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We're So Sorry Callie (Fosters Episode 7)


SPECIAL GUESTS: Mary Mouser as Sarah, 
                           Alex Saxon as Wyatt,
                           Norma Maldonado as Karina Sanchez,
                           Alexandra Barreto as Ana Gutierrez,
                           Bianca Santos as Lexie Rivera
                           Justina Machado as Sofia Rivera, 
                           Carlos Sanz as Ernesto Rivera,
                           Gavin Macintosh as Connor,
                           Anne Winters as Kelsey,
                           Brandon Jones as Liam Olmstead

SYNOPSIS: Tension between Jesus and Mariana erupts in a big feud. Meanwhile, Lexi's parents attempt to keep her away from Jesus; Callie tells Brandon about a difficult memory from her past; and Jude tries to impress a new friend from school.



The consequences from Wyatt's party just won't seem to end and they are affecting everyone except Jude. The twins are fighting, Jesus is pissed about Mariana's drunken admittance to Lexi and her parents. He threatens to expose one of her secrets to their moms, they are stopped mid fight by Stef who is sick of the arguing. Mariana goes off to see Ana after she texts her, but all her birth mom wants is some money. (Let her go Mariana) Mariana has no money to give and is getting tired of her asking.

At school Wyatt asks Callie about the creepy message from that Liam guy on her Instagram. In typical Callie fashions she blows off Wyatt's questions, and assures him that she and Wyatt are just old friends. But he doesn't believe her. (Neither would we Wyatt.) Wyatt takes matters into his own hands and threatens Liam telling him to stay away from Callie online.

Jude's teacher assigns a project that must be completed in pairs, Jude and Connor team up, and Connor asks to come over to Jude's house the following weekend so that they can finished the project together. Meanwhile, Lena is in trouble at school, because the Rivera's are pulling Lexi out of school due to Stef giving Lexi the morning after pill. Lena gets into a tiff with Stef over her actions but Stef still feels like she did the right thing for Jesus, their family and Lexi.

As school gets out Liam finds Callie and tells her to keep her boyfriend away from him. Liam gets violent with Callie and when Wyatt sees he jumps him. They fight until Brandon comes over and breaks it up. Liam storms off, and a scared Callie yells at Wyatt about interfering. Wyatt's fed up with being held at arms length he storms off and tells Callie he's gonna stay out of it entirely. This feels like a brake up to us. (dang I loved Wallie)
Brandon hangs around and walks Callie home and he begins to put the pieces together and figures out Liam had tried to have a sexual relationship with Callie when he was 19 and She was underage. (Statutory rape anyone) Callie tells Brandon than Liam has a new foster sister, Sarah and she thinks he is doing the same thing Sarah as he did to her a few years ago. Jude heads home and asks Stef and Lena if he can have a friend, Connor, over to work on his school project, they say yes and he is genuinely shocked and elated at their response.

The next day, the Rivera's show up at the Foster's house and inform them that Lexi has run away. They've come to the Fosters to ask Jesus if he's seen her and to ask for help. Steph suggests that the Rivera's file a police report, to which the Rivera's are quite hesitant about. Jesus discovers that the reason is because Lexi and her parents are undocumented, illegal immigrants. They decided to divide and conquer Mrs. Rivera and Lena stay at home and call Lexi's class looking for her, while Stef and Mr. Rivera look for her at all her favorite places. Mr. Rivera reveals that it was Mrs. Rivera's idea to send Lexi away, boarding school was a compromise. ( your gonna send her away for having sex... Really?)

As they are frantically looking for Lexi, Connor arrives to work on their project. Trying to find a way to bond with Jude he asks about all the stuff in his room only to find out that 99.5% of it belongs to Jesus and not Jude. ( poor Jude, that sucks) Jude eventually tells Connor that everything he owns can fit in his backpack because of how often he has to move. Jude tries to impress Connor with some outrageous story about his dad, but Connor doesn't believe him he's says there no reason to lie to him and when they are finished with their project he gives Jude his PSP.

Brandon wants Callie to talk to Bill, her social worker but Callie isn't ready for that because as messed up as it seems admitting what happen with Liam will end up on her permanent record and could get her sent to a group home, which means Jude and her could never get Adopted. ( this sucks... The system is broken)

Ana keeps trying to talk to Mariana, but Mariana has bigger problems to deal with like helping Lexi while she is hiding from her parents, in Wyatt's foreclosed home. Mariana takes Lexi some water and good and keeps her company for a while, they seem to make up and Lexi tells Mariana about her first time, and Mariana tells Lexi about her birth mom. ( we like it when these two get along)

After talking to Brandon, Callie decided to try and talk to Sarah again about Liam. Sarah isn't feeling it though and dodges all of Callie's attempts to talk so at group, Callie opens up about her experiences with Liam. Sarah recognizes similarities about what happened to Callie with what is happening to her. Sarah storms out after she realizes what Callie is trying to do and when she tries to explain Sarah threatens to deny all of it. (Sarah .... She's trying to help you) Sarah claims that Liam loves her. Callie tells her her that Liam doesn't love her and that she knows because once she was just like Sarah. But Sarah is not feeling it and storms off. Brandon commends her for trying, and she finally admits that the sex with Liam wasn't consensual, Liam forced Callie to have sex with him. Brandon says there is nothing more she can do to help Sarah, but Callie knows there is one other option. (We're so sorry Callie)

Mariana takes Jesus to Lexi and tells her that she and her family are all in America illegally. They both convince her to head home with them. But when she gets there she has a surprise of her own, if they try to send her away she will call immigration, on her own parents. All of the Rivera's leave and Mariana and Jesus hang put In her room, making up for all the time they were mad at each other, and when he heads to his room they are in a good place. Brandon and Callie interrupt Momma time on the couch, it's been a long day and Callie is ready to reveal her story and her past with Liam to the Fosters.

This was the best episode of The Fosters so far. It was poignant, current and it pulled on the heart strings. And just as importantly every member of the family had a role to play. Each had their own story and struggle to endure. Watching Callie, finally learn to trust Stef and Lena and reveal something she never had the courage to say out loud will hopefully inspire others to be as brave as she was. The struggle with Mariana, Jesus and Lexi have been a dynamic I with the show I've never truly embraced but watching them figure it all out together was worth the iffy moments that led up to it.



Scene Stealer: Callie telling Stef and Lena about what happened to her and her story

Second runner up: Mariana and Jesus finishing each other's sentences (one of the first times I believed they were twins and not just brother and sister)

THE LINE THAT MADE US PAUSE AND REWIND OUR DVR’S: "at least everything is ok for now" (Stef)


We Loved it!  and can't wait till the next episode!  (Best episode this season)



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