Friday, October 11, 2013

Its Her Chance To Shine..... Sweet 15 (The Fosters Episode 4)



SPECIAL GUESTS: Jay Ali as Mr. Timothy
                           Madisen Beaty as Talya, 
                           Alex Saxon as Wyatt,
                           Emanuel Borria as Quinceanera presenter,
                           Lorraine Toussaint as Dana Adams

SYNOPSIS: Lena wants Mariana's quinceañera to be perfect, but Mariana uncovers a secret that may ruin her day. Meanwhile, Lena's mom visits; and Stef reminds Brandon of the dating rules when she observes his and Talya's friction over Callie



It almost the twins 15th Birthday so Mariana is preparing for her Quinceanera. Since, Kelsey is currently in rehab, so the moms have Mariana ask Callie to be a part of her Quince court. (We know you don’t want to Mariana but you could at least try to be nice) Callie accepts, but isn't too sure about the dancing or the gown. At school Wyatt invites Callie to join him and some friends at a bonfire, but Callie declines cuz she would have Mariana’s party at the same time. That night Stef talks to Brandon about how he can’t hook up with Callie, because that’s not what foster sibling’s do. (Foreshadowing like crazy here) (We’re not Brallie shippers by the way)

Lena’s mom is in town, and Stef loves her, but Lena is ready for her to go, the same day if that were possible. As everyone gets ready for the party, Tayla warns Callie away from Brandon threatening to tell Brandon all about Liam (awww come on now, WE WANT to KNOW) Callie agrees to stay away, but she wants Tayla to stay away from her as well. At the hotel, Callie asks Brandon to tell Talya to leave her alone, and before Mariana introduction of the court quickly changes partners so that she won’t be with Brandon. While Mariana is getting dressed, she overhears Lexi and Jesus talking and realizes that they are a couple and that they have been keeping it from her, and she’s pissed! (give it a rest Mariana, Jesus deserves to be happy too)

Realizing that Tayla is why Callie is avoiding him, Brandon changes the dance couples back mid dance so he can talk to her. Mariana confronts Jesus about his relationship with Lexi, and shows her displeasure. Mike stands in for the traditional Father Daughter dance (since she doesn’t want her moms to dance with her) and then the party gets started. Lexi tries to smooth things over but Mariana is not hearing it at all.

Lena and her Mom have a discussion on how skin color defines how black you are. (deep convo for an ABCFAMILY show, and I have to say I agree with parts of both of their arguments) Lena is offended because to her mother she not black because she is mixed. Being the good wife, Stef takes Lena a glass of wine to help her cool off.

Lexi is ready to leave since Mariana is giving her the cold shoulder. Jesus stops her from leaving by insisting it’s his birthday too. (Is it bad that we almost forgot? Sorry JESUS) Brandon confronts Tayla and breaks up with her after she admits to reading Callie’s journal. She tells him to ask Callie about Liam. (Again with that name, I want to know!!!) Stef and Lena insists on a family photo and it includes Callie and Jude. And the Mommas surprise both of the twins with a video of their lives with them every since they were adopted. And a lot of the pictures include Lexi. (Stop being mad at Lexi, Mariana and be happy for her) Stef and Lena give Jesus a brand new skateboard for his birthday. (good job not leaving him completely out)
Jude confronts Callie about the brewing relationship between her and Brandon saying that it will get them kicked out, (so cut it out! We agree Jude!!!) Callie says she knows and that it won’t ever get that far. Then a very cute little girl asks Jude to Dance. (get it Jude!) Brandon talks to Callie and tells her that he broke up with Tayla, and then they almost kiss but Callie gets some sense and runs off. (Nice instincts Callie.) Brandon attempts to follow her but his drunken dad sidetracks him, so he drives him home. (Does Mike have a drinking problem?) Callie heads to the bonfire and Wyatt. Mariana has a crisis of conscience and feels bad about how she has been treating her moms all day. She says she was been selfish and asks them both to forgive her. The moms say she is wonderful and gives her a momma sandwich. Jesus dances with Lexi and gets a birthday kiss and as the party winds down, Mariana, Stef and Lena kick their shoes off and dances with her moms. (Runner up for 2nd best scene)


The mommy sandwich. We loved them taking care of her after she acted like a brat.

THE LINE THAT MADE US PAUSE AND LAUGH, CRY, OR SMILE: "crap isn't a bad word is it" (Stef)

"it will be fun... like eating glass" (Jesus) Second runner up 


We Loved it!  and can't wait till the next episode! 




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