Monday, October 7, 2013

Pills, Pills, Pills (Fosters Episode 2)


SPECIAL GUESTS: Jay Ali as Mr. Timothy
                           Madisen Beaty as Talya, 
                           Anne Winters as Kelsey,
                           Bianca Santos as Lexie Santos

SYNOPSIS: Lena and Mike disagree about whether to punish Brandon. Elsewhere, Jesus tries to cover for Mariana and puts his health at risk in the process, while Callie gets blamed for Mariana's transgression; and Jesus and Lexi embark on a secret relationship.


Stef has a heart to heart with Brandon, scolding him on his lack of forethought when it came to the night before. Jesus decides to skip his pill, as a way of covering for his sister. But Lena has talked to Stef and they have decided not to punish him. While the kids walk to school that morning; Stef and Lena have a meeting with Bill about Jude and Callie’s history with the foster system. And it seems this time the roles have reversed with (Stef in favor of keeping them, and Lena ready to let them go). (Did anyone see that role reversal coming?)
At school, Tayla asks Brandon why Callie hasn’t been shipped back to Juvie or off to another foster family. (Girl… really do you know how bad you sound?) Mr. Timothy the English teacher finds a not by the trash in his room, that makes it clear that pills are being sold in the shool. So, it looks like its locker search time. Lucky for Mariana no pills are found. Jesus defends Mariana’s Friend Lexi from a guy who won’t hear the word no… and ends up in a fight for his trouble. Mariana meets up with Jesus as he is leaving Lena’s office, only to jump down his throat about him being jumpy, which he is because he stopped taking his medicine so he could cover for her. (Being grateful would be nice Mariana)

Brandon and Callie during their break hang out in the music room, while she tries to remember how to play the guitar. At work Stef talks to Mike about their son Brandon and how she and Lena decided against punishing him. At the end of the day Mike and Stef head home during to talk to Lena. They get into a fight over what Brandon’s punishment should be, since Mike feels that it wasn’t enough. Brandon walks in on the adults arguing yells at his dad and gets a new punishment. He’s grounded home and school only for a week. (I have to say that if I talked to my parents that way my head would have hit a wall ijs)

After dinner, the family has a family meeting where Stef and Lena explain to everyone that that Callie and Jude will be staying with them, only until Bill can find the siblings a permanent place to land. However long that takes, but in the mean time Callie bunks with Mariana and Jude bunks with Jesus. This is a prospect neither twin finds particularly appealing. ( but really where did they think they were going to end up staying? The dining room Mariana …. The things that come out your mouth sometimes) The next day at lunch Tayla, has Callie eat lunch with her and explains too her in mean girl speak that Brandon is her boyfriend and that she should back off. (We get it Tayla he’s yours… but if you believe that why don’t you act like it instead of trying to intimidate Callie?)

Having pills floating around school unnoticed doesn’t last for long when Mariana’s friend Kelsey is caught snorting the pills that she gave her. But, Mariana is all good since Kelsey points the finger at Callie instead. Both Stef and Lena are there to greet Callie when she gets back to the house, the immediately ask he if she has anything to do with drugs being sold at school. When she tells them no, they let her go but it is clear that they do not believe her. (Ummm how would Callie who’s been living there for like 2 days find Jesus’ pills, steal them, sell them and get caught in that amount of time? It doesn't even seem possible but I’ll let that part go). Feeling bad about Callie being in trouble, Mariana makes plans to confess but she asks her brother to come along. When she falters, Jesus steps in and lies saying that he was the one selling his pills at school. Lena and Stef both sincerely apologize to Callie for not trusting her. The episode closes with Callie and Brandon playing the guitar together.

Stef as she stared at Jude through the kitchen window while he was playing in the tree. It seems she does have a softer side. 

THE LINE THAT MADE US PAUSE AND REWIND OUR DVR’S: "You didn't have to get all iron man of his ass" (Lexie) - We didn't rewind as much as laugh out loud


We Loved it!  and can't wait till the next episode! 
B/B+ But we'll still be back next week


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