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Truth and Gunshots (Fosters Episode 8)



SPECIAL GUESTS: Madison Beatley as Tayla, 
                           Alex Saxon as Wyatt,
                           Alexandra Barreto as Ana Gutierrez,
                           Bianca Santos as Lexie Rivera
                           Necar Zadegan as Gretchen 

SYNOPSIS: Jesus meets his biological mom, but it doesn't go well. Elsewhere, Lena's worldly ex-girlfriend visits town; Stef worries about Mike's excessive drinking; Brandon struggles to impress his piano teacher; and Tayla finds herself in a mortifying situation.



It's dinner time at the Fosters and Stef pulls Callie aside and gives her some good news, Sarah was removed from the Olmsteads, and Stef has a friend at the DA's office whom she's talking to about Liam. (Where is Jude at this dinner by the way)( and that is good news)

During dinner Mariana gets a call from Ana who is begging her for more money. Jesus figures out that it was Ana on the phone. Mariana has been avoiding Ana and now she is getting desperate. Mariana can't listen to Ana anymore so she hangs up.
The evil amazing piano teacher isn't too happy with Brandon. Brandon is playing all the notes right but he has no passion or feeling behind it. He rather Brandon play badly with feeling rather than perfectly without any. (Im not musical, but is that why Brandon's playing sounded dry?)
Callie tries to make small talk with Wyatt at school but he's not really feeling it. After their fight over Liam, it looks like Wyatt ready to let Callie go. He tells her to go talk to Brandon, since he thinks she likes him more. Callie tries to disguise her intimacy issues ( I mean letting people get close to her) as being mysterious and a little messed up, and she thought those are qualities Wyatt liked about her. He responds by saying she may be a little too messed up even for him. (What did you expect Callie you did yell at him for trying to help you)
On the other side of school Tayla finds Brandon to give him what would have been his anniversary present. (Aww that's kinda sweet) They're tickets to one of his favorite bands, he says thanks but no thanks to her gesture of goodwill because he doesn't want to give her the wrong impression.

Lexi runs into Jesus after school and asks to hangout but he can't because he's busy. Jesus and Mariana head to Ana's house so they can tell her to leave Mariana alone. Ana is elated to see Jesus, and invites them in. They tell her to stop calling, cuz they aren't going to give her any money, (good job y'all) not even to catch a bus or leave her no good boyfriend. Looking at where she is staying pulls on Jesus's heart strings. 

 Stef and Mike are on duty, and try arrest a man that ran through a stop sign in a stolen car, but Mike allows him to escape. After a chase, Stef arrests him. At home Stef talked to Brandon about how Mike is doing and Brandon confirms that, Mike was hungover when he picked Brandon up for his audition and that he is drinking again.

At school the next day during algebra class, some boy hooks his phone up to the projector when the teacher leaves the room and shows the entire class a a video of Tayla drinking and taking her shirt off. Tayla is humiliated and runs out the room, Brandon turns off the video and Callie chases after her. Callie tries to assure her that this will pass, but Tayla is too upset to hear her.
Mike is angry at Stef, he's been assigned desk duty and she gets a new partner until he can get his drinking under control.

After school Callie talks to Brandon about being nicer to since Tayla was drinking cuz she lost Brandon for being so jealous of the relationship between him and Callie. And it turns out she did have a reason to be jealous. (he wasn't exactly the best boyfriend and he did have feeling for someone else while he was with her)
For Dinner Lena meets her ex-girlfriend Gretchen, and they have to make small talk with each other for a while since Stef is running late. Lena tells Gretchen all about her kids, and her relationship with Stef. When Stef arrives, introductions are made and everyone seems to have a lovely time except for Lena who feels like the other two women are ganging up on her. The dinner ends with Stef inviting Gretchen over for dinner.

Jesus can't help it, he goes to Mariana saying he wants to help Ana, (your hearts in the right place) he knows they can't give her money but he wants to help her get into a women's shelter, Mariana says no she thinks it's a bad idea. (Mariana has finally learned her lesson) she makes Jesus promise not to go back to Ana's house, he promises. The next day, Jesus breaks his promise and goes back to Ana's house, alone.
At school the next day, Callie invites Wyatt out to see a movie she has to see about her photography class, but he's still not feeling her right now, he says he has a thing. She tells him that he can join her if his 'thing' gets boring. She waits outside the theater for him, but she doesn't show so she goes in alone. But surprise during the movie Wyatt shows up, and during the movie to two make up and then make out. ( this was a great moment for Wallie shippers like myself)

Gretchen comes over for dinner, and proceeds to regal Mariana, Stef and Lena of her tales involving celebrities and harps on the fact that Stef and Lena aren't actually married, since a big part of why Lena broke up with Gretchen is because she wouldn't marry her. (No offense Gretchen, we like Stef better)
Mariana excuses herself and proceeds to freak out when she realizes that Jesus isn't where he said he would be, but she doesn't want to tell their she just keeps calling and texting him, but he's not answering.

Brandon and Talya are on better terms, he takes her up on the tickets and they both go to the concert. They talk about the concert, his new piano teacher and his dreams and Tayla urges him not to give up. Eventually Brandon invites her out for coffee and she accepts.

After causing an argument between Stef and Lena, Gretchen leaves but that doesn't stop from continuing to argue about Marriage and getting married.

Freaking out and with few options left, Mariana tells her mother the truth about Jesus and Ana and everything she's been keeping from them. (Good job Mariana, way to look out for your brother) she tells them that she thinks Jesus is with Ana at the crack house that she lives in.

 Lena is hesitant about Stef going by herself, but no one could stop Stef from going to get her kids if they were hurt. So, Stef gets her gun and goes to get Jesus from Ana's house. Stef gets to Ana's house, and Mike arrives shortly after, saying Lena asked him to back Stef up. They knock but no one answers, the door is open so they head in and see drugs laid out on the table. Then there are 5 gunshots.

This was like a whole season worth of episodes packed into one; there was a make up, an ex, a huge fight, gunshots, children going missing, secrets exposed, and a trip to a women's shelter. Now there are two things I completely hated about this episode the lack of Jude, and the addition of Gretchen. One why is this kid like never there, no one even mentions why he isn't at the dinner table in the opening scene I mean did he get abducted by aliens? We love Jude and we want him back. Two who meets with there ex after not seeing them for 10 years, I mean really was there any point to Gretchen besides hinting in a not so clever way that Lena wants a wedding and to get married. I mean she wasn't even likable it was hard not to fast forward all the scenes she was in. Other than that the episode was very good and ended on a cliff hanger sure to have me tuning in for the next episode.


Scene Stealer: Mariana admitting the truth to her mothers. It was nice to see her put someone else above herself.

THE LINE THAT MADE US PAUSE AND REWIND OUR DVR’S: "Yea on one condition, this is a date.... otherwise I go back to my non-existent thing like right now" (Wyatt)


We Loved it!  and can't wait till the next episode!  *This show just keeps getting better and better)



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