Tuesday, March 11, 2014

They're Breaking Free

(Recap and Review)


NETWORK: Lifetime
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: March 5th  2014   

SYNOPSIS: Tori getting evicted from her apartment, and Taylor filming a music video. Meanwhile, Kolby decides she doesn't want to follow in her parent's footsteps; and Megan sneaks out to a lake party after learning her dad is going to be a full-time minister


Tori Elliot *NEW*
The self proclaimed alcoholic, who doesn't come to church hungover, but rather shows up to church still drunk from the night before, and needs to throw up mid way through her fathers sermon. After church Tori gets the news that shes been evicted from her apartment and is forced to move in with her parents.
Tori Elliot (Review/ Opinion)
One of the newest preachers daughter, threatens to be more of a hell raiser than Taylor was last season. She has a serious drinking problem and from the promos looks to have a substance abuse problem as well. Currently unemployed and once again living with her parents, the Elliot family may just be the most controversial family on the show this season.Although funny and engaging, I don't think she realizes how bad she looks on tv.

"For All have Sinned and do need the glory of God." (Romans 2:23)

Taylor Coleman
A year has gone by, and Taylor is still pushing the boundaries of her parents rules and patience. Taylor wants less responsibility at church and is determined to make it in the music industry. She shoots a somewhat risque music video to her song, Forbidden, with the guy shes talking with and shows it to her parents. It does not go over well. Her parents are worried about her image and reputation.
Taylor Coleman (Review/ Opinion)
Taylor is still the same Taylor from last year. Desperately wanting freedom that she may or may not have earned, she does things designed mostly to irritate her parents. Although I found nothing too risque in her music video, showing it to her parents for the first time, in front of part of their congregation was probably not the smartest move shes ever made. It doesn't help that her father is still overacting to every temper tantrum she throws. With a health scare on the horizon maybe hell lighten up, but we doubt it.

"Even as I have seen, they that plough iniquity, and sow wickedness, reap the same," (Job 4:8)

Megan Cassidy *NEW*
It's new to the world of being a full time preachers' daughter, after her father losses his job in manufacturing an becoming a full time minister. At 17, her and her father are at odds over the length of her dresses. Smoking at the pool with her friends, she plans a secret trip to a co-ed lake party. After learning her father has lost his job and wants to be a full time minister, she just wants to make sure there is money for tanning. Megan rebels at the lake party drinking and showing skin.
Megan Cassidy (Review/ Opinion)
This rich girl is just has crazy and out there as Tori. New to the show, Megan seems to have no filter regarding what she allows the cameras to catch her doing; smoking, drinking and buying clothes like they don't cost money. She hates the attention placed on her by being the preachers daughter. Her father seemingly tries to take the firm approach with her but he fails miserably. the preview shows her father smelling weed on her clothes and demanding she take a drug test so it should be an interesting season.

"If You love me, Keep my Commandments." (John 14:15)

Kolby Kollof
Kolby has 2 parents involved in ministry. After guest starring on her mothers radio show with her father, she's gets stuck in the middle between her mother and father and the ministry. Kolby wants to go straight to college after graduating, her father wants her to do a year of ministry first, if she doesn't no money, he wont help pay for. Kolby calls a family dinner to try to his mind. Its unsuccessful.
Kolby Kollof (Review/ Opinion)
Kolby appears to be the same sweetheart, god loving child that she was last season. She may be the only Preachers' daughter, who acts like her parents would like her too. Last season it seemed like her father was the nice one and her mother was unreasonable, this season that seems to have reversed. As she prepares for the ACT's and applying to college, all she wants is the ability to go to school without having to serve a ministry first. To be honest it doesn't seem like to much to ask. Hopefully by doing this show she will be able to afford it.

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