Tuesday, January 7, 2014

12 Things We Learned From the PLL Marathon


Here are the 12 things we learned from watching the 
Pretty Little Liars Marathon that could be applied 
to everyday life. Agree? 

12. The best way to tell a lie is to keep saying it until you believe the lie to be the truth: Watching Mona grill Hannah in the finer points of lying, made me wanna take notes in case I every found myself needing to lie about something. In the end I almost believed that Hannah had killed Wilden


11. Bad friends can make your life hell:  In no way could Ali be considered a "good" friend. Have you every wondered how much simpler all of the liars lives would be if they had never been friends with Ali in the first place. No one would have been, run over, stalked or almost killed. They might have had a chance of being normal teenagers..... oh well never mind cuz then their wouldn't be a show.

10. Things are never what they seem: More importantly people are never what they seem. How is it that the priest could come up with 100,00 dollars? and what is up with Wren, who is he working for and why? Why does he always come across so shifty!

9. Never trust a paternity claim without a DNA test, especially not from crazy exes who you use to date in high school: Thinking back on it, why would Ezra or any man for that matter especially when they have money, believe a woman when they said they are having, or had their baby. Maggie's story had some many holes in it you could drive a truck through it.

8. Getting in and getting out of an insane asylum is a piece of cake: We have seen Mona do it. We even kinda saw how she did it when she showed Spencer all the codes. But, how is it that guest, patients and visitors seem to have no problems getting in and out of Radley when they want. Whats the point of security if no one gets stopped by them.

7. Always check the floors for holes, cuz you could have unwanted houseguests under the floor boards: I have to admit I screamed when "A" decided to make more holes in the floorboards of Mrs. Dilaurentis's house. Who even thinks to do that! And more importantly how do you not notice holes in your floors?

6. Parents are the most oblivious people on the planet: Is it even possible that not one of the four liars parents has figured out that all of these girls are still being stalked by A.I meant they are out at all hours of the day, they come home with weird bruises, they always seem to stay in trouble and their phone bills must be enormous due to all the texts, A sends their way. 

5. Good best friends will take the fall for you: Watching Mona confess to killing Wilden for Hannah and her mom was kinda sweet, weird but sweet. Its the type of thing only a best friends would even dream of doing for you. It was nice to see a sweeter side of Mona!

4. Autopsy reports aren't always accurate: In Rosewood anything can be faked! How is it that the autopsy confirmed that Ali was dead in the first episode of the first season of Pretty Little Liars but come season 4 we see Ali live and in person? Where has Ali been all this time? Who really died and was buried in Ali's backyard and of course the age old question... Who is A?... is it Ezra or someone else.

3. Running around in a red cape can make you invisible: In a small town like Rosewood, how has no one noticed a young blood girl running all over town in a red cape/ red jacket? Everyone in Rosewood seems to know everyone else, are you telling me that no one has noticed this stranger running around town?

2. The way not to be terrorized by the stalker after you and your friends is to date him; I swear Aria was the least terrorized one of them all. like nothing bad ever happened to her

1. Everyone in Rosewood leaves their blinds open at night. Especially if they’re being stalked and harassed: the creepiest moments of Pretty Little Liars, is when we get to see the liars through their open blinds. Seriously, they are being stalked by a crazy person... A little advice close the blinds then maybe A wouldn't see everything you do.

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