wt) (Series Premiere: August 2014)
Carnival Eats celebrates today’s modern gastronomic freak show and takes you on an international, food-frenzied roller coaster of culinary delights, to the new epicenter of carnival life – food! Food of every imaginable shape, size, color and taste are being created specifically for the connoisseurs who ply midways and fairgrounds, and Carnival Eats is there for every delicious bite. Produced by Alibi Media for Cooking Channel.

Simply Laura! (Series Premiere: August 2014)
Web sensation and online super star Laura Vitale brings her take on American mealtimes to television. Although Laura’s roots are in Italian food she is first and foremost an all American girl. With an emphasis on seasonal and simple, Laura’s blend of easy but enticing recipes and girl next-door charm will make for meals that America will adore. It’s Simply Laura! Produced by Noise Productions for Cooking Channel

Proper Pub Food (Series Premiere: September 2014)
Tom Kerridge, the only chef in the UK to run a pub with two Michelin stars, shows viewers how to cook dishes inspired by British pub classics. Pub food has come a long way in recent years, and Tom teaches viewers to make these kinds of dishes properly at home. In each episode Tom cooks five recipes for any occasion from celebratory food to more casual outdoor fare, but always food to share with friends and family. Tom also visits some pubs in the country that are pushing the boundaries when it comes to “proper” pub food. Produced by Hat Trick International

Sarah Graham’s Food Safari (Series Premiere: November 2014)
Sarah Graham’s Food Safari explores some of Africa’s most interesting and exciting food through the eyes of food writer and cook, Sarah Graham. It captures the simplicity of making friends through food on a continent that is known for stealing hearts. It is an expression of passion, inspiration and a celebration as she shares the story behind each meal and the people who make it worth sharing. Produced by Kunle Media and distributed by DCD Rights

Surprise Party with Alie & Georgia (wt) (Premiere: Q4 2014)
Hosts and best friends, Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark, create fantastic surprise parties getting inspiration from the people, place and personal stories of those that are celebrated. Produced by Linguine Pictures for Cooking Channel

Bobby Deen Project (wt) (Premiere: January 2015)
Bobby Deen is hitting the road and taking his culinary bag of tricks and treats to the homes of America – remaking traditional family meals from coast to coast by cutting calories and fat while keeping all the flavor! Produced by Follow Productions for Cooking Channel.


Breezy's Recap:
The little brother to one of the most talked about and watched channels on cable, the cooking network is beginning to stand on its own two feet and provide a little competition to its older brother. I love watching food shows, especially when I am hungry and I don't know what I want. With all of the new shows set to debut before the end of summer, I am sure that their is something for everyone. With celebrities galore, I am sure more eyeballs will be looking at the cooking channel this season. No matter if you Love or hate the cooking channel, Leave a message in the comments and I will get back to you!


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