Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Preachers Daughters Round 2

The outrageous reality series Preachers Daughters, on Lifetime has been renewed for season 2 and will premiere March 5th. “The gap between heaven and hell has never been wider than in the Season 2 of Preachers’ Daughters.” So reads the press release issued today by Lifetime. Featuring 2 returning daughters; Kolby Koloff and Taylor Coleman and 2 new ones; Megan Cassidy of Boiling Springs, South Carolina and Tori Elliott from New Orleans. Preachers Daughters season two promises to be as outrageous as the first season.

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Here is a little bit about the cast:

Megan Cassidy, 17, known as “The Southern Belle Raisin’ Hell.” is a newcomer to the world of being a preacher’s daughter. Her dad, Jeff Cassidy, is a former heavy drinking, heavy drug using heavy metal musician who turned to the ministry after he lost his job of more than 20 years. The transition has been difficult for Jeff, and even more so for Megan. Megan’s brother Zac, 19, who is recovering from an addiction to prescription pills that played out very publicly in the church’s congregation. Zac has since completed two stints in rehab, but a potential relapse always weighs heavy on the hearts of his dad and mother, Darleen Cassidy

Tori Elliott is a 22-year-old wild child from New Orleans, who has no problems with drinking and partying and has an aversion to keeping quiet. Her party girl lifestyle hits a major roadblock however when she gets evicted from her apartment and is forced to move back in with mom and dad. Tori’s dad is Kenny Elliott is the 56-year-old pastor of New Orleans’ 7th Day Adventist Church. Kenny is pretty lenient as far as preacher parents go, but Tori has been pushing the limits. Tori also has a 16-year-old sister Courtney, who so far is the good child... But that may not last long if she keeps hanging out with her sister.

  Nineteen-year-old Taylor is set on pushing boundaries established by her strict father, Ken, a pastor for City of Refuge Pentecostal Church of Lockport, Illinois. Ken is determined not repeat the mistakes he made with his older children, therefore he tries to enact strict rules to limit her movements. Rebellious Taylor craves freedom from all of the rules,and frequently sneaks out, kissing boys and giving into temptation, while trying to maintain her relationship with the Lord. Her mother Marie, plays peacemaker between Taylor and Ken, she fears his stern rules will push Taylor to act out even more, especially when she gets to college. Frustrated with her father’s demands, Taylor confides in her half-sister Kendra, who Ken kicked out of the house when she was pregnant at 20.

Kolby is a fun-loving, 16-year-old from Kannapolis, North Carolina that’s ready to start dating, but quickly discovers it won’t be as easy as she thinks since she has two preacher parents. Her father, Nikita, is a former professional wrestler-turned traveling evangelist who often gives sermons to thousands of. Meanwhile, her mother and Nikita’s ex-wife, Victoria, hosts a faith-based radio show and is the director of two pregnancy centers, carries a no-nonsense approach to talking to teens, including Kolby and her friends, about sex. With three older sisters – Teryn (30), Tawni (28) and Kendra (20) – Kolby leans on them for support and guidance on her life, particularly when Nikita and Victoria become too overbearing and embarrassing.

Be Sure to catch Preachers Daughters March 5th at 9pm

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