Monday, August 5, 2013

Countdown to The Fosters Wedding Event

Who knew what seemed like an almost boring family tv drama would turn into a must- see Monday night show that has grown in viewers and ratings almost every week? This modern, multi-ethnic brood consisting of two moms, several foster kids, adopted twins and one biological child, family of 5 that grew into a family of 7 overnight. This family led by two women who love with everything they have and teach by example. What easily could have turn into a preachy show about tolerance that focused solely on Stef and Lena, or an angsty teen drama, that did nothing more than open up all of the teenagers to a revolving door of partners, evolved into something much more than that. From Callie to Marianna and Jude to Jesus and Brandon each member of the Fosters has touched our hearts and made us yearn to laugh, cry, hold, kiss, scold and love them. This show has surprised us and has opened our eyes to all kinds of family. Blood does not make a family love does! As the series final approaches and most of us stay glued to our couches as The Fosters Marathon continues for hours and hours, I am taking this time to look back at some of my favorite memories and heartwarming, jaw dropping moments from the first 9 episodes.

Our Countdown

10. Callie holding and Protecting Jude, at their previous foster family house: (pilot) Heartwarming

9. Mike steps up and agrees to pay for Brandon’s piano lessons (episode 6 Saturday) Heartwarming

8. Callie and Wyatt getting along at the movies after their tiff: (episode 8 clean) Heartwarming

7. Stef telling Lena that they would make room from Callie and Jude: (pilot) heartwarming

6. Everyone finds out the Lexi is undocumented: (episode 7 The Fallout) Jaw dropping

5. Brandon admitting that he doesn't want Callie to see anyone else: (episode 5 The Morning After ) Jaw dropping

4. Marianna confesses about her birth mother to Stef and Lena, when she fears Jesus is in trouble: (episode 8 clean) favorite memories

3. Lena’s talk with Jude about his blue finger nails: (episode 5 The Morning After ) heartwarming and favorite

2. Flashback of Mike shooting an unarmed Man: (episode 9 Vigil) OMG, jaw dropping moment

1. Stef gets shot: (episode 9 Vigil) OMG, jaw dropping moment

(our bonus favorite moment:  Brandon comforting his siblings after his mom his shot) (we love this family!!!)

Whats Next: I know I can’t wait for Lena and Stef’s Wedding, I want justice for Callie and I can’t wait to see what cliff hanger the season leaves us with until January 2014, when the series returns for the second part of its 1st season

Let Us Know: Are you a Callie and Brandon fan, or do you want Callie and Jude to be adopted by the Fosters and find them a good home? Are you a fan or Marianna or has she become that character that you love to hate? Which is brother is your favorite; Jesus or Brandon? Do you want to see more of Jude next season or less? Do you have other favorite memories that you think should be added to our list? Let us know in the comments section

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