Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Chasing Life - Pilot Review

Chasing Life


“Let me save your life then you can go back to hating me”

She’s quick witted, snarky, awkward, savvy and only 24 years old. In an attempt to land the biggest story of her life, April Carver finds out that she has CANCER. Which sucks because her life is just beginning; an amazing best friend, a job that she loves, her crush returning her feelings and a family just starting to get over fathers passing, the timing of this couldn't be worse. I expected for this show to be a cry fest full of love ones mourning, hospitals full of dying patients and a family coming to terms with one of its daughters having cancer and watching how that would affect everyone else’s life. But that’s not what this is; in fact it’s the exact opposite. This isn't Cancer Girl, where the show revolves around her and her illness 24/7; instead this is about 24 year old who happens to have cancer trying desperately for that fact not to overwhelm the rest of her life. Cancer is a part of her life it’s not her whole life.

And while I suspect that I will be crying along with the show at some point, I am now positive that it won’t just be because April has Cancer. Her life is so much fuller than that. Life in the Carver House promises to be full of drama with; an estranged uncle, a rebellious teen and a secret sister no one knows about, all coming together at the same time. And while I find it hard to believe that April goes through the entire pilot without telling anyone about her diagnosis or even going in for testing, to see how bad it is and what can be done. I loved watching the show all the same; from the boy-loving, ride or die best friend to the younger sister who appears determined to wreck her life before it has even really begun, I know that I will have no problem tuning into this female centered drama every week. I must honestly say that ABC Family has another hit on its hands, and while it may be slow to start like; The Fosters and Switched at Birth I do believe that everyone who watches will fall in love with April and her family.

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