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Revenge Marathon Seasons 1 and 2 in Review



REVENGE is the story about Amanda Clark, the daughter of a man framed for a act of treason he didn't commit, forced to live out the rest of his life in jail and ultimately destined to die in it. While serving his unjustified sentence he wrote his daughter a series of letters explaining how he was innocent and who had set him. Amanda returns to the Hamptons where her father was framed, as Emily Thorne determined to get revenge on everyone who wronged her father, or had a part in destroying his life and her childhood. Most importantly she is determined to destroy Victoria Grayson, the woman who supposedly loved her father and then when forced to decide between him and her comfortable high society life chose to betray him. 

Set in the picturesque setting of the Hamptons, REVENGE could have easily turned into a bad soapy drama, involving rich stupid people and their inability to recognize that there are consequences for their actions; kinda like Dirty Sexy Money. Instead REVENGE and its leading actress Emily Van Camp, draws you in from the very first moment and doesn’t let you go until the credits roll at the end. All it took was one take down; to make fans addicted to her heartbreaking story and her take no prisoners attitude.  With two successful seasons under its belt, it’s time to recap all that’s happened, countdown our top 10 Heartbreaking, Jaw Dropping, OMG moments from the first two seasons and talk about all of our wishes for season 3. 

 In Season 1: Emily Thorne  showed that she may be blonde but she’s not dumb, she wasted no time in setting up and taking down Lidia and proving that REVENGE is a dish best served in a bowl of soup. It didn’t take long for Emily to find her rhythm or even an ally in her father’s old friend Nolan Ross, each she week targeted someone who wronged her father, and by the time she was done they dropped like flies, forever ruined. She did all this while slowly but surely making little Daniel Grayson fall in love with her. Everything seemed to be working out perfectly until Amanda Clark showed up at her front door with the Graysons dead security guards phone in her hand. 

Emily had to work double time to clean up her mess, while she; threatened, blackmailed, bribed and begged her former juvie buddy, who so sweetly changed names with her, to go as far away from the Hamptons as possible; but is was to no avail. Amanda met Jack Porter; Emily’s Childhood sweetheart settled down and announced that she was in the Hamptons to stay. While this was Emily's first glitch it certainly proved not to be her last, but she managed to overcome each of obstacle and by the end of the season Emily had nearly achieved her goal to exonerate her father.  Victoria even had a change of heart and decided to exchange her testimony for immunity. But in the last 5 min of the season finale,  Charlotte (Victoria’s daughter) started popping pills like there’s no tomorrow, Amanda returned pregnant with Jacks baby, and Victoria’s plane, with all the evidence that could exonerate Emily's father, blows up in mid-air. But don’t worry NOLAN HAD MADE A COPY. And then then was almost a 4 month wait till season 2

Everyone Admits that season 2 was rocky, but I must admit if you watch the episodes back to back it seems to flow alot smoother.

Season 2 began with a flashfoward and ended with Emily revealing her biggest secret, to someone you would never guess. But in between, their was new loves, bigger villains, two deaths, a pregnancy, a baby, and the destruction of Grayson global. this time we broke it down by character.

Nolan started off the season strong, selling his house, taking up boxing and helping out Emily whenever she asked. Eventually Nolan found himself a girlfriend and fell in love. And then things started going wrong; his old boyfriend come backs, he looses half is company to grayson global and ends the season in jail. (poor nolan)

Victoria miraculously survived her planes destruction only to end up kidnapped. but don't worry this is Victoria Grayson and she always lands on her feet, it took her no time to be back inside Grayson manor presiding over all the Hamptons. We get to see what is was like for her growing up and eventually find out the Victoria traded first born son for an art college in Paris. She eventually gets remarried and both her children seem to want little to do with Victoria. 

Daniel is drinking, and shacking up with the help. He gets his hands as dirty as his parents when he overthrows his father at Grayson Global. Daniel and Emily rekindle their engagement and Daniel finds a patsy for his crimes just like his father did before him. (i guess its like father like son)

Charlotte kicks her pill popping ways, but that doesn't stop her father from keeping her in rehab so he can steal her inheritance. Charlotte grows closer to the sister that she never knew existed and makes things right with the man she loves. Determined to distance herself from her family she changed her last name. Distraught over the death of her sister she finds comfort in Declan and what do you know the poor little rich girl ends up pregnant. 

The Porter brothers were in for a doozy of a season. Jack gets, married, has a son and then has to bury his wife after she dies on their honeymoon. Jack then starts his own quest of revenge to get back at the Graysons who he believed killed his wife. Declan is off again and then on again with his favorite Grayson, Charlotte, unfortunately Declan gets her pregnant then dies in the explosion at Grayson Global. (sorry Declan, we'll always have gossip girl)

R.I.P. Amanda captured our hearts and reminded Emily of her past but she treated a Grayson so she ended up in the bottom of an ocean, but not before marrying Jack and having his baby. She was even smart enough to make Emily the child's God Mother.

The Beautiful Emily Thorne had a blast from the past when her old boyfriend showed up in town in order to help her seek her revenge. She find out her mother was alive, found her mother, and then realize there was a reason her father told her she was dead. She never stopped her quest for Revenge and went back to the basics even starting her relationship with Daniel Grayson back up again. She seeks her revenge with a couple of take downs. She tries to save Nolan's girlfriend and ultimately NYC from the initiative but she is too late and ends up having to confess her secret.... to Jack. It was definitely a good season


10. Charlotte is pregnant

9. Emily and the "real" Emily Thorne (Amanda) switched identities

8. Declan Dies

7. Ashley slept with Conrad (i mean ewww)

6. Victoria Grayson turns on Conrad

5. Tyler turns out to be crazy (like actually certifiable)

4. Emily's mom tried to kill her 
3. Amanda Dies

2. Amanda's Mother is Alive

1. Emily admits to Jack that she is Amanda Clark


1. to be honest we are excited about the prospect of a Ashley free Revenge (sorry Ashley fans)
2. How does Nolan get out of Jail
3. After all the trouble Daniel has been in, and could be in now, did he really kill Aidan
4. We want more take downs
5. Can Nolan have a love life that doesn't involve the person using him, or worse not believing in him
6. Will Emily and Jack team up to form an unforgettable Revenge team or will he take his son and leave forever
7. What type of damage with Conrad do as Governor
9. What will happen to Charlotte's baby?
9. Victoria and the son she gave away.... pop me some popcorn cuz i could watch just that for a couple episodes
10. Is Emily actually dead? and who is she about to marry and why

We can't wait for REVENGE Season 3! Now that your all caught up tweet with us during the Season 3 Premiere September 29th only on ABC


  1. we'll always have gossip girls lol. I love revenge and I can't wait till season 3


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