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Faith and Family (The Fosters Episode 6)


SPECIAL GUESTS: Justina Machado as Sofia Rivera
                           Carlos Sanz as Ernesto Rivera, 
                           Alex Saxon as Wyatt,
                           Sam McMurray as Frank
                           Madison Beatly as Tayla
                           Bianca Santos as Lexi Rivera
                           Anne Winters as Kelsey
                           Brandon Jones as Liam Olmstead
                           Mary Mouser as Sarah
                           Alexandra Barretto as Ana Gutierrez

SYNOPSIS: Lexi's conservative parents join the Fosters for dinner, and Stef's traditional-minded dad drops by. Meanwhile, Callie attends a therapy group for foster kids; Wyatt throws a wild party at his childhood home; and Brandon has an important piano audition.


 It's Saturday morning and all of the fosters clan except Jude is up and moving before 10am (Really four teenagers are up before 10 just becuz) Momma Stef cracks on Mariana for piercing her nose with a needle and on Jesus for being super nervous about Lexi's parents coming over for dinner. (dinner with the gf parents..... I usually try to avoid those at all costs)

Lena complements Callie on her photography and then hurries her along to her foster children support group ( a necessary part of her parole). On her way to the support group Callie stops by Wyatt's place (his home is being foreclosed on by the bank). He's throwing a party and he wants Callie to come, but she's not interested cuz she doesn't want to mess up her probation. She heads off to her support group, when Wyatt starts talking about relationships (are you running cuz you don't wanna be in a relationship or because you do?)
Brandon is freaking out about his piano audition, for one of the best teachers in the state. He's nervous, and since he didn't get a slot on the teachers schedule last year or the year before he's even more determined to prove himself this year. Lena double checks to make sure that he's ok, and to tell him to relax before she heads out the door. (Awwww she's such a good mom)

Mariana lies to Lena saying that's she's headed out to lunch to meet Garrett. And is less than thrilled to take Lena's offer for a ride.
At Group Callie doesn't do much talking, but she finally begins to listen when a young girl named Sarah talks about her "great" new foster family the Olmsteads. Callie even offers to take Sarah out to coffee on her just so she can talk to the girl some more. (What are you up to Callie?)

It turns out Mariana wasn't meeting Garrett", instead she was meeting her birth mother for lunch. (Damn Mariana how stupid can you be?) the birth mother compliments her on her new nose ring, and even gives her a bear for her 15th birthday. (A bear though) Stef heads to her fathers house to restock his fridge. And it appears as if her father still has an issue with her being gay, and her choosing Lena over Mike.
On their mini coffee date Callie tries to get Sarah to open up toner and talk about the Olmsteads and her plans works fine until she accidentally reveals that she knows more about them than she was letting on. Liam is the Olmsteads son. ( oh no.... Please don't let this mean what I think this means) after she spills more than she meant too, Sarah is upset and leaves.

Brandon is upset cuz his father is late picking him up for his audition. Mike claims to have fallen asleep watching the game night before but that excuse does nothing to calm Brandon down.
Mariana and Callie are hanging out in their room, talking about their lack of Saturday night plans until Callie reveals that Wyatt is throwing a party at his place. Callie isn't feeling it but Mariana is. They both head down to ask permission to go,. Mariana asks Stef is she and Callie can go to Wyatt's to watch a movie (sneaky sneaky) Callie says nothing and just makes noncommittal noises whenever the question is directed at her. (Way to lie without lying lol) they get permission and head off to Wyatt's house
Brandon bombs his audition, but his father yells at the teacher until he gives him a second try. The teacher offers to take him on as a student but he's going to have to pay. It's 1200 a month (damn...ijs) Mike agrees to take on the responsibility of paying for Brandon's classes.

Mariana and Callie get to Wyatt's house and it's chaos, there is beer flowing and Wyatt has decided that this would be a great time to trash his house he's even offering glow in the dark and spray paint to every that walks in the door. Mariana proceeds to get completely drunk and finds out from a friend that Jesus and Lexi have been having sex. Callie helps Wyatt after he freaks out and starts breaking things with a crowbar. Helping him accept that he's loosing his house not the memories that were created there. (Watching Callie be nurturing to someone other than Jude was sweet)

The parents dinner is off to a rough start. Lexie's mom wants Lexi and Jesus to only have supervised time together. That's not how Stef and Lena run their house. In the middle of dinner, Frank (Stefs dad ) shows up and invites himself to dinner. He proceeds to turn the dinner conversation from Jesus and Lexie to faith and religion. (Inappropriate!) and to everyone's surprise Lexie's parents totally support Stef, Lena and there family. And are adamant about their support and their belief there is nothing more Christian than family, even standing up to Frank when he raises theological concerns about being gay, and how marriage should be confined to one man and one woman. ( was anyone else shocked and pleased with this turn of events)

As she tries to sheppard the very drunk Mariana home, Liam shows up at Wyatt's party. (He's cute but creepy) Callie is not happy to see Liam at the party. As they are leaving Callie sees Tayla acting a little crazy, but she's not ready to leave so Callie and Mariana leave without her.

They manage to get in the house but not sneak up to their bedroom, Stef hears then and tells them both to come say high to their guests. Mariana can't hold her liquor and spills that Lexi and Jesus have been having sex to Lexi's parents. Everyone is upset. The mommas thank Callie for getting Mariana home in one piece, as they promise to continue the discussion about behavior in the morning. (Mariana's in trouble) Callie very nicely leaves Mariana some pain pills and some water for the hangover sure to come in the morning.

As she gets In bed she gets a comment on her Instagram, from Liam that indicates that he knows where she lives and where her bedroom is. ( like we said creepy)

This was the first fosters episode that didn't have to deal with school and I loved it. It was nice to see a glimpse of their lives we haven't seen before. This episode tackled two big subjects with an ease most other dramas couldn't pull off, religion and underage drinking. They managed to do both without turning it into a PSA and without engaging in overused stereotypes. This episode allowed all the characters except Jude (who was missing) to grow in respectively. Although they have to do better with providing an explanation as to why Jude is mysteriously absent all day. Otherwise this episode was great, and is a reason why the series continues to resonate with teens of all backgrounds.


Mariana and Callie getting along talking bout boys (they seem like real sisters here)

THE LINE THAT MADE US PAUSE AND REWIND OUR DVR’S: "There's is nothing anyone can say make me change the way I feel  about my family, I don't want to go to this stupid camp if it's going to cause world war three, but seriously moms have some faith in me" (Jesus)

2nd runner up; " I chose to be happy dad" (Stef)


We Loved it!  and can't wait till the next episode!  



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