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*10/4/13 The Blacklist has been for a full 22 episode season*


For decades, ex-government agent Raymond "Red" Reddington (James Spader, "The Office," "Boston Legal") has been one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives. Brokering shadowy deals for criminals across the globe, Red was known by many as "The Concierge of Crime." Now, he's mysteriously surrendered to the FBI with an explosive offer: He will help catch a long-thought-dead terrorist, Ranko Zamani, under the condition that he speaks only to Elizabeth "Liz" Keen (Megan Boone, "Law & Order: Los Angeles"), an FBI profiler fresh out of Quantico. For Liz, it's going to be one hell of a first day on the job.

What follows is a twisting series of events as the race to stop a terrorist begins. What are Red's true intentions? Why has he chosen Liz, a woman with whom he seemingly has no connection? Does Liz have secrets of her own? Zamani is only the first of many on a list that Red has compiled over the years: a "blacklist" of politicians, mobsters, spies and international terrorists. He will help catch them all... with the caveat that Liz continues to work as his partner. Red will teach Liz to think like a criminal to "see the bigger picture" - whether she wants to or not. (Taken from the NBC The Blacklist series page)


Played by James Spader
Fourth on the FBI's Most Wanted Fugitives, Raymond Reddington is one of the world's most dangerous men. Described as "The Concierge of Crime," Reddington has brokered some of the most comprehensive international criminal activity in the past 20 years. He unexpectedly surrenders himself to the FBI, and without explanation, Reddington offers up his "Blacklist": full of criminals that the FBI doesn't even know exist. But Red's primary condition for cooperation with the FBI: he insists on only talking to one agent, Elizabeth Keen.

Played by Megan Boone
A rookie FBI profiler, Liz's life is turned upside down when notorious criminal Raymond Reddington turns himself in - and insists on speaking only to her.Liz left academia to pursue a career in law enforcement. After three years, Liz received her board certification in Forensic Psychology and was promoted to head of her unit.Recently reassigned from New York after completing advanced training at the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI Academy Liz had just started her first day as a profiler when Raymond Reddington turned himself in.

Played by Diego Klattenhoff
A veteran FBI field agent who's been tracking Reddington for the bulk of his career. Despite his by-the-book methodology, he's always been one step behind Reddington. When Reddington turns himself in, Ressler is shocked. And perhaps even more perplexing is Red's obsession with Liz Keen, someone Ressler has never heard of. Now Ressler is left with a mission: what to do about Reddington - and what to do about Liz. Ressler is determined to discover the reason Reddington turned himself in, and the nature of his relationship to Elizabeth Keen.

Played by Harold Cooper
Assistant Director of Counterterrorism for the FBI, Cooper heads the Blacklist operation. Wary of Reddington's surrender, he eventually realizes Red's value as an informant, worth the risk of working with him. He joined the FBI in 1995 and was quickly promoted to ASA in Charge of the Washington Field Office's Counterterrorism Division, where he managed several programs, including the division's National Capital Response Squad and the Extraterritorial Investigations Squads. Reddington implies the two share some history.

Played by Ryan Eggold
Liz's husband Tom is a fourth grade teacher at a public elementary school outside Washington, D.C. Hours after Red turns himself in, Tom is brutally assaulted in their home by international criminal Ranko Zamani. In the aftermath, Liz makes a startling discovery about Tom - a discovery that implies Tom is more than he seems, and which causes her to question everything about their marriage and life together. Has Tom really been lying to her for years? Or is this another one of Red's manipulations? And in either case, why?

Played by Parminder Nagra
 Much of Malik's operational history is classified. She became a CIA officer in early 1998 and worked for much of her career as a non-official cover (NOC), stationed in various locations. In 2006, she worked closely with the DOJ in an ongoing multinational operation relating to energy and non-proliferation. In 2011, she officially left the service after nearly 14 years in order to spend more time with her family. She has rejoined government service at the request of Assistant Attorney General Fowler.

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