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To Honor, Love, and Cherish (Fosters 1a Finale)


SPECIAL GUESTS: Stephen Collins as Stewart, 
                           Alex Saxon as Wyatt,
                           Sam McMurray  as Frank,
                           Annie Potts as Sharon,
                           Bianca Santos as Lexie Rivera
                           Lorraine Toussaint as Dana, 
                           Brandon Jones as Liam Olmstead

SYNOPSIS:  In the first-season finale, the family gather for Stef and Lena's wedding, which Lena's dad plans to officiate and Stef's dad plans to skip. Meanwhile, Callie's faced with a tough decision in her case against Liam; and Callie and Jude get some good news.



 The parents are in town to celebrate Lena and Stef's marriage. Lena wants Stef to take it easy and not lift anything too heavy, but being cooped up in the house is beginning to make Stef crazy.  (Give your girl some room Lena). Stef makes a negative crack about walking down the aisle, then Callie comes down to the kitchen. Unfortunately it's up to the moms to deliver some horrible news to Callie, it looks like it going to be exactly how she predicted; her word against his. (This blows) Callie tries to pretend like it doesn't affect her, but it clearly does. At school we get an explanation for Wyatt's gracious behavior at the hospital, it seems that he is leaving for Indiana on Sunday and he won't be back. (dang as a Wallie shipper, this sucks) Callie tells Wyatt goodbye, she cares about him, and she doesn't wanna loose her only friend.

Brandon and Talya however are back together, and it seems like she has gotten over her jealousy of Callie even suggesting that Brandon invite her along on a shopping trip. ( is it just me or does he seem disappointed that she's not jealous) Since Callie looks upset, Brandon heads over to talk to her while Talya heads down a different hallway. (Is it wrong to say I like Talya now?) Callie tells him about the Liam situation, he thinks it's time she go after Liam to get justice for what he did to her, she's not so sure. (On this we agree with Brandon, but if she stands up for her self and fails.... Will that be worse for Callie in the long run?)

Stefs mom tries to convince Frank to go to the wedding, he still doesn't believe in it. Lexi tries to get hot and heavy with Jesus, but he becomes the voice of reason. (Your doing good Jesus) and when it doesn't go down like she wants she leaves in a huff. Meanwhile downstairs in the kitchen Callie and the moms have a serious discussion with the attorney who essentially says; as the case stands now there is no way they will win. However if she lies and says its consensual, then Liam would face jail time. (This decision sucks. Lie and send Liam away or tell the truth and let him walk free.... No good choices here...We're sorry Callie)

After the meeting with the attorney, Callie sits in her room and sulks, noticing her funky mood Brandon presses her for how the meeting went. After she explains her options, he gives her a lame; everything will work itself out line....which makes her go off on him. (As it should) He shouldn't get her hopes up when, the odds are not in her favor. (like 99 to 1 against)

Stef and Lena, as a way to keep the peace ask the moms to help with the wedding by picking the flowers. And since the moms are as opposite as can be it should be a cake walk (lol) That night Mariana ways in on what Callie should do about the trail, not advocating one way or the other but promising to have her back regardless of what she decides to do. ( we love Mariana and the sister-bond these two have developed).

The next day At the trial Callie makes the best decision for her and refuses to lie about what Liam did to her. The case doesn't go in her favor and Liam is free from all charges. While they are at the trial, Mariana's at school, where Lexi tells her that her grandma is suck and her parents want to return to Honduras to visit her. (Which is a problem since all three of them are illegal)

Stef and Lena's mothers can't come to a decision about the flowers and there is tension in the house. Fed up with the drama, Stef continuously calls the wedding stupid with Lena's earshot which just makes her upset. Lena doesn't want to get married if Stef doesn't want too, it shouldn't feel like a favor. (Stef, if your gonna complain don't do it where Lena can hear you... Marriage 101) After her tiff with Lena, Stef goes and confronts the root of her problem.....her father. Stef tells him that she loves her life, she loves Lena and she loves her kids and if he can't get behind that 100% then she doesn't want him there at all. (Way to go Stef) and with all that said she leaves and doesn't look back.

The morning of their Wedding Stef and Lena make an announcement, they want to ADOPT Jude and Callie!!! All the Foster siblings are on board with the plan. With lots of laughs and giggles they celebrate the potential permanent additions to the Foster household. (YAaaaaaaa we are so excited... More than anything else Callie and Jude deserve a safe loving family to call their own)

At the Wedding Callie pulls Brandon aside to thank him for believing in her and being ok with the adoption thing. But the sexual tension is in the air and they end up kissing. (I feel as if Callie is trying to self destruct her life here) unfortunately, Jude catches them mid kiss, and storms off with Callie in close pursuit.

Jude is pissed about what he saw and really lays into her, calling her selfish and essential tells her that she doesn't know how to be happy, so she messes what're a good situation they are in up. But the consequences of her actions don't just affect her, they affect him too because they are a package deal and he's tired of it. (I'm proud of Jude for standing up to her. Never make permanent decisions on temporary feelings... And 1st live in hight school is a temporary thing, Callie needs a family more than she needs a boyfriend) Jude walks back to the wedding while Callie stands there stunned and hurt.

Lena's father performs a beautiful ceremony in front of friends and family and binds Stef and Lena together in holy matrimony. As the festivities begin, Callie promises Jude that she will change (don't make promises you can't keep) and the audience overhears Lexi's parents admitting they have no plans to return from Honduras. And Mariana dedicates the hit single: Same Love to her moms and the moms and all the kids take the moment to dance together. (It was so cute)

That night as everyone is sleeping, Callie slips out the house with all her stuff and takes off down the road. (Don't do this Callie) By the next morning she has walked to Wyatt's who eventually agrees to give her a ride to Indiana. And the first half of the season ends with them driving down the highway.

REVIEW: this has been a phenomenal 1st half of a season for the Fosters, that being said, I have to admit that this may have been one of their worse episodes so far. The symbolism and the Wedding in this episode were great but the rest was frankly hard to watch. Most of the cast seem to do nothing the entire episode, Callie's trial deserved more emotional scenes surrounding it;before and after by all the cast members. This was a big deal but it didn't feel that way cuz it played a minor bump in the road the the Mommas wedding. I was also put off by how little attention Jude and the potential adoption got this episode. For once, this episode had too many story-lines going in too many directions, only one of which was done well. And my biggest issue with episode was of course the ending, I understand the series needed a reset, a teens running away is a big deal but give me a break.... All this did was price Jude's point that she's selfish cuz this did nothing for anyone but her. Part of Callie's appeal as a character was that she wasn't the typically teen, that she was more mature because of what her life has been like, this episode turned that idea on its head. After this mid season finale the premiere better be spectacular.


Scene Stealer: When Stef and Lena asked Callie and Jude if they would like to be adopted by the Mommas

Second runner up: The vows ( i absolutely loved their wedding in the Backyard it was magical)

THE LINE THAT MADE US PAUSE AND REWIND OUR DVR’S: "I really want you to put that bastard away" - Mariana


It was good



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