Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Returns

 One of my all time favorite reality shows returns with a bang, Thursday April 3rd at 9pm. My big Fat American Gypsy Wedding will return to TLC with 8 new episodes, with more over-the-top dresses, fights, huge family drama, and flabbergasting courting rituals. Ellen K from on air with Ryan Seacrest will once again narrate the series. The normally secretive societies of American gypsies, have opened about their customs and traditions. In the season premiere, a gypsy boy will attempt to make Romanichal history by being the first Gypsy jiu-jitsu champion. That's not the only crazy thing happening this season there will also be; a double wedding with two Gypsy sisters getting ready to wed their non-Gypsy fiancés, An Irish traveller pursuing his dream of becoming America’s first Gypsy rapper, a young Gypsy couple founding love online, a Romney teen with dreams of becoming the first Gypsy supermodel and a family rivalry between the Stanleys and the Smalls. Its going to be big, messy and jaw dropping, so don't forget to watch, My Big Fat American  Gypsy Wedding season 3 on TLC. 

Make you catch all the madness Thursday, April 3rd at 9pm

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