Sunday, May 11, 2014

No Happily Ever After for 11 shows on ABC

So its official the Hammer has come down for shows struggling on ABC. The Friday and Saturdays before Upfront presentations are typically brutal and this year was no exception. The list of shows that will not be returning is extensive and so far is mostly comedy based. The class hit the hardest seems to be ABC’s freshman crop of shows, with more than half of them ending their first season never to return.  Both Suburgatory and Mixology are being shopped to other networks like TBS, bu it is unlikely that either one will get a reprieve from dooms day. All the other shows have been renewed, but the size of the order and when the show will return, and what new series will join it is all up in the air and will only be resolved after ABC’s Upfronts May 12th 2014. Yell and scream about your favorite show being cancelled in the Comments!


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