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A Room Full of Plastic (Blacklist Episode 4)


SPECIAL GUESTS: Clifton Collins jr. as Hector Lorca

SYNOPSIS: Liz testifies against a drug lord. Danger lurks when a witness in the case is abducted at the hands of possibly "the Stewmaker," a man responsible for hundreds of missing people. Meanwhile, Red and Ressler join forces for the first time.




   A dog, a room full of plastic, and a naked man well there is only so many ways this story can go and on blacklist I am going to with the most horrible way possible. ( believe it or not, the guy In the room isn't Reddington)

Reddington isn't the only person who can get into trouble, Lizzie lies her way into FBI archives to get information on the shooting associated with the gun in her husbands locked box, but she is unsuccessful. (was anyone else proud of Lizzie for conning her way through security, Neal Caffery would have been proud) After failing to get the information she wanted Lizzie heads to court to put away Hector Lorca a man she caught during her time as an FBI profiler. Too bad a juror has a heart attack while the only witness is testifying.

Per protocol the judge clears the courtroom, and the witness is kidnapped from right under the FBI's nose. In a panic Lizzie calls Reddington for help finding her missing witness. He tells her that the witness is dead, and to pour a bottle of wine because there isn't anything she can do about it.(Harsh... but accurate)

Unable to do anything about her missing witness, Lizzie goes home and once again tries to figure out just what her husband is hiding. He then comes home and is way more understanding about her bad mood than any normal husband would be which does nothing but make us more suspicious of him than we already were. (he's just creepy and he kind of makes my skin crawl... anyone else get that feeling?)

 The FBI thinks they have found the crime scene where the witness has killed, when Lizzie relays the crime scene details Reddington becomes way more interested. He thinks "the stewmaker" a man responsible for hundreds of missing and presumed dead individuals, and number 161(how does a man that dissolves people not make the top 100) from his Blacklist may be the one who killed the witness.

The FBI have only one way to get to "the stewmaker" and that's Hector Lorca who hired him originally to kill the witness testifying against him. The original case against him has been dropped but the FBI threaten to turn him over to homeland security under the patriot act. (I'm pretty sure the patriot act is not for made up shyt...but ok) For some this may be enough to turn someone but not Lorca, he's more scared of "the stewmaker" than he his of the FBI and homeland Security plus all he has is a number anyway so he says no dice.

  As the agency attempts to transfer Lorca, his men attack the agency at the transfer site and manage to free Lorca and capture Lizzie. Lorca makes contact with Reddington and asks him to get him papers and contacts out the country. He agrees as a way to Lizzie back, Ressler tags along to the meet. Lorca eventually gives up the contact info and Ressler runs with it through the legal means finding "the stewmakers" house and questioning his wife, but Reddington takes a different approach and uses the dog hair sample to track him through the GPS chip in his dog. Reddington ( of course) gets there first and ends up throwing "the stewmaker" into his own stew. Then the FBI shows up and rescues Lizzie, and gets a book that has the photos of all the stewmakers victims.

Lizzie heads home and the hubby wants them to go away together to reconnect. (that seems sweet... right) When she sees the brochure of where they are heading she recognizes the name from her investigation into her husband.

This was definitely one of the Blacklist better episodes, action, suspense, and mystery combined into a 1hr fast paced drama. The numbers associated with the names on the list are a good addition, cuz it makes it appear as if there is actually a list somewhere even if it is only in Reddingtons mind, how long they can keep this pace up, or go without answering the series main two questions; is Reddington Lizzie's father? And who is Lizzie's husband working for? Remains to be seen. But all in all, this was not a hour wasted. What did you think of episode 4 " the stewmaker" let us know. Got a better suggestion for the scene stealer award, or best quote of the episode. Let us know that too.



Reddington throwing the Stewmaker into his own stew and without any misgivings at all. Lizzie is right, HE is a monster (but we still love him)


"Your a Monster" (Lizzie)


A (Loved it)


CLICK HERE FOR EPISODE 3                                           CLICK HERE FOR EPISODE 5

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