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Who knew there were people who were this…. Rich? E! Is set to introduce the world to a brand new series based on the uber “RICH KIDS OF BEVERLY HILLS”.

Welcome to the world of the Millionaire and Billionaire twenty-something’s where Mansions are a Dime a dozen and how you’re trending is worth more than gold.Premiering January 19th @ 10pm E! Will document the lives of   Five Friends Living in a World of Extreme Wealth Who Achieved Social Media Infamy Documenting Their lavish spending, their over the top lifestyles and high priced drama on Instagram and Twitter. These five friends whole heartedly agree that money can indeed buy happiness. As the children of some of the most wealthy families and billionaire and millionaire moguls, this exclusive clique of friends, each with their own unique relationships, goals and heartaches, come together to party, play and relate to each other’s distinctive lifestyles.     They grew up in a world where their wildest dreams are just a private jet an…

Dog and Beth Have Hunted Down A Season 2

DOG AND BETH: ON THE HUNT and GUNTUNCKY RENEWED FOR SEASON 2 After a great season 1, GUNTUCKYwill return for a 2nd Season in March of 2014 on CMT. Season 2 will consists of eight 1 hour episodes.

GUNTUCKYfollows the Sumner’s family-owned business, Knob Creek Gun Range, is one of the most recognized names in the industry. Customers from around the world visit their Kentucky range to try out, pawn and purchase a broad range of legal firearms. This season the family bands together for some of their loudest adventures to date, including vintage tanks, martial arts, war reenactments, monster truck fireballs and an explosive range wedding. After setting record breaking ratings on CMT, DOG AND BETH: ON THE HUNT, has been renewed for 11, one-hour episodes set to premiere Spring 2014.

DOG AND BETH: ON THE HUNT documents The world’s most famous bounty hunters! Dog, Beth, Leland and Dakota are back on the road, crisscrossing the country to train fellow bondsman, and help tracking down some of Ame…



10 P.M. – CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST (SERIES premieres March 11th) 

8 P.M. – PSYCH (Season 8 premieres Jan. 8th)  9 P.M. – WHITE COLLAR (Returns from their Winter Hiatus Jan. 8th) 

9 P.M. – SUITS (Season 3 Premieres March 6th)  10 P.M. – SIRENS (SERIES Premiere March 6th) 

 SIRENS (Premieres March 6th) Follows three of Chicago’s best EMTs whose sometimes silly, self-righteous and even self-destructive personalities make them unqualified for sustaining relationships, friendships and most occupations. They are, however, uniquely qualified for saving anyone who winds up in their ambulance. Michael Mosley, Kevin Daniels, Jessica McNamee and Kevin Bigley star in the series, whose pilot was written by Leary and Fisher. The two exec produce the series with Jim Serpico of Apostle, and Hal Vogel, David Aukin and David Leach of Daybreak Pictures.

  CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST The series follows the brash and outspoken Todd, his wife, …

No More Amell Wednesdays, CW Winter Schedule

THE CW is making some drastic but needs changes going into the spring. The CW is up in total viewers and demo’s over last year but it still has two significantly struggling nights and it desperately needs to stop the bleeding. This Fall the CW saw 1 of its three new original series, The Originals, become a mega hit while the other two have done well enough to receive back orders but not well enough to secure a season 2 pickup…yet. Mondays have been a ratings disaster for the CW for the last two years, so the CW is taking another crack at by launching STAR CROSSED this winter. Eventually the Star-Crossed will be followed by the freshman series The Tomorrow People. Amell Wednesday will also be a thing of the past come March, when the tomorrow People vacates its post Arrow slot where the 100 will take its place. Unfortunately Beauty and the Beast will go a hiatus with no return date specified, which is not good news for its renewal chances. I have broken down the CW schedule by Month to…

Good News For Blacklist fans

The Blacklist gets an Early Renewal for Season 2
When NBC gets a hit, they snap it up quick! NBC knows they've got a hit on their hands and have decided to double down on their Success. The Blacklistis NBC’s most-watched new drama eight weeks into its run in 19 years. Starring the Emmy Award winner, James Spader as “Red” Reddington, a world-renown terrorist on the FBI’s Most Wanted List who decides one day to turn himself in and help the U.S. government catch international criminals

  It has twists and turns, intrigue, secrets, guns, spies, and action sequences rarely done on television, if you haven’t given it a chance before it time to do so now. NBC made the announcement of the 22 episode, Second Season renewal on December 2nd. Having only aired its first 10 episodes so far, the rest of the season will pick up where the show left off on January 13th will 12 more new episodes!

We Know it’s early but what do you hope happens in Season 2? We want to hear from you in the comments!

Christmas Movies on Netflix

Here Are all the Christmas Movies I have found on Netflix Streaming! If you see something I've missed then let us know in the comments section
12 dates of ChristmasA Christmas kissA Christmas PuppyA country ChristmasA Dennis the menace ChristmasA holiday engagementA perfect dayA Russell peters ChristmasAll I want for ChristmasBah humbduck! A Looney tunes ChristmasBecoming SantaBush ChristmasCharlie Browns Christmas TalesChristmas AngelChristmas Carol the movieChristmas CupidChristmas lodgeChristmas townChristmas with a capital CCrazy for ChristmasDesperately seeking SantaExtreme Christmas trees (1hr special)Gift of MagiGolden winterHercules saves ChristmasHoliday in handcuffsI'll be home for ChristmasJack FrostJingle all the wayLittle brother, big troubleLove actuallyMickey’s magical Christmas: snowed inMickey's Once upon a ChristmasNational Lampoons Christmas vacationNutcracker: the motion pictureOur Christmas magicRadio City Christmas spectacular w/ the rockettesSanta ba…

Less Scandal In 2014...

Sorry Gladiators!

There will be less Scandal in 2014, to be precise there will be four less episodes of Scandal than originally planned. ABC has cut Scandal's Season 3 (the season airing right now) episode order from 22 episodes to 18 episodes. From a numbers point of view, Scandal is the one of the highest rated dramas if not the highest rated drama on ABC. 

ABC hasn't give an official reason, but this cutback is likely due to the pregnancy of star Kerry Washington. Kerry Washington is due in Spring. Shooting around Kerry Washington's pregnancy has been difficult, but shooting during her last trimester would have been next to impossible and since Kerry Washington is the head Gladiator in Charge, writing Olivia out of a few episodes was not an option.

Scandal will have aired 10 episodes after its Winter/ Mid-Season finale, which means that there will only be 8 episode left to premiere after its hiatus this winter. (For more about ABC's Winter Schedule and Scandals Winter …

Christmas Lights Everywhere

Extreme Christmas Lights with a reality show twist. The Great Christmas Light Fight is a reality show competition set to air on ABC. 20 families across America will decorate their homes to the EXTREME for Christmas. Four Families each week will compete to transform their homes for the holidays in just 21 days.
The Great Christmas Light Fight” will air on

MONDAYS, DECEMBER 9 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET/PT)DECEMBER 16 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET/PT) and DECEMBER 23 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET/PT)With back-to-back episodes on the last two nights. For a total of 5 episodes over 3 nights, at the end of each episode $50,000 will be awarded to the winning family.

“THE GREAT CHRISTMAS LIGHT FIGHT”PREMIERES DECEMBER 9ON ABC and will be Judged by Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition’s Michael Maloney and Sabrina Soto.

New Episodes of the Blacklist return in January

After the huge drop in ratings The Revolution received last year after a large gap between the two parts of its first season; NBC has vowed not to repeat that mistake. Instead The Blacklist will return to NBC on Jan. 13, 2014. On January 6th NBC will be airing a marathon of Blacklist episodes (most likely episodes 8-10) that will air back to back from 8pm-11pm. For the first three weeks in February, NBC will be airing the Winter Olympics, and as of yet the network has not announced its Monday post-Olympics plans. Most likely the Blacklist would return to the Monday 10pm slot on February 24th after the Olympics commence. All in All, the good news is that new episodes of The Blacklist will begin Airing January 13th 2014.

To Honor, Love, and Cherish (Fosters 1a Finale)

                           Alex Saxon as Wyatt,
                           Sam McMurray  as Frank,
                           Annie Potts as Sharon,
                           Bianca Santos as Lexie Rivera
Lorraine Toussaint as Dana,
Brandon Jones as Liam Olmstead
SYNOPSIS:In the first-season finale, the family gather for Stef and Lena's wedding, which Lena's dad plans to officiate and Stef's dad plans to skip. Meanwhile, Callie's faced with a tough decision in her case against Liam; and Callie and Jude get some good news.


Falling In Love and Waiting (Fosters Episode 9)

                           Alexandra Barreto as Ana 

SYNOPSIS: A loved one lands in the hospital, and the extent of Mariana and Jesus' lies affect everyone. Meanwhile, Callie opens up to Brandon about her mom's death and her life as a foster child; and Wyatt warns Callie that she's growing too close to Brandon.


Great News for Chasing Life

Like I've said before, 2014 is going to be an amazing year for ABC Family. They are kicking the year off with by airing new episodes of their hit original series, on three nights this winter. (This usually happens in the summer, not the spring) And now the network has given Chasing Life an upcoming series on the network, that hasn't even received a premiere date yet, a back order of seven episodes. Put together Chasing Life will have a 20 episode 1st season (the networks standard). Whether all the episodes will air together or in two separate blocks has yet to be determined. Chasing Life was ordered to series at the same time as last summers ABC Family's breakout hits; Twisted and The Fosters.

ABC Favorites go on Hiatus and 5 New Shows Premiere


7 P.M.      –AMERICA'S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS 8 P.M.      –ONCE UPON A TIME(Reruns all winter) (Premieres new episodes March9TH)  9 P.M.REVENGE (Reruns all winter)RESURRECTION (SERIES premieres March 9TH) 10 P.M–BETRAYAL (Reruns all winter) REVENGE(time slot change w/ new episodes airing March 9th)
8 P.M       –THE BACHELOR/ DANCING WITH THE STARS (Returns Feb. 24th) 10 P.M.     –CASTLE
8 P.M.         –MARVEL'S AGENTS OF SHIELD 9 P.M.         THE GOLDBERGS 9:30 P.M. –TROPHY WIFE 10 P.M.       –KILLER WOMEN/ MIND GAMES (SERIES premiere January 7th & Feb. 25th Respectively)

8 P.M.         – THE MIDDLE 8:30 P.M.    – SUBURGATORY(Season 3 premiere January 15th) 9 P.M.         –MODERN FAMILY 9:30 P.M.    –

And The Sky Came Falling Down (Blacklist episode 8)

SYNOPSIS:A plot to destroy the U.S. financial system is uncovered by Liz. Meanwhile, Tom helps Liz when a family member becomes ill.

The Most important part of this episode isn’t so much the bad guys they take down but rather the story that happens in the background. On this episode of The Blacklist Lizzie looses the only father that she has ever known. But let’s rewind and start from beginning. A father and son are playing football in a park when pieces of a plane start falling from up above. The father thinks fast, picks up his kids and begins to run but unfortunately they don’t make it as the plane falls out of the sky and lands directly on top of them.

We then see a man in a mask on tv, referring to the plane crash, calling himself General Ludd and essentially just acting extremely creepy. (So we ar…