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I want to be a Gladiator in a Suit




ORIGINAL AIR DATE: April 5th 2012
SPECIAL GUESTS: Liza Weil as Amanda Tanner,
                           Wes Brown as Sully St. James,
                           Leslie Grossman as Lisa

SYNOPSIS:  A former White House communications director opens a Washington, D.C., crisis-management firm. On the opener, new hire Quinn Perkins is awed by her boss, whose own former boss—the president—is a client. He's accused of having an affair




Quinn Perkins shows up at a bar in order to sweetly dismiss a blind date, only to find out she has been hired by Olivia Pope and Associates; her dream job, Harrison (an associate at Olivia Pope) gets Quinn to say yess to this amazing opportunity. (We want to be Gladiators too) Across town Olivia and Stephen meet with some kidnappers in order to get the Russian Ambassador his baby back. Even 3 million short, they have no problem closing the deal and leaving with the baby. (She’s kinda bad ass)

Quinn heads to Pope and Associates offices in order to meet Olivia, they deliver the baby to the ambassador, and as everyone is about to leave Lt. Sully St. James walks into their offices bloody and pleading for their assistance. His girlfriend was murdered; and he is scared that the police are going to think he did it. (Well with the blood all over you…. I would too ijs)

Olivia immediately heads to David Rossen the Assistant ADA to ask for 36 hours so she can clear Sully’s name. (They settle on 24) The team is then given their marching orders, find anything to make his alibi stick or get him off the hook. Abby bullies a police officer, Huck digs around on the internet, Harrison collects the information, and Steven mans the office.

That morning Olivia Pope gets a mysterious phone call from Cyrus (The White House chief of Staff) where he asks her to take care of a woman named Amanda Tanner, who is going around saying that she is sleeping with the president. Olivia says she wills but only if she can meet with the president and look him in the eyes. (She has to get the gut feeling lol) After meeting with the president Olivia decides to handle Amanda Tanner, she tracks her down walking her dog and politely tells her to find a new job (lets get serious she scarred the living shyt out of her) After Olivia dresses down Amanda, Quinn questions if this is the right place for her. Huck tells her to suck it up, she’s broken and she belongs here (We love Huck by the way)

Eventually Abby and Steven find video proof of Sully kissing a man at the time of the murder. (Thought you were anti-gay) They confront him with what he had and Sully refuses to own up to being a gay war hero; especially since he makes his money being anti-gay republican making speeches for the conservative right. So, time is up and David Rossen hauls Sully off to jail. (Stupid) In the meantime, Amanda Tanner slits her wrists in order to get Olivia and the Presidents Attention. (Again, Stupid) Quinn goes to check woman and manages to convince Olivia that she is not lying because the president calls her Sweet Baby.

Olivia heads to the White House for some answers. He admits to sleeping with Amanda but only because he missed her so much (WTF?) Olivia receives a phone call from Steven who is freaking out about asking his gf to marry him; Olivia convinces him to find some normal. And of course he proposes and she says yes! (Yayy Steven) Olivia then heads to the jail to give the same talking to to Sully, he eventually relents (probably cuz he’s tired of being in jail) and he gets released.

Pope and Associates head back to the office and Amanda Tanner becomes their new client.


Olivia Pope slapping the President in the Oval Office of the White House (jaw dropping moment)


  1. "I want to be a Gladiator in a Suit" (Quinn)
  2. "He's anti choice, pro gun, hates the gays and likes it when kids pray in school" (abby)
  3. "I’ll give you some free advice. Hand in your resignation. Pack up your dog and your things and get in your car and go. Find a small city – Minneapolis maybe or Denver. Get a little job. Meet a boring boy. Make some friends because in this town your career is over. You’re done." (olivia)
  4. "He would come if she were hurt and call her sweet baby" (Quinn)
  5. "That is talk, I am a conservative republican, I am publicly anti gay, I am the deacon in my church, they are talking about me running for congress one day, I am Lt. Cl. Sullivan St. James I'm a hero, I can't be gay (Sully St. James)





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