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There Are Still Games To Be Played at The 2013 GSN Upfronts

 GNS home of The Gaming Network is not playing any games when it comes to expanding original programming on their network. Home to popular favorites like Family Feud and the new hit series American Bible Challenge, GSN in 2013 is enlarging how many game shows will call the network home. Currently there are 2 new series set to premiere and 7, yes 7 new game shows in development for the network all of which look promising. With host like Steve Harvey, Sherri Sheppard, and Kirk Franklin, GSN is combining celebrity and programming in a way that will certainly entice new viewers to watch. The game Show Network is here to stay!'


In 2012 GSN sold its first original series, BAGGAGE into syndication through NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution.  The series, cleared in 95% of the country, is hosted by Jerry Springer and features three contestants vying for a date who have to divulge their “baggage.”   

Minute To Win It (June 25th Premiere date)
This all new, GSN original version of the classic show will be hosted by Speed Skating Champion Apolo Anton Ohno.  Each one-hour episode of Minute To Win It features competitors facing 10 challenges that escalate in level of difficulty using everyday household items. Each game has a one-minute time limit and failure to finish the task on time will eliminate the contestant. At various points throughout The Game, the competitor can walk away with the money earned up to that point - but it'll take nerves of steel to complete all 10 tasks to win the grand prize of $250,000. 

THE CHASE (Premieres in 2013)
You can run, but you cannot hide, the Beast is always coming after you. In THE CHASE, a team of four contestants attempts to amass as much money as possible by answering quick-fire questions in a 60-second round.  The money earned will go towards a team bank.  Why the urgency?  Because the Beast is always lurking, ready to pounce. The Beast – quite simply -- is a quiz genius.  The Job of this intimidating presence is to catch each contestant by answering more questions than his opponents to ensure they are not able to bank their money.  It’s a role he executes with ruthless efficiency.  In the final round, the team collectively plays against The Beast in an epic David vs. Goliath battle for the entire amount that they have banked. 


The hotbed of dancing in the United States can be found in an unlikely location. The population of Orem, Utah is only 84,000— yet one in 40 is a dancer. Several of Orem’s dancers have gone on to win regional, national and world championships.  But succeeding in Orem isn’t easy. The city is home to two of the most elite dance studios in America, each owned by a fiercely competitive and hard-driving dance instructor. The studios are just a stone’s throw from one another…and the owners used to be partners! Needless to say, the rivalry between the dance studios and their owners is as fierce as the competition among the dancers.  Each week, the studios participate in dance competitions and each week they fight for 1st and 2nd positions—always with the ultimate goal of triumphing over the other. 

IT TAKES A CHURCH is a new one hour series where a church will Go On a mission to find love for one lucky, single parishioner…without them knowing!  Each week, we’ll visit another church from across the country and surprise a single girl (or guy) with the news that she is about to be saved from the dating world. The congregation, Pastor, friends, and family will all contribute, but in the end our single will decide which suitor she is putting her faith in.  The parishioner who brought The Chosen suitor will win money for both themself and their charity. 

What are men really thinking? In each episode of MIND OF A MAN, two female contestants will try to figure out what men really think about dating, marriage, working and all manner of manly pursuits. The questions on the show have all been previously asked and answered by a survey of 100 men. Over three rounds, the contestants will try to determine the correct answers with the help of a celebrity panel. A mix of famous and funny male and female celebrities will offer their opinions about what men are really thinking. And for successfully getting inside the mind of a man, one of the contestants could win up to $15,000. 

Two contestants who have an existing relationship (i.e. friends, siblings, husband and wife) move into another family’s home for 48 hours. They must observe the family’s every move and judge their dynamics. The twist is that one of the family members is a fake.  They have been embedded with the real family in order to fool the contestants. The family and the imposter will create diversions and cast doubts over everyone’s authenticity in order to keep houseguests from uncovering the TRUTH. If the houseguests correctly identify the imposter, they win $25,000. But if the family has deceived the houseguests into choosing incorrectly, the family wins the cash. THE IMPOSTER is a battle of observation and deduction vs. cunning and guile. 

We’ve all gone through many stages in our lives, some more awkward than others. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE, hosted by Brooke Burns, is a new dating show that allows singles to watch a set of potential soul mates grow up before their very eyes. Each 30-minute episode will feature a new dater and three potential suitors. We will see and meet our dater, but the three potential suitors will be behind a scrim—neither the dater nor the viewers will have any idea what they look like. We will meet the suitors through photos and video footage from different decades in their lives, and the dater will be able to ask them questions based only on that era. Two suitors will be eliminated; one will be chosen. Can you find love just by digging through someone’s past? 

Caroline Rhea created YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE Missing, a fun family game show that tests unsuspecting families on what they truly value.  YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE Missing features family members challenged to see who can remember 10 meaningful items regularly on display in their home.  One family member will be chosen to race the clock and correctly identify which items are Missing – every correct answer is worth cash, and the better the player does, the more additional prizes the player earns for their family.  Once the clock expires, the family is reunited for a funny reveal of how the search went.  The player can then buy back items that were not recognized as missing.  And, while it’s their decision, they will be influenced by the sentimental value and pleas of their family members. 


Comedian and author Jeff Foxworthy hosts THE AMERICAN BIBLE CHALLENGE, a lively studio-based game in which contestants compete based on their knowledge of the Bible.  Utilizing current pop-culture as well as historical references, questions are drawn from the rich, dense narrative found in the world's best-selling book.  The contestants share their compelling back-stories and each team plays for a charitable organization. Multiple Grammy Award® winner Kirk Franklin joins Season Two as musical co-host. 

At G-Stone Motors, a state-of-the-art car dealership in Middlebury, Vermont, the saying is, “We’ll take anything in trade.”  And they mean it.  Don’t have enough for a down payment? Founder Gardner Stone will trade you a beautiful new car or truck for anything you’ve got that he thinks he can sell—pigs, a hot air balloon, coffins, maple syrup, dolls, a shoe collection.  But Stone’s son Todd and daughter Darcy, who work with him in the business, have very different ideas about what makes a good trade, and they have the unenviable task of re-selling whatever their father has taken in trade.  Each 30-minute episode features the outrageous, hilarious, hotly contested barter stories at G-Stone Motors—with a simmering stew of family drama cooking alongside. 

THE NEWLYWED GAME, hosted by Sherri Shepherd, is GSN’s modern installment of the classic series showcasing three newly married couples of wide-ranging backgrounds who Face Off in a series of question rounds. During each round, a spouse attempts to guess his or her mate’s answer to questions about their relationship, ranging from the first time they met to the details of their love life. At the end of The Game, the couple scoring the most points wins exciting prizes. 

Since its premiere in 1976, FAMILY FEUD, currently hosted by Steve Harvey, has remained one of television’s most popular and enduring game shows, and continues to evolve in new and exciting ways. College tournaments, celebrity look-alikes and special theme weeks, along with TV’s most revealing, surprising and fun survey results keep audiences tuning in each weekday. 

Breezy's Recap....
GSN seems to have found the right content to attract new viewers and keep their old viewers happy. I love to watch Family Fued with Steve Harvey in fact I even have the iPhone game version. Its just a fun game to watch, or play. The shows GSN has in development seems to speak to finding a new generation and if they make it to series they may have found a new viewer in me. I am interested in Dance Rivals, and the Imposter, So fingers crossed, they both will make it on the new schedule in the fall. So what about you, Do any of the new shows interest you? What will you be watching? Let me know in the comments.


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