Saturday, August 31, 2013

Million Second Quiz


THE MILLION SECOND QUIZ: Will run live for exactly one million seconds (11 days, 13 hours, 46 minutes and 40 seconds). Airing every night at 8pm on NBC starting Sept. 9th through Sept. 19th, with a current stream running on the NBC network page. The Million Second Quiz is not only live, it is completely interactive, allowing the viewers to download the app and play along in hopes of being flown to New York City to become a contestant. 

WHERE IT IS: The show takes place inside The Hourglass, an hourglass-shaped structure atop a skyscraper in Manhattan. Inside the Hourglass is the Money Chair, where contestants sit to accumulate money by correctly answering more trivia questions in the Quiz Bout than the person standing across from them at the I Would Like to Sit in the Money Chair Next Please Podium

THE MONEY CHAIR: The Money Chair generates $10 per second spent in the chair. Minimum earnings for the show is $2 million, and if a contestant were able to stay in the Money Chair for the duration, his or her earnings would be $10 million. NBC boasts that this will be the biggest guaranteed pot of money in game show history.

HOW IT WORKS: A contestant will face off against the champion in the Money Chair who is earning $10 a second. They have 500 seconds to answer multiple choice questions by poking their selection on a monitor. Each right earns a point. Most right answers after 500 seconds gets in the chair. The top four earners stay in Winner’s Row until the end. 

HOW CAN I WIN: Getting the opportunity to win 10 million dollars is surprisingly simple, download the app on your phone and play till your hearts content. hopefully the producers will pick you up and bring you to New York

So watch and play every night at 8 PM only on NBC!

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