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Who She Callin' BABY?? (Fosters Series Premiere)


SPECIAL GUESTS: Jay Ali as Mr. Timothy
                           Madisen Beaty as Talya, 
                           Alexandra Barreto as Ana Gutierrez.

SYNOPSIS: Lena meets troubled teen Callie and asks her to temporarily move in with her family in the series premiere of this drama about a lesbian couple heading up a multiethnic family comprised of a biological son and a few adopted children.



The series opened overlapping Stef's biological child Brandon playing the piano, with the beating Callie receives in Juvie, while tragic the music just makes you feel for her even more. Callie gets out and the only thing she can say is, Where is JUDE? she asked where and I just wanted to know who, who is Jude and why is that the only thing on her mind after she gets out. (please oh please don't let it be a boyfriend) 

Callie arrives at Lena's house, where she meets Stef, Brandon (the bio kid) and Mariana and Jesus (adopted twins). She's rude and crass and goes out of her way to offend everyone. She comes off offensive and attacking, to this seemingly wonderful family that takes her in and the empathy we had for her begins to wane. After dinner, Callie settles in on her make shift bed, Stef warns Brandon about Callie's past, and we find out that this seemingly perfect wonderful family has secrets of its own; as we see Mariana steal pills from a bottle with her twin brothers name on it.

As everyone settles in for the night Callie steals a phone to call her "baby Jude". (big sigh oh GOD, Jude is the boyfriend) Am I the only one who sees this situation going down hill fast? the next morning, Lena takes all the kids to school, (a mandatory requirement for living in the Fosters household) Brandon is instructed to show Callie around the school, he points vaguely in a direction and instead heads off to practice for his piano scholarship competition. Feeling alone, Callie quickly follows Brandon to the music room, and watches him practice, enter Brandon's' girlfriend Talya, who is mean girl pretty, and pointedly gives Brandon a big old kiss in front of Callie before asking who she is. (we smell trouble brewing) Turns out Callie and Girlfriend Tayla have the same first class so the oblivious Brandon sends them off together. (Oh Jeez, did he not notice the shade Tayla was throwing Callie's way?) 

While at school Callie tries to flirt her way into getting a ride across town and it turns out Mariana has more than one secret. It turns out she lied about not wanting to meet her birth mom to Lena, and has been secretly messaging her behind everyones backs. (We see you Mariana) At lunch, Mariana tells Callie that the best way to sneak past Lena is to head out the back of the school, and that there is a bus stop just three blocks away. Callie proceeds to ditch school, only to be caught by Brandon, who after failing to stop her, and getting mysterious phone calls on his cell phone, decides to go with her instead. (Awww aint that sweet) While following Callie, Brandon asks the question on everyone’s mind; “Who’s Jude” and it turns out Jude is Callie’s little brother, whom she refuses to leave with their abusive foster father who not only beat Jude but kicked Callie in the stomach. They take the bus for forever; they started during school and didn’t get off till it was dark outside. (Damn, that is a long bus ride; I’d hate to have to ride that)

Meanwhile at the Foster House, The fam is assembling to go watch Brandon’s competition only to realize, they don’t have Brandon (that may be important) Stef, being the smart cop that she is simply tracks Brandon’s phone, (she has an app for that) and leaves with her ex-husband and wife in tow to find their son. (Yeah we know that’s juicy more on this awkward dynamic later, did we mention he’s also her new partner on the force?… yea about that) Using the parents worry about Callie and Jude, Mariana sneaks off to meet her birth mother, who it turns out only, wanted her money. (Come on now Mariana, you know giving her money was stupid right?)

 They get to the Evil Fosters Fathers house, and Brandon attempts to play the distraction  (he sucks by the way) as Callie tries to grab Jude’s attention. The Evil Foster father notices Callie and pulls a gun on all three of them. That’s when the parents arrive to the rescue (good thing two of them are cops!) and they arrest Evil Foster Dad. Brandon explains to the rents all about Jude, and Stef looks at Jude and Callie in a way that makes us think she may be a softy after all. Stef scolds Callie about how she put herself in a dangerous position, and tells her “your aren't disposable Callie, your not worthless” (2nd runner up for best line). And in the end Stef allows Jude and Callie to stay with them. 



Callie in the bathtub, covered in bruises! why, because I cried for her and I didn't even know her) 

THE LINE THAT MADE US PAUSE AND REWIND OUR DVR’S: "So your dykes and he's the real son" (callie) -  this is when we made sure our DVR's to were set to record the series!


We Loved it!  and can't wait till the next episode! 


                                                                                       CLICK HERE FOR EPISODE 2


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