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Destination America Celebrates An Anniversary...Upfronts 2013

Destination America has become known for celebrating the United States; from its people to its places, nothing is too inconsequential or too big to be the focus of a special or a series on the network. This summer will mark the one year anniversary for the network and Destination America has planned a celebration that includes a summer full of original series and specials, including MEAT WEEK. There will be 6 brand new series in 2013, and at least 4 returning series. 

Upcoming Original Series.......

King Of Thrones (Premieres Summer 2013)
It is one of America's most sacred places and deserves the utmost design attention. Does your bathroom seem incomplete without a giant flat screen TV, heated floors, and a urinal made out of solid gold? King of Thrones is your one-stop-shop for pimped out bathroom inspiration including, of course, precious potties. Every week, a team of contractors specializing in bathroom renovations will take man caves to a whole new level... and make every guy's "mantasy" come true. 

Last Call Food Brawl (Premieres Summer 2013)
Destination America's newest food competition series is three sheets to the WIN! in each episode, Last Call Food Brawl, along with chef Adam Gertler, will visit a different American city and challenge four chefs, hailing from 24-hour diners to 4-star establishments, in a cook-off to determine who will be crowned the king of late night bites. For bar-goers getting the munchies, the food brawls attract a raucous audience hungry for something salty and sweet, like deep fried bacon chili cheeseburger rolls and peanut butter s'mores french toast balls. Only one chef will win the coveted Golden Fry Basket and the title of King of Late Night!

Mountain Monsters (Premieres Summer 2013)
Chupacabra, Wampus Beast, Wolfman, Mothman and Grassman - with a distinctive landscape of woods, lakes and valleys, the Appalachian Mountains are a hotbed for mysterious creative sightings. The leading researchers of these shadowy figures are the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS). The team, founded by John "Trapper" Tice, is skilled in hunting and tracking using both traditional techniques and modern technology. Their mission is to interview witnesses, investigate the scene of the encounter, and eventually capture the creature... OR prove its non-existence. 

Buying the Bayou
There's no place on earth like the Bayou, and there's nothing like its real estate. Featuring one-of-a-kind homes with wild amenities, sometimes set in the difficult and unpredictable swampland, this series meets the needs of gator hunters, catfish noodlers, shrimping and craw-fish enthusiast and everything important to Central Louisiana. Some homes float, some are propped up by stilts, while others have prime space for airboat docking. 

Buying Hawaii
Its one of the most popular island paradise destinations but what does it take to make it home? With extreme climates and homes perched in the shadow of volcanoes, Hawaii real estate is no easy feat. Each episode, follows one home buyer who checks out three unique properties in a quest to find their ultimate Hawaiian hideaway. 

Railroad Alaska
Following an elite crew of workers- brakemen, engineers, construction crews, mechanics and train drivers - Railroad Alaska illustrates the battle against ferocious weather and treacherous supplies. From controlled avalanches to prevent catastrophes, to fascinating characters, like Jim James, the one handed handy man, learn what it takes to keep this train on track. 

Returning Original Series.......

BBQ Pitmasters
The hit series is back with the deeply competitive spirir of the American BBQ subculture.We'll follow a revolving cast of the best chefs on the circuit through a full season of high profile barbecue competitions, from Kansas City's Great American BBQ all the way through granddaddy of them all, the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational in Lynchburg Tennessee. Returning judges include the "winningest" man in BBQ, Myron Mixon, alongside Tuffy Stone and each week will feature a third guest judge. 

Featuring extravagant amenities and the people that make them, we look at how daydreamers took their passion to another level with impressive prized possessions that involve expert craftsmanship, technology, and innovation. From a forward-thinking motorhome that's outfitted with a vast array of luxury items including IPad controllers, and an in-motion satellite  to floating homes that boast theaters, helicopter landing pads, fireplaces and wine cellars; to pools loaded with lazy rivers, flume slides and underwater speakers, EPIC spotlights the most imaginative creations found right next door. 

Buying Alaska
Head to the last great American frontier and witness the challenges of purchasing a home that has no running water, electricity, indoor bathrooms or, in some cases, access roads. Buying a piece of the untamed north proves that forgoing basic amenities is a reasonable trade off when it come to breathtaking views and stunning wild surrounding that you can't find anywhere in the lower 48 states. Offering much more than living quarters, these properties are so in tune with the extraordinary landscape that its often what's beyond the house that proves to be the main attraction - from the ability to hunt and fist from your back deck, to extreme seclusion on your private island, to self-sustaining features such as smokehouses and greenhouses.

Hillbilly Blood.... (Premieres Saturday April 13th 2013)
In Cold Mountain, North Carolina, the land is beautiful and the living is tough. In a remote region full of bizarre superstitions, colorful characters, and deep-rooted tradition, folks live off the land just like their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents before them, carrying on the custom of getting by with little and making due with less. When it comes to living the hard-scrabble Appalachian life, there's nobody better than Eugene Runcus, who's got hillbilly ingenuity running through his veins, and his mountain brother, Spencer "Two-Dogs" Boljack, who has unlocked the secrets to backwoods survival. 

Breezy's Recap.......

From Hillbillies to Thrones and Hawaii to Alaska, Destination America is an eclectic mix of shows designed for the viewer that likes a little bit of everything and loathes changing the channel. Looking at the Destination America Development slate, one would assume that the shows would belong on networks like; CMT, Discovery Network and the Food Network. The original programming on Destination America is all over the place, and it comes across like the network is still trying to find its own individual niche. That being said, some of the programs will have me turning in just because it seems like a laugh. What about you? What will you be watching on Destination America? Let me know in the comments.

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