Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Watch A Little Bit of Everything....

There is nothing like sitting down and watching a great drama unfold on your television. A great drama can be an escape, a new world to explore, a chance to meet new friends, or the worst, longest, most boring hour of tv ever known to man kind. Great shows can have bad episodes, hell they can have bad seasons, and completely awful shows can grow and change in to the best show on any network. There is no way to watching every episode of every drama currently on television there are just to many that's where we come in. We started this blog as a way to empower viewers and to start discussions about what a drama is doing right and when it is falling off the tracks. Our goal is to review and recap what we are watching, so you can decide what you wanna watch or dicuss what you liked or hated about a certain show. We are still new and growing so please like our facebook page, follow us on twitter, comment on your favorite posts and most importantly be patient. Its going to take a little time for us to find a formula that we like and that works. Thanks for checking us out, and please come back soon!

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