Monday, October 21, 2013

I Prefer To Play With Myself in Private (Blacklist Episode 3)


SPECIAL GUESTS: Chin Han as Wujing

SYNOPSIS: Red and Liz go undercover to pursue a high-level Chinese spy who may be involved in a shadowy scheme to decode a classified CIA transmission. Elsewhere, Liz puts the investigative focus on Tom.




 Four guys on a motorcycle stop pull up next to a SUV in China, shoot out the windows kill the guy driving, steal a brief case and cut off his hand, and no one on the street says or does anything. (Bystander effect anyone, I mean they don't even run and hide). The four guys on the motorcycles end up at this computer room and try to get information off, which they think can access with the dead mans hand. It doesn't work, and the man in charge tells them to get in touch with Reddington.

A nice looking guy, who is the middle man for Wujing talks to Reddington in the park, and asks him to decode the message cuz he can't. Reddington agrees. Only question now is if he's going to inform the FBI or not.

 Lizzie tells her husband that the man who stabbed him is dead and that she can't say anymore, but she still doesn't trust her husband,so she tries to get more information about the gun, she found with the passports. So she gets a shell casing from the gun. At work she has the lab run the shell casing against unsolved crimes. ( guess she doesn't trust the hubby after all)

Reddington tells the FBI about the meeting in the park and about how they want him to decode a message that most likely has the name of an undercover American agent. Lizzie initially has reservations about going undercover with a spy killer as a cytologist, a field she knows nothing about. Eventually Ressler guilts her into it. (give her a break her husband almost died two cases ago)

  A group of men, wire Lizzie's house, while she and her husband are out without being caught. (Now is this suppose to be the FBI or some other unknown player) On the other side of town, Lizzie and Reddington infiltrate the Chinese spy ring located in the basement of an old radio station. After a few close calls Lizzie and Reddington are able to decode the message, but Wujings system alerts him to the fact that the message they were decoding was transmitted to the FBI. Due to the high tech computer system Wujing knows who betrayed him, the evidence links back to one of his men, who even then proceeds to beat half to death.

Before lizzie can do something stupid and confess, Reddington shoots the boy, and politely asks if he and Lizzie can leave. Wujings is initially upset, but then he moves on. The FBI are in a desperate race with the Chinese to get to Chow, which was the name in the decoded message, and they loose (of course) forced to defend himself and his small son, Chow does the smart thing and tries to hide from the Chinese henchmen until the FBI gets there and for the most part his plan works. The FBI arrive and are able to take down Wujings, and spy ring and save Chow and his son. (all in a days work)

 After their busy day, Reddington agrees to answer one of Lizzie's questions; why me? And he answers because of her father but does little to elaborate on his answer. Back at the FBI Lizzie gets the ballistics on her husbands gun, but most of the report is classified. Ressler appears to also have a copy of that report but his is not blacked out. Whatever the gun was unto it has to do with the head of Homeland security. (oh boy... What did you do?)

Back at Reddington's hotel he opens his payment from Wujings for completing the job and instead of money it's a number on a piece of paper 042983. Reddington does not seem surprised by his payment. And the show ends with a man watching everything happening in Lizzie's house.

  This episode was slow and felt disjointed, there are some episode one can watch again and again..., well this isn't one of them. While this episode proves that Reddington can stop a criminal act that he didn't start himself, it does little to move the story along. And while there is significant importance on stopping this bad guy, there was no emotional connection to be honest it was hard to care. But there was a lot of snappy dialogue a good fight scene so it wasn't a total waste


Tonight was Reddington's Night and his quick thinking, and survival instincts, in killing the guy that ultimately went down for Lizzie's betrayal was fast and almost out of nowhere. great scene


"Thats what they said about Deep throat and the g-spot" (Reddington)


B- (Liked IT)

CLICK HERE FOR EPISODE 2                                           CLICK HERE FOR EPISODE 4


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