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Chasing Life - All’s Well That Ends Well (S1E3)


REVIEW S1E3: Blood Cancer Sex Carrots

"I can't be the one....... I'm sick"

First let me say I’m sorry. When a show gets irritating I stop watching. So, if you haven't guessed already I had stopped watching Chasing Life after 2 episodes had past and not one family member was told April had Cancer. Frustrated I took a week break, then one week became two, but it's ok because after watching the promo for Chasing Life episode 5, I binged watch episodes 3 & 4 in order to catch up. So now that apologies have been made let's jump right to it.

It looks as if April is finally beginning to see that she's sick, and not in an abstract kind of way but in that real - blood coming out the mouth- kind of way. I know I sound cold but I'm glad it happened before she had a sleepover at boyfriend’s house. Hell I'm excited it happened at all. After a ruined date night, and a catch up with Beth, April heads to work and decides to nab a story, about carrot juice. The maker of the carrot juice says that the juice can limit the effects of cancer, but the story is still about carrot juice. Which is a bit below April’s new job but hey all things being considered at least she's interested in something that has to do with her diagnosis. April tells carrot juice maker guy that she has cancer, which is sweet because I think it’s the second time ever she's said it out loud. I know saying the diagnosis makes if real, but doesn't not telling your family rob you and them of; time, extra support, and love? Circumstances even try to teach April this lesson when the guy who made to carrot juice (who also has cancer) dies unexpectedly from his illness. April, in a fit of self-preservation makes a mess of her relationship with her boyfriend, but in true abc family fashion all was well by the end of the episode. Surprisingly enough April is so moved by carrots guys’ death that she takes the time to go to a support group. (Of course it's while the credits are rolling) Now whether she talks or not, and whether she is there to share carrot juice guys story or her own at least it was a step in the right direction. But to Aprils disbelief at the cancer support group was none other than Leo. (I see a love triangle coming)

IN OTHER NEWS; It's was nice watching Leo push his father’s buttons, if for no other reason than its funny. Mystery sister never makes an appearance. Beth quits her job after a dressing down from April. Mom got caught having a make out session by Brenna which is sure to scar the child for life. Although it turns out mom’s patient is also mom’s new boyfriend’s ex-wife. Can anyone say awkward? Grandma patters around giving out sage advice and complaining about bridge but otherwise still an unused and seemingly useless maternal figure. Brenna is still working at the potential new boyfriends art gallery, but she seems almost bright and shiny (yes that was an intentional Greys Anatomy reference) but it's the truth. They even kiss. I like the influence the new guy is having on her, he doesn't put up with her ridiculous self-centered ness. He even shows up for friends and family dinner night, which becomes a jumbled mess almost as soon as it starts.

REVIEW: In all the episode wasn't bad, but it still carefully danced around the conflict most viewers are tuning in for, this amazing 24 year old women finding out and dealing with the fact she has cancer. Having April not deal with her illness is beginning to make me want to tear my hair out. I mean April doesn't go to or mention a doctor’s office the entire episode. If the point of delaying her getting treatment was so that the audience could see the type of women she was with or without cancer, then I would have has episode 1 and 2 come later in the season, and build up to a diagnosis instead of leading off with it. The Chasing Life intro is neither great, nor iconic does it remind me of a bad version of the boy meets world intro, its retro but not in a good way. I loved Beth being the one person concerned about April’s health, having Beth act as if she cares more about April’s sex life than her health feels disingenuous somehow. If you can't trust your best friend to tell you what you don't want to hear, or look out for you when you can't or won't look out for yourself then who can you trust?  Nevertheless there was one character/ actor in this episode that truly shined and that's Mr. Dylan Augusto Aguilera as Kieran. He stole the show, being the only character so far to stand up to Brenna. Agree or Disagree with anything we've said, well tell us in the comments. Have nothing to say? Then catch us next week when Chasing Life continues.


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