Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Chasing Life - Denial is not just a River in Egypt (S1E2)

Chasing Life

Review S1E2 - Help Wanted

"It's never a good time to get that kind of news"

As we figured, being alone and having no one to talk to about having cancer can't last for long. April tells her bestie, Beth, that she's sick, and she reacts more like we thought April would with looks of disbelief and crying. Sometimes it's as hard to watch someone go through something, as it is to go through it yourself. As April tries to run around town, acting like she's not sick and nothing is wrong, one can't help but notice that she's moving a little slower and is a lot out of breath. While April seems hellbent on doing absolutely nothing as it relates to her leukemia, Beth is doing the opposite and learning everything she can about the disease. Between dating, getting an evil new supervisor, tracking down the mysterious girl at her fathers grave and covering for her sister, April is finding time for everything except her health.

In other news Brenna is still annoying and disrespectful but it at least seems like a new boyfriend may be on the horizon. And the new boy passes with flying colors in the looks and attitude department. The mom is still missing the problems living under her roof, and instead of grounding Brenna about the unauthorized party, she instead tells her youngest daughter to go get a job. And I'm sort of left shaking my head whenever the mom appears on the screen, because she's doesn't react like any mom i know. Still not sure what the grandmother adds to the show, but she was there eating up screen time with Brenna trying to straighten out her granddaughters rough edges.

I'll be honest, I'm having some issues with the writers. How is it that April continues to live in this world of denial? She is sick. postponing treatment so that she can "live her life" isn't making her better, and it doesn't make her a martyr, it just makes her seem as childlike as the children's hospital she's getting treated at. Are we supposed to believe that is how young people would react to news like this? And making out with your office romance at work in the elevator, really? After just getting a promotion? April is sick not crazy! I need for Chasing life to go back to being a Millennial drama, about a realistic young adult with cancer. This episode couldn't have been more unrealistic if it took place in the twilight zone. Nevertheless there was one character/ actress in this episode that truly shined and that's Ms. Aisha Dee as Beth. Not only was the actress phenomenal but it felt like her character was dead on and completely believable. Agree or Disagree with anything we've said, well tell us in the comments. Have nothing to say? Then catch us next week when Chasing Life continues.

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