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GMC is ending.... GMC Upfronts 2013

Goodbye GMC. As of June 2013, GMC will no longer exist, because GMC is getting a name change and will eventually be known as UP! As in UPlifting Entertainment. This development season more original content will be added to the three staples of the GMC Network; GMC World Premiere Series, GMC World Premiere Movies and GMC World Premiere Stage Plays. GMC is known for its uplifting entertainment, and content that is enjoyable for the whole family. This will continue to be the aim of UP!

GMC World Premiere Series.......

Heartland Premiered June 5th 2013
Heartland will return for season 4 on the UP! Network. Heartland follows sisters Amy and Lou Fleming and their grandfather Jack Bartlett through the highs and lows of life on a horse ranch in cattle country. The beloved family series will continue with new episodes June 2013.

Family Addition with Leigh Anne Tuohy
This series will follow the lives of families fostering children and are on the verge of adopting one or more of their foster children. The show will feature families as they go through the process of adding a new family member and make over part of their homes to accommodate the newest addition to their families. Leigh Anne Touhy is best known for being the powerhouse real life inspiration behind the blockbuster film, The Blind Spot which earned Sandra Bullock an Academy Award for best actress. The series will premiere June 2013

Bulloch Family Ranch
Julie and Rusty Bullock are the proud parents of 25 kids, however only two are biological. the rest are teens who have been dealt a difficult hand in life, from being homeless to gang life. Julie and Rusty welcomed each of them into their central Florida ranch for a LAST SECOND chance at getting on the right track. This new series will premiere July 2013.

Miracle Hunters
In a time when people desperately want to believe in miracles, Miracle Hunters will give hope that they exist while also debunking those that don't make the cut.The Miracle Hunters team will travel around the country profiling amazing and inspirational events capturing the world of the impossible and the endlessly fascinating. 

GMC World Premiere Movies.......

Finding Normal (Premieres May 2013)
Dr. Lisa Leland is a brilliant surgeon sentenced after a traffic accident to do community service, as a doctor in Normal, population 332. In a town with no wi-fi, no lattes, and no credit cards, Lisa begins to find herself and discovers what a meaningful life is all about. Finding Normal stars Candace Cameron Bure, Lou Beatty jr., Trevor Marshall St. John, Andrew Bongiomo and Mark Irvingsen.

The Perfect Summer (Premieres June 2013)
A somewhat nerdy highs school senior who spends all his time on his computer decides to learn to surf to capture the attention of a gorgeous surfer girl who moves next door.

Jimmy (Premieres June 2013)
Young Jimmy Mitchell is asked to testify as a defense witness in a criminal trial when he accidentally hears a shocking confession and ultimately finds himself in a dangerous situation from which there is no escape. Based on the book by Robert Whitlow. 

In the Meantime (Premieres July 2013)
A GMC Faith and Family Screenplay Competition winner at the American Black Film Festival (ABFF), this is the story of a woman at a crossroads in her life. Her relationship with her fiance has hit a snag and she is looking for focus. At her sister's suggestion she starts working at a local community center and joins the fight to save the center and finds real love along the way. 

Teachers (Premieres August 2013)
Manny Cortez is uprooting his family so that they can go to Westbrook High where his beloved late father was the football coach. No sooner does the Cortez family move into the Westbrook school zone than it is announced that Westbrook will close due to budget issues. The staff, students and parents decide to fight back. 

Guess Who's Coming to Christmas ( Premieres November 2013)
A jaded rock star, in order to repair his tarnished image, publicly agrees to fulfill a kid's Dear Santa Christmas wish. To hi dismay, he ends up agreeing to spend the holidays in small town America and performing in the local holiday Christmas concert. Stars: Drew Lachey, Mackenzie Porter. 

Silver Bells (Premieres 2013)
Bruce Dalt is an ambitious television sportscaster who approaches the holidays as he does life, competitively. This philosophy has put a strain on his family, and when Bruce gets into a physical scuffle with a ref at his son's basketball game, the holidays take a turn for the worse. 

GMC World Premiere Stage Plays.......

What Would You Do For Love (Premieres May 2013)
Reggie Brooks is just an average guy working as a fitness trainer in a neighborhood gym. After being notified that he was come into a lump sum of money years after his parents perished in the tragedy of 9/11. Reggie decides that its best to keep his new multimillionaire status under wraps, Tired of hearing his best friend whine about meeting a good woman, Reggie's friends challenge him to go on a dating blitz in an attempt to find a wife in 30 days or less. 

Love Will Find a Way (Premieres June 2013)
Reggie Brooks travels to Paris with Troy, his wife Piper and her sister Paula who starts to have feelings for Reggie. But when they return from Paris, Reggie decides to give a relationship with Lucky a try after she changed her minds about wanting to have kids. But Paula becomes suspicious when he starts finding out the truth about Lucky.... is she hiding something?

Breezy's Recap.....

The new UP network, is on the fast track to becoming a top ten cable network. UPlifting Entertainment as a name change is definitely a step in the right direction, I like many other found it hard to turn to to the Gospel Music Channel (GMC), even though the network is the home to many sitcom favorites from the nineties like; Sister Sister, Smart Guy, and Moesha. The movies set to premiere in 2013 have the right balance of quality story lines, and plot mixed with timeless family values and traditions. Television series and Movies that uphold this type of story telling will provide Uplifiting Entertainment to the viewers, and will help the ratings of the UP Network. I will be all three television series and quite a few of the Movies. What about you what will you be watching? Let me know in the Comments.


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