Friday, May 31, 2013

Cooking Channel Cooked Up A Storm At The 2013 Cooking Channel Upfronts

When the Food Channel became popular and their reached the height of their ratings back in 2010, Scripps Networks announced their brother channel…. The Cooking Channel! Both the Food Channel and the Cooking Channel are flourishing despite the latter being in its infancy. In fact this year during upfronts, the cooking channel announced an impressive slate of upcoming new programs that will find its home on this channel in 2013. In fact eight new shows will premiere on the Cooking Channel before October. Whether you like pizza, chinese, donuts or struggling restaurants you will like what is being offered this year. 


Pizza Cuz is a cross-country pizza exploration through the taste buds of pizza aficionados Francis Garcia and Sal Basille, owners of the growing pizza empire, Artichoke Basille’s Pizza. In each half-hour episode, these first cousins from Staten Island travel everywhere the pizza pie can take them – from San Francisco to Philadelphia – tasting, meeting, and discovering all things pizza.

The Freshman Class follows four aspiring chefs from day one of classes at the Louisiana Culinary Institute in Baton Rouge through their final exams at the end of their first semester as they embark on the journey to earn a culinary degree. These students are chasing their dreams all the while taking a big risk – culinary school is expensive, difficult, and offers no guarantees. Follow the journey and get an insider’s look into the trials and triumphs of being a culinary student.

Cooking Channel’s Classy Ladies web series stars and best friends, Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark, set out across America to bring viewers a unique and authentic spin on traveling with your BFF – and along the way share all the wild and crazy happenings they encounter. In each episode, the duo finds clever ways to bring their experiences home to share with friends, as well as toast them with a new and undoubtedly unique cocktail.

Restaurant Takeover challenges two restaurant industry top guns to help rescue a failing restaurant. With only six days to overhaul and re-launch a local eatery for review by their customers, these culinary cavaliers have their work cut out for them.

In this 6-part series, host Eden Grinshpan meets America’s greatest and funniest online foodies and takes a ride to their favorite and most delicious hangouts and haunts. Each episode, Eden visits 3 different cities and hooks up with the funniest bloggers, youtubers and tweeters and begs them to take her to their favorite place in the city for a fun-filled, downright tasty time. At each location Eden will meet the chef, chow down and find out what makes this joint the best in town to her new best blogger friend. Is it the ribs, the chowder or the dumplings? As usual Eden is ready for anything!

Changing the face of Chinese food in America one menu at a time, Ching He-Huang travels across the country to help struggling restaurants update and revitalize their menus and make over their run-of-the-mill establishments.

Donut Showdown takes the donut to epicurean heights with an exciting competition between some of the best donut makers in the country. Each episode pits three donut makers against each other in a series of challenges, but only one can walk away with the $10,000 prize.


Eat St. – Returned for Season 4 and is on Tuesdays at 8pm
Eat St. is a lip-smacking celebration of North America’s tastiest, messiest, and most irresistible street food. From Tijuana-style tacos served out of an Airstream trailer to classic dogs with all the fixin’s and sirloin burgers slathered in bacon jam, food cart fare is the hottest culinary trend around. The stars of the show are the vendors – food mavericks with creative takes on mobile meals and inspiring stories. Seeking out the very best curbside eats all over North America, Eat St. is a grease-stained roadmap to the ultimate street food experience.

Road Trip with G. Garvin – Returned for Season 2 and is on Tuesdays at 9pm
Acclaimed cookbook author, host and larger-than-life personality, Chef Gerry Garvin, aka ‘G.’, takes viewers on a tour of his native South, to explore the best eats this part of the country has to offer. Travelling to Atlanta and Houston, North Carolina, South Carolina and more, G. visits a different city each episode to discover the hidden gems and the people behind the magic. From traditional ethnic food and urban farms to BBQ pit masters extraordinaire, G.Garvin leaves no stones unturned in his quest to find the hottest, most delicious spots in the country.

Man Fire Food - Returns for its Second Season on June 3 at 9:30 p.m
Roger Mooking explores cooking at its most basic as he features the cooks who take the fundamental formula of fire and food to make delicious culinary creations. Along the way, he samples fire-cooked favorites from local joints on back roads and byways from coast to coast.

Kelsey’s Essentials - Season Five Premiere: July 2013
Kelsey Nixon inspires a new generation of food lovers with her fresh take on essential cooking basics. In her fifth season, she gives savvy tips on must-have pantry items, shares the latest gadgets and highlights essential kitchen techniques like roasting, baking, and knife skills. Whether she is sharing unique entertaining tips and food gift ideas or classic yet sophisticated recipes for sauces, stews, and eggs, Kelsey is a master at using the basics to create dishes that are anything but ordinary. She targets the DIY home cook – breaking down the steps, teaching proper technique and making everyone feel comfortable in the kitchen.

Chuck’s Eat the Street - Season Two Premiere: August 2013
Every city has one – a single street where block after block, restaurant after restaurant, meal after meal, you can experience a magical, mouthwatering tour through cultures and cuisines of every conceivable variety. Chuck Hughes takes a tour of America’s great food streets, tasting his way through cities and learning about the people and history that have made these flavors special.

Not My Mama’s Meals - Season Four Premiere: August 2013
Bobby Deen takes his mother’srecipes and transforms her Southern comfort food into lighter, leaner, yet still delicious dishes. Each week, Bobby recreates one of his Mama’s (Paula Deen) famous meals with healthy substitutes that cut down on calories and fat, but still deliver on taste.

Unique Eats - Season Six Premiere: August 2013
Unique Eats spotlights America’s most exciting and revolutionary restaurants and gives a first-hand look and the last word in everything extreme in food today. From high-end dining rooms to casual neighborhood treasures, and even roving eateries with no permanent addresses, Unique Eats seeks out the most amazing examples of modern dining across America.

My Grandmother’s Ravioli - Season Two Premiere: October 2013
Mo Rocca learns treasured family recipes and a lot more, from grandparents across the country in My Grandmother’s Ravioli. While he was growing up, Mo’s grandmother prepared sumptuous Sunday dinners for the family, with “Momma’s” ravioli as the main event. Although he could never forget those meals, Mo never learned her recipes. Now he’s doing the next best thing: visiting other people’s grandmothers and grandfathers who lovingly, and patiently, teach Mo traditional specialties. In addition to making food that will take viewers back to their childhood, the grandparents share their inspiring personal stories and funny family anecdotes in each episode.


Host Natalie Forte scours the country to feature those hidden gems and local favorites in each episode of America’s Best Bites. Produced by Tribune and Oakbrook for Cooking Channel 


Luke’s Greater Mekong – Premiered in May and is on Saturdays at 12:30 pm
Luke Nguyen returns to the country of his heritage to take a culinary journey through the southern regions of Vietnam. Starting in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Luke travels through the Mekong Delta and north along the coast to the World Heritage city of Hoi An. Along the way he prepares dishes in locations that represent the real Vietnam, in all its chaotic vibrancy.


In this episode of “Giada in Paradise,” Giada travels to Thailand for an exotic taste of paradise. From the turquoise waters of Phuket to Chang Mai with its lush rice paddies and wild terrain, Giada takes us on a glamorous once-in-a-lifetime adventure, exploring one of the world’s most fascinating cuisines.

Nadia G and her outrageous crew take an epic bite out of Austin, Texas. When the boys are a no-show for the start of the new show, Nadia does some spiteful shkoffing at one of the finest new restaurants in town. Luckily, after a series of bizarre culinary detours (and some fierce shoe-shopping by Nadia G), the boys arrive in time for the master Pig Pickin’ that Nadia has planned. Panos reports on organic pig farming and the Spice Agent uncovers the spicy secrets of Texas BBQ. A final stop for deep-fried bacon-wrapped hotdogs sends Hans looking for healthy Austin alternatives.

It’s that time of year again, and everyone is making their holiday plans. The Deens are no different, but this year Bobby and Jamie have a treat for everyone – they’re cooking the Christmas meal for the entire family. The boys come together in the kitchen and prepare a huge feast for Paula and the entire family. The Deen Christmas meal is sure to be delicious. 


The little brother to one of the most talked about and watched channels on cable, the cooking network is beginning to stand on its own two feet and provide a little competition to its older brother. I love watching food shows, especially when I am hungry and I don't know what I want. With all of the new shows set to debut before the end of summer, I am sure that their is something for everyone. I am really looking forward to the Deen Brothers Christmas and Restaurant Takeover. So what about you, are you looking forward to a new show on the cooking channel? Trying to make a new recipe? Just want to talk? Leave a message in the comments and I will get back to you!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Additions To HGTV, Announced At The 2013 HGTV Upfronts

When HGTV wants to rebuild or add to something, it does it in a hurry. That’s why it should be no surprise that HGTV not only announced 9 new shows during their upfront presentation; they also plan on launching all of these new series before August 1st 2013. The new series will put brother against brother; create a new home improvement reality TV star, no holds bar real estate advice, and home improvements that can be done in the time it takes to go to dinner and a movie. HGTV has seen the market value of Soap Opera stars, in fact more than three shows on their network has a Soap Star as the host. These new series will join the newest HGTV breakout hits; Flea Market Flip, Hawaii Life and Island Hunters. HGTV is determined to stick to its roots giving fans exactly what they want in terms of renovations, design, and real estate. 

New Additions To The HGTV Lineup:

Restoration Series

Flip or Flop (Premieres: Tuesday, April 16, at 11 p.m)
Tarek, a self-proclaimed "driven real estate genius" partners with his wife, Christina to flip new properties in HGTV's Flip or Flop. From the nail-biting purchase at the auction to the frustrating renovations, HGTV cameras follow these novice flippers as they try their hand at the toughest game in town. Viewers also get a glimpse into their personal lives as they put everything into this venture, including the sanity of their family.

Catastrophe, Inc. (Premieres: July TBD)
When disaster strikes, it's the first responders who save the day -- but the unsung heroes of every catastrophe are the guys who clean it up. In each episode of Catastrophe, Inc., a crew of disaster specialists rescue homes damaged by every type of devastation, including wildfires, hurricane-force winds, floods and fallen trees. From simple debris removal to full demolition, the team is there every step of the way to help families clean up, rebuild and redecorate their homes.

Real Estate and/or Renovation Series

Renovation Raiders (Premieres: Thursday, May 30, at 9 p.m.)
Imagine leaving the house, going to dinner and coming back to a brand new space in your home. DIY Network's Amy Matthews debuts on HGTV as the host of her newest series, Renovation Raiders. Each week, licensed contractor Matthews raids homeowners' houses while they're out to dinner and pulls off a major remodel in less than four hours. From lavish living rooms to gorgeous kitchens, the families are blown away when they come home and find their spaces transformed.

Renovate to Rent (Premieres: Tuesday, June 11, at 11 p.m.)
Real estate agent Drew Levin and his partner, licensed contractor Danny Perkins, have figured out how to make money in today's housing market. In each episode, Drew and Danny buy old foreclosed homes, completely renovate them and rent the property for top dollar. These guys may be young, but when it's time to sell the rental properties, they'll be cashing out.

Renovation Unscripted (Premieres: June TBD)
Emmy award-winning actress and soap opera star Heather Tom, and her musician husband James, are both drawn to renovation and design. Whether it's a diamond in the rough or a grand design plan with a small budget, these two can't say no. Throughout the series, Heather and James bring their extensive renovation and design expertise to the table to create unique spaces all over Los Angeles. When all the unexpected problems are resolved and the projects are complete, the spaces are true award winners.

Staged to Perfection (Premieres: Saturday, June 1, at 5 p.m.)
In Staged to Perfection, Los Angeles-based designer Meridith Baer, owner of the largest home-staging company in the world, and her team of 18 designers stage luxury properties that have stalled on the market. With her exquisite style, a 90,000 square-foot warehouse filled with decorative pieces ranging from priceless antiques to flea market finds and five moving crews, Meridith transforms each client's empty home to look its absolute best in hopes it will sell at top market value.

Power Broker (Premieres: Tuesday, July 23, at 9 p.m.)
Real estate expert Mike Aubrey and general contractor Juan Barbieri help homeowners get their new home at a dream price in HGTV's Power Broker. In each episode, Mike tours several fixer-uppers, foreclosures and short-sales with his clients and shows them the best buying strategies to get a great deal, while Juan develops a unique floor plan and design for the newly purchased home with a limited budget. With the money saved by purchasing a place that needs some work, the new homeowners can turn their fixer-upper into a dream home.

Competition Series

HGTV Star (Premieres: Sunday, June 9, at 8 p.m)
HGTV Star offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an undiscovered virtuoso to win his or her own show on HGTV. Each week host and mentor David Bromstad oversees the competitors as they participate in unexpected creative challenges to showcase their talents. One by one, the finalists are voted out of the competition by a panel of expert judges -- Vern Yip, Genevieve Gorder and Sabrina Soto -- until one winner stands victorious. The winner and their new series will be featured in the November/December issue of HGTV Magazine.

Brother vs. Brother (Premieres Sunday, July 21, at 10 p.m)
Property Brothers stars, twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott, battle it out on HGTV's newest competition series, Brother vs. Brother. In this six-episode series, Jonathan and Drew each mentor a team of six home improvement experts. Each week, the contestants, who are skilled home renovators and decorators, compete in various challenges to find out if they've succeeded in upping the real estate value of the property. Along the way, Drew and Jonathan coach each contestant, but only one will be recognized as the most promising home improvement expert and win the $50,000 grand prize.

Breezy's Recap...
There is something about looking at other people's homes, and imagining what your will be like someday that almost everyone can relate to. I do not watch HGTV all the time, but I love learning new tricks to make something old look new, or to give something a new flair. Me and My cousin can tell you everything to look for design wise in our future homes, because we have watched episode after episode of HGTV series telling us what that is. The new shows set to premiere this summer look wonderful, and they are that perfect combination of surprise and home design/renovation that I think the hard cor HGTV fans will love to watch. I am excited to watch flip or flop since, I have always wanted to flip houses as a side job. How about you, what will you be watching? Anything on HGTV that appeals to you? Would you like a review of something? Let me know in the comments!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hulu and Hulu Plus Host Their 2013 New Fronts... Reality, Scripted and Soaps Galore

For web savvy individuals under 35, Hulu and Hulu Plus have are bookmarked on our computers and a primary way to watch the television shows you didn’t have time to watch the night before. Therefore with the increase in original programming, and expanded deal with the networks, it is no surprise that Hulu Plus subscriptions passed the 4 million mark. With four new original series, and several exclusive series set to debut this year, I am positive that Hulu will continue to grow with content and in viewers and subscribers.


The Awesomes is an animated show for adults that combines the thrills of comic book storytelling with the irreverent and inspired comedy that is the hallmark of show co-creators Seth Meyers (“SNL”) and Michael Shoemaker (“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”). It is the story about the greatest superhero team in history, The Awesomes, and what happens after all the most powerful members leave. The team is led by the possibly under-qualified Professor Doctor Awesome, voiced by Meyers, who is determined to bring these funny-if-flawed superheroes to glory. Meyers and Shoemaker called upon their many friends in the comedy world to voice the characters, including some of “Saturday Night Live’s” most celebrated cast and alumni Kenan Thompson, Bill Hader, and Taran Killam. Ten (10) episodes.

Quick Draw is a comedic half-hour western set in 1875 that centers on a Harvard-educated sheriff and his quest to introduce the emerging science of forensics to an unruly Kansas town. Though the citizens of Great Bend, Kansas are generally unimpressed with Sheriff Hoyle’s (Lehr) educational pedigree, they come to appreciate his sharp mind and sharper shooting as he and his reluctant Deputy Eli (Nick Brown) hunt down robbers, murderers, and the dangerous riff-raff that have plagued the town for years. Eight (8) episodes.

Behind the Mask takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes adventure into the colorful and never-before-seen world of sports mascots. Through the eyes of four dedicated performers at the high school, college, minor league and NBA pro levels, Behind the Mask takes an authentic look at the sports world’s most unsung heroes. Funny, entertaining, and at times poignant, this show tells the moving stories of these real-life Clark Kents, capturing their highs and lows, both inside and outside the suit. Ten (10) episodes.

The series centers on Sam (Baynton), and Phil (Corden), two lowly office workers who become caught up in a deadly criminal conspiracy after Sam discovers a ringing phone at the scene of a horrific car crash. Answering this phone turns his world upside down, as he and Phil soon realize it’s up to them to step up and save the day. They are in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong skills. They are The Wrong Mans. Six (6) episodes.


The series follows the journey of two soldiers as they return to their families after 17 years in an enemy prison. Uri and Nimrode struggle to fit back into society and viewers watch as each makes an effort to restore old relationships and initiate new relationships. As they attempt to start their lives free from captivity, they go through a number of examinations and questionings by a military psychologist. Before long it is discovered that their stories do not match and an undercover investigation ensues. At the same time of this investigation, Uri and Nimrode are on a quest for answers tied to their own captivity. In the second season, the secret continues to be unraveled, but more mystery and unanswered questions are now added to the equation. Fourteen (14) episodes.

East Los High is not your typical high school. Dance, sex, romance and mystery are at the heart of this inner city school in East L.A. where two teenage cousins, Jessie, a 16-year-old virgin, and Maya, a troubled runaway with a violent past, fall in love with Jacob, a popular football player. With this forbidden love triangle, Maya, Jessie and Jacob, along with their close friends, must face true-to-life decisions throughout a turbulent year that will mark their lives forever. A Hulu Exclusive Series, “East Los High” features an all Latino cast, director, writers and creators—many hailing from East L.A. More than 15 leading public health organizations such as Advocates for Youth, Voto Latino, California Family Health Council and Legacy LA, among others, advised on the scripts and content to address teen issues related to relationships and sexuality in a meaningful way. Twenty-Four (24) episodes.

Moone Boy, is a warm family comedy series about a young boy growing up in a chaotic and creative household in late 1980s Ireland. A semi-autobiographical series written by and starring Chris O’Dowd (“Bridesmaids,” “Girls”) as the imaginary friend of 11-year-old Martin, the youngest child in the large, loud Moone family. Headed by Martin’s songwriter father, who longs to be an artist and his frazzled mother, this is a family with a lot of love where everyone tends to pull in different directions. Martin has a unique view of life, dealing with enterprising school bullies with the help of his imaginary friend, who also narrates his adventures. But while most boys would dream up a superhero sidekick, Martin’s pal is a man in his mid-30s with the most common name in Ireland. Six (6) episodes.

Mother Up! is a 13-episode, half-hour animated comedy series chronicling the misguided attempts at parenthood of Rudi Wilson (Eva Longoria), a disgraced former music exec, as she transitions from the towers of Manhattan to the carpool line of suburbia, where she finds herself alone and hopelessly underequipped to manage her two kids and new life. Bringing her street smarts and urban lifestyle to the suburbs, Rudi confronts the endless challenges of parenthood with a series of misguided improvised solutions, putting her life on the line like never before. Thirteen (13) episodes.


All My Children and One Life to Live (PREMIERED APRIL 29TH 2013)
Hulu is proud to premiere new daily, half hour episodes of two of the longest running, storied, and respected TV franchises: All My Children and One Life To Live. All My Children revolves around the lives of the residents of fictional Pine Valley. For nearly forty years, this town has seen the trials and tribulations of its dynamic families. One Life to Live follows the complicated lives of three main families: the wealthy Lords, the powerful Buchanans and the strong-willed Cramers. The quiet simplicity of small town living is often interrupted by the drama between them yet despite the struggles, strong family bonds keep them united.


The High Road
The High Road is a series of short films starring renowned chef, restaurateur, author, and television personality Mario Batali. Each episode features a celebrity or interesting personality who joins Mario for insightful, candid conversation and a unique adventure to unexpected locales in Mario’s beloved New York City.

Sundays at the Greek
Sundays at the Greek is a weekly music series featuring some of the best bands in the world performing live from “America’s Best Small Outdoor Venue” in the heart of beautiful Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California. Hosted by Carson Daly, each episode features a concert experience complete with backstage access: full song live performances, interviews with the bands, behind-the-scenes features, celebrity fans and much more. This is concert television like you’ve never seen it before!

Money Where Your Mouth Is
A new comedic game show for the man’s man that takes all that great man knowledge your wives and girlfriends deem “useless”, and put it to good use for trumping buddies and snagging their most prized possessions. It’s The Man Show meets MTV’s Remote Control with a little Pawn Stars sprinkled on top.

Love 15 (Alloy show)
A magical, heartfelt series about a middle class, Latino girl who has a scholarship to an elite Prep School. As she approaches her Quinceanera, she battles the “Sweet 16″ politics of friendships, boyfriends, and the wealthier Mean Girl “Heathers” in her class.

Breezy's Recap.....
I have been watching some of my favorite television shows on hulu for the last two years, and last year I took the bullet and got a hulu plus subscription too. For a television buff like me this was the perfect solution, to the new age problem, which do you watch when three of your shows are on at the same time? I am soooo thankful to prospect park and hulu for airing new episodes of my favorite soaps, it has been the highlight of my year so far, and I watch every morning before heading to class. I am excited to see East Los High, the feel of which reminds me of a mix of Degrassi and South of Nowhere. I like most things that come out of Alloy so Love 15, will most definitely get at least 1 shot. The Wrong Mans and behind the mask both seem like two shows that would be thrilling entertainment. Hulu has become a leader in these new types of “web series”, and I am very excited as to what they will continue to come up with. So what will you be watching? Anything sound good to you on hulu? Anything you want me to check out and review, before you waste your time? Let me know in the comments!

Episodes Of The Kardashians Can Stop Repeating 5 Times A Week, E! Network Announces New Shows At Their 2013 E! Network Upfronts

The Kardashians can stop playing double duty, filling up all the holes in the E! network scheduling , due to lack of content. At the E! network upfronts, the Pop culture power house unveiled 6 brand new shows, at least nine specials and a multitude of original programming including; comedy, reality and scripted. Unlike last year, E! Network seems determined to launch a scripted original program before this time next year. With nearly all reality shows declining in the rating it would be safe to say that scripted television is making a comeback and E intends to hop on board. Earlier this year E! closed a multimillion dollar deal to keep the KARDASHIAN/ JENNER Clan, which has the become the heart of the E! network, on the airwaves until at least 2015. Looking at what is being promoted in its development slate, I feel comfortable predicting that the race to best original programming will be between E! and Bravo, both of which pushed heavy development slates and a range of new series during their respective upfronts.


This new half-hour series will chronicle the personal and professional lives of the edgy pop music powerhouse, The Wanted, who has already taken the world by storm. Viewers will see an unfiltered look inside the world of the chart-topping UK pop band as they head to sunny California to record their third album, gear up for their new US & Europe tour later in 2013 and solidify their top ranking on American pop music charts, along with their surprising dynamics and interpersonal relationships.

Revealing the real women behind the WWE Divas for the first time, this new one-hour series proves that the drama is even bigger when the sexy superstars step outside the ring. “Total Divas” goes inside the personal lives of these glitzy, glamorous celebrities who entertain sold-out crowds in arenas around the world and are adored by millions of fans.

This new series showcases the most influential names in pop culture in their own words. We love them for what they bring to our world, and how they have helped define pop culture and captured the collective zeitgeist. These are the people who, as leaders in their respective fields, have taken their fame and gone in new directions to become influencers across a wide range of topics, and who inspire others to do the same. The first episode of "Pop Innovators" will offer an in-depth look at the life and career of from his point of view and will also feature interviews with other celebrities that he's influenced most.

From Khlo√© & Lamar to Kendra & Hank, E! has followed the romantic celebrity relationships of popular athletes and their gorgeous companions for years. The new "Love and Other Contact Sports" franchise will take viewers inside the confines of even more celebrity/athlete romances starting with country/pop singer Jessie James and her fianc√©, Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker whose wedding is quickly approaching. The series will chronicle the sexy young couple’s road to the altar as they juggle careers, relationships, family and more. Currently residing in their Denver dream home, they share an ambition to succeed, a charmingly fun and unfiltered outlook on life, and most of all, a red hot attraction for each other. Produced by Shed Media U.S.

As the ultimate pop culture fan forum, this new interactive talk show is hosted by the super fan himself, Ross Mathews. Fans will have the unique opportunity to share their opinion on all the latest in pop culture, debate the most buzzworthy topics and come face to face with their favorite celebrities. From Borderline Amazing Productions.

This news series will feature a team of experts and celebrity contributors discussing all things fashion, beauty and design.


There is nothing more buzzworthy in Hollywood these days than celeb parents and their star tots who fill the pages of weekly magazines. In this one-hour special hosted by Melissa Rycroft, E! explores how the stars are heralding stork visits, from preparing luxurious nurseries, to exotic and ultra-pricey "babymoons,” to dazzling "push presents," outrageous celebrity baby and toddler gifts, and more. If it is hot in the world of celebrity mommyhood, you'll find out about it here. From Comcast Entertainment Studios.

Sexy actor, singer and TV personality Nick Cannon has a big surprise. Grateful to his grandparents who helped raise him, Cannon shows his appreciation with a surprise home makeover. Through the process, the star will share childhood memories, photos and videos as the audience gets an intimate look back at his life. But will his highly opinionated grandmother, actually like what he does with her place? There's only one way to find out.

Holly Madison just took on the biggest role of her life when she became a mommy to a baby girl she named Rainbow Aurora Rotella. In this one-hour Mother's Day special, viewers will follow Holly to the hospital for the big event, and share in all she did to prepare for her new arrival with boyfriend Pasquale Rotella. Then, we're invited home with the trio as they share with us exactly what the future holds for Holly and her new family, including the possibility of wedding bells.

Simon Cowell said he would be huge, Lady Gaga said he's "a freakin' superstar," and Jordin Sparks calls him, boyfriend. He was well on his way to the top when an injury sidelined his career, and could have nearly ended his life. This half-hour special is a turbulent ride with Derulo as he battles his way back from injury. With never-before-seen footage and exclusive behind-the-scenes access, we'll uncover the real man behind the persona of music royalty's newest member.

Days before the premiere of their highly anticipated new E! series, Seacrest is sitting down with the bad boys of pop, and no topic is off limits. Discussing their music, rock star lifestyles and their much-buzzed-about personal lives, The Wanted open up to Seacrest in this new one-hour special.

The Hatfields and McCoys had nothing on some of Hollywood's biggest and most explosive feuds, and this one-hour special pulls out all the stops to reveal the gritty details of what went down between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean, Halle Berry's ex and her current squeeze, Kelsey and Camille, and many, many more. From Comcast Entertainment Studios.

Giuliana Rancic is sitting down with the sexy actress and TV personality who has helped make Dancing with the Stars one of today’s biggest television sensations. Opening up about her career, family and personal life, Burke shares her ups, downs and everything in between with Giuliana from her home in Los Angeles.

Beyond the red carpet and behind the security gates lies a forbidden Hollywood that only the rich and famous know about …until now. "Secret Societies of Hollywood" is a two-hour documentary that will expose the cults, cabals and underground clubs that exist in today’s entertainment industry.

What is it like to be 50 Cent? One lucky super fan gets to find out. This special captures 50 hours with 50 Cent as one of his biggest fans gets to spend exactly that amount of time with him. Viewers will experience over two full days with this iconic rapper, entrepreneur and businessman as he enters global promotional mode leading up to the release of his newest album.

A new experiment in storytelling from Executive Producer Ashley Tisdale, these specials will feature celebrities picking a member of their inner circle (a trusted friend, family member or close confidant) to tell their real story and to ask the questions. More conversation than interview, it’s an emotionally charged journey where the celebrities let their guards down, open up and have fun with someone from their “inner circle.”


This series chronicles the personal and professional lives of premier families at the top of their game in world renowned wine country, Sonoma Valley. Featuring Envolve Winery’s Ben Flajnik (“The Bachelor”), Mike and Kate Benziger, Danny and Collette Fay, and B.R. Cohn Winery’s Vallerie and Tasha Cohn, the series goes inside the day-to-day drama that comes from living in a small town, working with friends and family, as well as being local and national celebrities.

Docu-soap that goes inside the high-stakes world of gambling and follows four of the top female poker players as they live together, travel the world and compete to win millions.

Through the eyes of the outrageous family who lives there and the staff that run it, this new docusoap takes viewers inside a unique, luxurious world filled with eccentric personalities and gives viewers a glimpse into a jaw dropping, elaborate 24,000-square-foot family estate in upstate New York that boasts an authentic English pub, Balinese wellness spa and perfectly heated lawn that is designed to keep the paws of the family’s 35 dogs warm year-round.

This self-contained competition elimination series pits up-and-coming photographers against one another. In each episode, the photographers are given a real world challenge with real clients from the world of pop culture, who expect an amazing photo to sell their brand, talent or idea. Each week the winning photographer will get the exposure that could help launch their career.

Set in Miami, this new docusoap follows the personal and professional lives of a group of hot, successful real estate agents at the top of their game as they juggle a world where business always mixes with pleasure.

"The Soup Investigates" is a new spin-off series of E!’s popular comedy franchise “The Soup” that will answer all the questions that pop culture fans never thought to ask, and then some. How DOES that rose get from the grower's field to The Bachelor's hand just in time for the all important rose ceremony? What is life like inside the fascinating world of the “Mother Duckers,” the families who make their living creating duck callers who WEREN’T cast in “Duck Dynasty”? Host Joel McHale and our investigative reporters will be working around the clock to get to the truth, or at least a very plausible facsimile thereof.


In this drama about a young woman returns to her dysfunctional, extended family in Laurel Canyon with her son after hearing her rock-star legend father has passed away. Based on Croner’s experience of growing up in the Hollywood Hills,

A darkly psychological re-telling of "The Prince & the Pauper" set behind the scenes of one of Hollywood's most famous actresses, who, tired of the spotlight, runs away in search of a normal life. Desperate, her family   secretly hires a look-a-like to step into the star's glamorous world and high profile career --- only to have the doppelganger slowly lose herself in the process of becoming someone else.

A young, prolific songwriter of some of the best love songs struggles to find love in her personal life after her inspiration is revealed to be a lie.

From writer Ron Bass (Oscar winning writer of Rain Man, Sleeping with the Enemy), inspired by the classic Dickens work, a soap about a morally corrupt family in the diamond business set in New York City.

The golden child of a small coastal town in South Carolina returns home to see that a major Hollywood prime time soap, The Shore Line Yacht Club, is the biggest employer in town. An enormous class divide separates the cast and producers from the townspeople, yet their lives are now continuously and irrevocably intertwined – for better or for worse.

From Keith Eisner (The Good Wife, Law & Order), Jason Markarian and John Mirabella, a dark comedy centering on a blue collar guy from south Boston who gets scouted to be a model in Miami. Life gets turned upside down when his two best friends join him and see his new life as a way to expand their criminal activities.

Framed for a drug deal by a friend from his hard-partying days, society Golden Boy Michael Baron becomes a criminal informant and is at the mercy of the police. He bounces between his privileged west side of Los Angeles existence and the case he is forced to work in the slums. But his dark past gives Michael some leverage over his fate, and he makes a dangerous deal that could clear his name. Or get him killed.

Part fairy tale, part cautionary tale, this contemporary family ensemble is steeped in all of the regal opulence of the British Monarchy and framed by Shakespeare’s Hamlet. It’s a tale of men and women corrupted by power, wealth and desire while looking at the nature of celebrity from a Royals’ point of view.

The KARDASHIAN/ JENNER Clan return June 2nd to the E! network!

Breezy's Recap.....
I know that I am one of the few that actually like the Kardashians (my favorite is Khloe ) and i am excited to see how adding more jenners to the show will affect the family as a whole. I am sure that all of this new family interaction will play out for multiple seasons, and hopefully before they family leaves reality TV for good, Khloe and Lamar will have a baby. I have to admit that none of the new upcoming reality shows have caught my interest. The scripted dramas on the other hand are a different story, I am really excited for most of the shows that are in development on the E! network. Hopefully this year unlike last year, this copious amount of scripted shows will lead to at least one of them getting a series order. I am crossing my fingers. How about you, what are you excited for on E!? Do you know what you will be watching? Let me know in the comments!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The MILITARY CHANNEL Marches In New Content At The 2013 Military Channel Upfronts

The Military Channel announced five new original series during the Discovery Communications Upfronts. The new crops of shows seem to fit right at home on the Military Channel. Against the Odd’s appears to be the highlight of the development season, it features first person accounts of battle from the soldiers who survived. The Military Channel is the only on television for everything to do with warfare, battles, new technology, and stored about the soldiers that fight to keep our nation safe.

New Original Series…..

The Military Channel presents an emotional and awe-inspiring new original series that tells the stories of an outnumbered group of soldiers whom have found themselves in life or death situation with all the cards stacked against them. Their enemy is larger, stronger, and determined to win, but our band of brothers must pool their resources and summon the strength to mount the seemingly inconceivable mission of overcoming their aggressors. AGAINST THE ODDS showcases the greatest, most unbelievable and awe-inspiring "mission impossible" stories of unparalleled heroism and strength in the face of seemingly insurmountable adversity.

GUNSLINGERS immerses viewers in the true stories behind the original soldiers who roamed the Wild West. Many of the names are familiar - Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Wild Bill Hickok, Doc Holliday - but much of what we think we know about them is based more on legend than on fact. Each episode of GUNSLINGERS is action-packed, providing viewers with little-known takeaway information about the lives and backgrounds of the infamous generals as they navigate their way through a series of pivotal showdowns in a volatile world, where death was lurking around every corner.

The soldiers and everyday heroes in Hollywood action films seem almost superhuman - they dodge bullets on the battlefield, take out the bad guys on the street and save the damsel in distress. Of course, they're just movie characters. So who are the real heroes of history? In each new episode of the Military Channel's new series DIE HARD HISTORY, viewers meet an amazing variety of "badasses" who changed the course of history - from the unsung heroes of war, to the average Joe's - all who risked their lives, braved certain death, or tuned the tide of battle.

From Chile to Afghanistan, CIA: DECLASSIFIED tells the real stories of the CIA's covert operations, drawing from the declassification of documents which have been released over the last twenty years. Every episode uncovers a new, hidden secret from hundreds of newly declassified documents, including a preview of the CIA manual on how to conduct assassinations, and explores a variety of must-know topics, such as how the CIA's top secret Special Activities Division tracked down a vicious Al Qaeda terrorist in Somalia, and how a mild-mannered American living in Chile was in fact a CIA commander responsible for overthrowing the Chilean government.

Was the sacrifice of an entire generation worldwide an avoidable or a necessary tragedy? Are the roots of World War II to be found in the devastation of World War I and the Treaty of Versailles? In this all new series, the Military Channel seeks to address such questions, drawing from over 300 hours of archival footage and tracing the journeys of the civilians and soldiers across the world, anonymous or well-known, who fought for survival in this unprecedented period in human history, both heroic and barbaric.


Returning Specials and Series…..

COMMANDER IN CHIEF: INSIDE THE OVAL OFFICE is a gripping television event that reveals the untold stories behind the critical military decisions in different presidencies.

Breezy’s Recap…

This is not a station I am familiar with and I don’t have any real interest in watching anything that was announced at their upfronts. That being said, if anyone wants me to try and keep this updated in regards to premiere dates and times let me know in the comments. What about you, do you like the military channel? What will you are watching? Let me know in the comments.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Animal Planet Has New Shows And Wild Entertainment.... See What's Up At The 2013 Animal Planet Upfronts

Animal Planet is riding high on a good ratings season, which launched pushed it to become a top 20 cable network. In 2013-2014 Animal Planet will bring back 20 returning series, and at least 11 new series.  Animal Planet has seemed to have found its niche blending human and wild, and allowing all the series to have human characteristics. From monsters to whales, fishing to polar bears animal planet has something for the animal lover in all of us. Animal Planet’s newest star, pro wrestler Eric Young will be a lead on the new series Off the Hook.  Animal Planet will be sure to live up to being a top 20 cable network.


Deep in Alaska’s wilderness, Billy and Ami Brown, along with their seven children, thrive by living off the grid alongside some of the world’s most dangerous animals while they endure the harsh climate and challenging terrain. In ALASKA BUSH FAMILY, viewers get an inside look at the Browns’ unorthodox way of life and discover how they survive in such a remote and often life-threatening environment but wouldn’t live any other way.

ANIMAL BFFs tells the irresistible stories of odd couples from the animal kingdom. They say opposites attract, and there’s nothing cuter than the moment when friends from different species meet for the first time. Each tale begins with the story of how these creatures met and follows them on a journey that reveals surprising truths about their unusual friendships. Whether these fuzzy pals are taking their first trips across the yard or conspiring to steal food from the kitchen together, ANIMAL BFFs’ tongue-in-cheek narration brings out the drama, comedy and occasional romantic connections that occur along the way.

In CATCH AND RELEASE, five of the world’s most elite, thrill-seeking survivalists come together to do just that: playing a “game” that puts their skills to the ultimate test. Each survivalist has a different background: there’s a Green Beret; a former Navy SEAL; two survival-school instructors; and a primitive-skills expert. Each is captured one at a time by the other four, is dropped in one of the world’s harshest environments and has a maximum of 100 hours to find his way back to civilization, alive and unscathed, or he loses the game. It’s man against nature (and his four best friends) as each action-packed, dramatic episode of CATCH AND RELEASE crisscrosses the globe – from dense jungles to frigid glaciers – to match wits in this game of survival. And with reputations and bragging rights on the line, do these guys have what it takes to survive the ultimate challenge?

Whether it’s a lion, tiger or bear, no grooming design is too crazy for dog groomer extraordinaire Angela Kumpe. The Arkansas groomer specializes in outrageous transformations, and her “my-way-or-the-highway” attitude combined with her amazing skill has all of the South talking and her ornery employees squabbling. Kumpe lets her imagination run wild to fulfill the requests of her demanding clients who have very colorful imaginations. No request is too outrageous, but things can get crazy when Fido enters the shop as an ordinary dog and comes out looking like a bumblebee!

Animal Planet has found its next big catch. This time, it’s the not the size that matters. This new series follows teams of New England fishermen as they search for the elusive elver eel, a lucrative fish that is a delicacy across many Asian countries. The price of elver eels, once at $50 per pound, has skyrocketed to an unprecedented $2,600 per pound with the industry earning more than $40 million during the 2012 season. Elver eels, which look almost like cellophane noodles, may be tiny, but they can bring a potential windfall to those few lucky fishermen who can obtain an eel-fishing permit in Maine. Now, the second leading industry in Maine behind lobstering, EEL OF FORTUNE (wt) captures the outrageous adrenaline rush and sleepless nights of the eelers who have a “golden ticket” as they embark on their daily journey to capture as many elver eels as they can.

Animal Planet’s ICE COLD GOLD spotlights a spirited team of miners who are among the first Americans to prospect for precious metals and gems in parts of Greenland where humans never have set foot before. The six-part series follows eight men who leave behind their families, friends and homeland to strike it rich against all odds while they struggle to survive against the harshest of conditions. Greenland’s a veritable beast, but the motley crew of ICE COLD GOLD miners is up for the challenge. Each thinks he has what it takes to walk away with gold, rubies and sapphires before winter and large mining companies swoop in. What transpires as the miners cope with the unpredictable, harsh unknown? Are they humbled by their journey? Do their personalities get in the way? Most importantly, do they strike ICE COLD GOLD?

In MY TINY TERROR, Animal Planet’s small dog trainer travels the country and trains some of the naughtiest and tiniest dogs. While these teacup pups may look sweet, they’re causing mayhem in their owners’ homes. From incessant yapping at strangers to ankle bites that end with hospitalization, our expert has seen it all. He helps families on the verge of giving up these small nightmares and restores harmony to these homes.

It takes a special type of person to live with bears, and the townspeople of Churchill in Manitoba, Canada live with thousands of polar bears year round. In POLAR BEAR CROSSING, the residents of Churchill have chosen to accept these unpredictable creatures as their aggressive neighbors, but their lives are shaped by the “tides” of the migrating bears. Knowing danger could be lurking around the corner, the residents of Churchill are outnumbered two to one by polar bears, so they’ve learned to co-exist with them by braving frequent attacks and living their lives.

TOP HOOKER is an in-your-face, full-throttle competition series that pits 10 expert fishermen against one another in a series of wild, never-before-seen fishing challenges. Unlikely competitors from a fearless harpoon gun-wielding woman to a South-African bodybuilder, the contestants struggle through countless off-the-hook challenges with the hope of being crowned TOP HOOKER and winning the $30,000 bounty! It's a nautical game of catch and release. Who can catch a spot in the next round - and who’s going to be thrown back home?

TREEHOUSE MASTERS has viewers climbing to a majestic world up in the treetops with visionary and tree whisperer Pete Nelson as he designs private escapes for those with a passion to reconnect with nature and awaken their inner child. Designing multi-bedroom dream tree houses complete with functional plumbing and electricity to simple, one-room lofts, Pete goes out on a limb to create breathtaking realities for a host of clientele. However, creating these fantasy arboreal homes doesn’t come easy. Pete and his team of designers and carpenters, including son Charlie, must endure Mother Nature’s shifty antics, dangerous construction equipment and dizzy heights in order to build these sanctuaries. In addition to building these hideaways, Pete, along with his wife, Judy, and daughter, Emily, own and operate TreeHouse Point, a bed and breakfast in Washington, to where people can escape their modern-day realities. In TREEHOUSE MASTERS, Pete brings people closer to nature one tree at a time.  

Expert cave diver Curt Bowen and his team of intrepid explorers are on a deadly quest to explore and find the answers to history’s buried secrets that are submerged in underwater caves across the globe. But finding the answers could cost them their lives. The truth they seek is deep underground in a haunting, alien landscape few humans ever have seen. Traveling to the farthest corners of the globe and following a trail of evidence that leads them ever deeper into the silent, deadly world that lies below, Curt and his team risk it all beneath the Earth’s surface. The beauty they encounter is matched only by the danger they must face as they journey into the UNDERWORLD


MONSTER WEEK is back this spring with all-new stories and exciting revelations that introduces Animal Planet viewers to legendary and frightening creatures. Giving behind-the-scene access to monster hunters and their hunts, MONSTER WEEK,a week-long adventure, digs deep into our fascination with the unknown. Not to be missed – check out RIVER MONSTERS’ season finale as host Jeremy Wade looks for the legendary Loch Ness Monster, and tune in to the network premiere of MONSTER SQUID: THE GIANT IS REAL, a first-of-its-kind special that highlights the most ambitious search ever mounted to find the greatest mystery of the deep – the giant squid. Stay tuned for DEVOURED: MAN-EATING SUPER SNAKE RETURNS and MAN-EATING SUPER SQUID, and prepare for an apocalypse of creatures invading beaches, attacking boats and ambushing humans like never before.

PRIMATE PLANET introduces viewers to our extraordinary, colorful and fascinating extended family scattered across the globe. Primates are our closest relatives, yet we know so little about their peculiar lifestyles and behaviors. Getting up close and personal with black-eyed lemurs, patas monkeys and olive baboons in Africa; slow lorises, red-shanked doucs and orangutans in Asia; and titi monkeys, red uakaris and tufted capuchins in South America, this three-part series reveals the beauty and diversity among primates.

Animal Planet’s pup-culture phenomenon PUPPY BOWL returns on Super Bowl Sunday™ with a very special all-star, all-adorable cast that's itching to play in a winning combination of terrier tackles, canine touchdowns, puppy penalties and Fido first downs. This year's big game marks the 10th Anniversary of the PUPPY BOWL franchise and features the cutest, furry puppy players to ever hit the grand gridiron. Iconic fan favorites including the water-bowl cam, Kitty Half-Time Show and @MeepTheBird return to the field to celebrate the biggest game in puppy athleticism.

In every corner of the Earth, weird and wonderful animals swarm together in massive congregations. SWARM CHASERS (wt) showcases some of the most extraordinary natural events on Earth, including one-and-a-half million bats that emerge nightly from their home beneath the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, TX, and the 100- million crabs that turn Australia’s Christmas Island red during their annual swarm. Scientist George McGavin sets out to learn what drives creatures to flock together.

Twice the size of Texas, Alaska is America's largest state, but with a population of about one person per square mile, it is also home to America's largest wilderness frontier. In WILD ALASKA, travel to this ancient and remote land where each day is a fight for survival for the animals and people who inhabit it. In the Arctic north, join the largest concentration of polar bears on the planet as they scavenge for food on land while they wait for the ocean to freeze and seals to arrive. On the southern coast, witness the uneasy relationships between grey wolves and brown bears, two of Alaska's top predators, as they fight for prime position before the annual salmon run. Visit Denali, an area located in the shadow of North America's tallest mountain, for a rare glance at the remarkable Arctic ground squirrel, the only mammal that can cool its temperature below zero and still survive.


The search is on for AMERICA’S CUTEST CAT, and if you’re kitty crazy, this show will certainly have you saying "awww." America’s Cutest Cat highlights the extremely cute, hilarious and ridiculous antics of cats across the web-o-sphere in three episodes. The competition is fierce as these ferocious felines scratch their way to the top. The adorable series counts down the top-five videos in pre-determined categories, such as “Tuckered Tabbies” and “Cats and the Cradle.” Trusty Animal Planet personalities and feline experts provide competition commentary to tackle the cuteness debate and crown a winner.

Calling all puppy lovers, AMERICA’S CUTEST DOG is back on Animal Planet with some serious cuteness. There are thousands of videos of puppies on the Internet, but this series highlights the extremely cute and cuddly antics of puppies across the web-o-sphere in three episodes. The pups are gnawing on the biggest treat of them all: the prestigious title of AMERICA’S CUTEST DOG. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and this adorable series counts down the top-five videos in pre-determined categories, such as “Paw Pals” and “Pups at Play.”

For the past three decades, Turtleman has been diving into Kentucky's murkiest ponds in search of feisty snapping turtles capable of biting through bone. Turtleman has the uncanny ability to catch monster-snapping turtles and other pesky critters with his bare hands and to return them into the wild unscathed. Now busier than ever, Turtleman and his crew of backwoods buddies, featuring banjo-toting Neal James, are back to protect Kentucky homes and businesses from new and even wilder varmints including coyotes, llamas, venomous snakes, pigeons, skunks, raccoons and even bulls! And with winter quickly approaching, a little cold weather isn't going to stop this turtle team from seeking out critters in new and exotic locations.

The team uses unconventional methodologies and new technologies to lure the creature from behind the shadows to get physical video and/or audio evidence to prove that there is a community of these sasquatches among us! The intrepid cast of investigators – Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) president Matt Moneymaker, researchers James “Bobo” Fay and Cliff Barackman, and skeptical scientist Ranae Holland – has traveled across the U.S. and followed up on evidence and first-hand eyewitness accounts. Now, the cast continues its international searches and re-visits some of the “squatchier” locations to uncover startling evidence of the mysterious and highly intelligent enigma that has eluded capture for centuries and fascinated man for just as long.

GATOR BOYS follows the death-defying exploits of Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle, two extraordinary alligator trappers who risk injury and death to hand capture nuisance alligators that have invaded the backyards, swimming pools and businesses of Florida residents. Their ultimate goal is to take alligators out of harm’s way before they are captured by trappers who kill the animals and sell them for their skins and meat. It takes serious skill to get face to face with these deadly creatures, and they do it all for the love of the alligators. Paul is known for his commanding personality and his ability to swim under water with minimal tools and to capture unsuspecting gators. Giving him the unmatched ability to handle nearly any dangerous reptile with ease, Jimmy has been wrestling alligators since he was 11 years old.

For some, monsters are fictional creatures that only live within the pages of storybooks; for others, they are the life-threatening parasites that hijack human bodies. MONSTERS INSIDE ME returns to Animal Planet to recount the harrowing dramas of people infected by deadly parasites as doctors and scientists try to unravel each case before it’s too late. Lurking in the shadows of our bodies and showing no mercy, these monsters live among us. Explaining how each parasite finds its perfect host, Dan Riskin, zoologist and biologist, returns as the host of the series.

The Cat Daddy is back! which test his feline knowledge and may teach this seasoned cat man some new tricks. When it comes to fiery felines and their overwhelmed owners, anything is possible, and Galaxy is on a mission to help find the sources of conflict between humans and their furry friends. This season's gamut of calamitous cat cases includes felines that can't control their bladders, kitty turf wars, cat mood swings and a ferocious feline that does severe damage to its 95-year-old owner.

LAWFollow Maine's elite game-warden service in an all-new season of NORTH WOODS LAW as it navigates the rugged and vast terrain of the Pine Tree State. For the wardens, each punch of the time clock is a ticket to extreme danger and drama as undercover stings and intense rescues are all in a day’s work. Whether they're tracking and catching dangerous poachers, investigating mysterious crimes or attempting daring and dramatic rescues, these wardens risk life and limb to protect animals and to serve the people of Maine.

The ultimate fishing road-trip series featuring professional wrestler Showtime Eric Young continues! Young, an avid yet novice outdoorsman, gets out of the ring and turns in his tights for some tackle. He’s on the adventure of a lifetime to hear, smell and taste big and small stories of those that got away. Using all sorts of unique bait, tackle, poles and transportation, Young is the makeshift MacGyver of fishing while he learns the best and most unique techniques as he crisscrosses the country to try his hand at various fishing practices, ranging from wildly dangerous to all-out weird! During his quest, he learns an interesting array of intricate and industrious methods used by some of America’s fishing masterminds. Young embraces odd, local traditions practiced for decades and centuries, and no matter how long it takes, how crazy it seems or how many bumps and bruises he gets along the way, Young won’t stop ‘til he catches the ultimate fish.

PIT BULLS AND PAROLEES follows Tia Maria Torres, renowned pit bull trainer and founder of Villalobos Rescue Center, as she unites pit bulls and parolees in a mission to rescue both from their troubled pasts. Last season, Tia faced her greatest challenge yet: rebuilding Villalobos after she moved the entire operation from California to New Orleans. With her family, trusted parolees and a crew of new Louisiana parolees by her side, Torres meets unexpected challenges including a deadly hurricane, but she’s pulled out all the stops and has rescued more dogs than ever in an entirely new environment. Villalobos has found a new home, and no matter what struggles the team faces, the dedication to providing rescued pit bulls with safe and loving homes is unwavering.

There may come a time when the question of what really lurks below is answered, but that time isn’t now. In the new season of RIVER MONSTERS, host, biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade takes the treacherous and mysterious to new heights with the most dangerous adventures of his lifetime. His journeys include a mission to Chernobyl’s nuclear wastelands to search for a mutant fish in a race against time to avoid radiation exposure; a trip to Nicaragua to capture an elusive killer torpedo; and a bloodthirsty quest on American soil to pursue of a prehistoric, underwater vampire.

Wayde King and Brett Raymer, co-owners of ATM (Acrylic Tank Manufacturing), the leading aquarium builders in the world, continue to take on challenges that push the limits of their outrageous fish-tank designs. The duo is accustomed to creating and constructing over-the-top tanks for a wide variety of clients including A-list celebrities, athletes and high-profile hotels and restaurants. With a new 33,800-square-foot warehouse in Las Vegas, the guys have even more space to create bigger and crazier aquariums in new episodes that premiere this spring and summer.

TOO CUTE! returns to document the coming-of-age stories of curious kittens and precious puppies. Beginning with the tentative first steps of these adorable animals, TOO CUTE! follows these cuddly creatures on their adventures to a brand-new world where cuddly knows no bounds, and fluffy reigns supreme. These furry friends are simply too lovable, too curious and TOO CUTE!

In the new season of WILD WEST ALASKA, travel to the edge of civilization where bears outnumber people, life is basic and primitive and hunting for food, protection and survival is a necessity. At Wild West Guns, the state’s largest and most successful gun shop, owner Jim West and his team build weapons for any occasion. The shop serves as the premiere stop for every Alaskan living off the grid. Whether it’s for a request for an everyday hunting trip or for an excursion deep into the Alaskan bush, a steady stream of colorful characters is sure to walk through the door. But like Jim and his team say, “In Alaska, the odds are good when the goods are odd.”


I was a girl scout for over ten years, but I have never been a nature girl or even an animal girl for that matter. I like the zoo and the aquarium but other than that, animals really do not hold my interest for very long that being said, I love the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. Whoever thought of that was a genius, and I hope he or she got a promotion. The new and returning series on animal planet definitely sound interesting, and if there is nothing else on I will definitely take a peak at what it happening on this network. I love discovery communication, but this channel is just not in my top ten most watched cable networks. What so you think, will you be watching something on Animal Planet? What's your favorite upcoming show? Let me know in the comments.