Monday, December 9, 2013

Less Scandal In 2014...

Sorry Gladiators!

There will be less Scandal in 2014, to be precise there will be four less episodes of Scandal than originally planned. ABC has cut Scandal's Season 3 (the season airing right now) episode order from 22 episodes to 18 episodes. From a numbers point of view, Scandal is the one of the highest rated dramas if not the highest rated drama on ABC. 

ABC hasn't give an official reason, but this cutback is likely due to the pregnancy of star Kerry Washington. Kerry Washington is due in Spring. Shooting around Kerry Washington's pregnancy has been difficult, but shooting during her last trimester would have been next to impossible and since Kerry Washington is the head Gladiator in Charge, writing Olivia out of a few episodes was not an option.

Scandal will have aired 10 episodes after its Winter/ Mid-Season finale, which means that there will only be 8 episode left to premiere after its hiatus this winter. (For more about ABC's Winter Schedule and Scandals Winter Hiatus click here) The good news is I am 99% sure that Scandal will return for a 4th Season Fall 2014.

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