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First Step is the Hardest (Gypsy Sisters S2E4)


SEASON 2 EPISODE 4 "Making Up Is Hard To Do"

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: December 19th  2013   

SYNOPSIS: Nettie confronts Sheena about her allegiance in the family's feud; Mellie reaches out to Kayla for forgiveness; JoAnn thinks she can fix Nettie and Kayla's relationship.


RECAP: Sheena is spending time with Sissy and Danielle making Father's Day cards. And Annie proves that she can't spell when she messes up spelling BIRTHDAY! after a quick laugh Kayla, plops on the couch and tells them about her phone call with Mellie. She's upset and still hurt over the fight.

After talking it out with her sister and Sheena, Kayla thinks she may have been to hasty in dismissing Mellie, and decides to give her a chance. They make plans to meet up in a coffee shop to talk

Nettie and her little ones head to the flea market to see her blinged out flip flops. But at 20 dollars a pair, they are not selling as fast as she hoped. So, she calls Mellie to come and help her out. While they are sitting their Mellie tells Nettie about her talk with Kayla. Nettie admits that she's jealous that Mellie is meeting up with and may be on track to fix her relationship with Kayla. After a few more minutes of sitting, they decide they're done so they pack it up and leave with just 3 flip flops sold.

The talk between Kayla and Mellie is tense and it goes as good as expected, and in the end they leave on semi-good terms.

Good News: Dallas had her baby! It's a Boy! and she named Richard Williams Malone

At Nettie's house, Dallas and Nettie are playing with the new baby. And Nettie admits to Dallas that she ready to let the feud with Kayla go. Mellie comes over to see her new nephew and tell Nettie all about her meeting with Kayla.

"He's the blessing for the family" -Dallas

Sheena and Annie are hanging poolside with all their kids, and they are conspiring to enter Kayla in a chili cook off for the Fourth of July. Kayla stops by and tells them with about her meeting with Mellie. She admits that she wanted Mellie to have taken more responsibility for her actions. To break some of the tensions, Sheena tells Kayla that they are entering her in a chill cook off. Kayla acts mad but seems excited about cooking chili.

In the car, Nettie gets a phone call from JoAnn, who stays she's left Teddy and she wants to come home. Nettie shuts her mouth and tells JoAnn her home is always open.

The next day Mellie is over Nettie's house, who tries to convince her to do an egg white facial with her.

Shocker: JoAnn is Back

Over at Kayla's house Annie and Kayla are making dinner for the family. Annie complains but she gets it down and the family give rave reviews of her new found cooking skills

"Annie you know if your gonna hang out with us your gonna have to earn your keep here; cook, clean, wash my draws. All that good stuff" - Richard

Mellie is in pain and thinks she's about to give birth, but Nettie's car won't start so Mellie figures out how to give the truck a jump and off they go to the hospital. Even though she is in a lot of pain her contractions turn out to be a false alarm. So, everyone heads home.

The next day, Nettie drags JoAnn with her to go meet Sheena. At lunch, Nettie admits that she has some issues especially with her anger and that she wants to change and be a better person. She also admits that the fight was a mistake and that she wants Kayla in her life. Sheena seems to believe that this isn't the indignant Nettie that she is use to seeing and the lunch seems to end on a good note.

Sheena reports back to Kayla, but she doesn't believe what Sheena has to say. They decide to table the discussion and do some arts and crafts in the backyard.

 At Nettie's house, Mellie is in pain again and thinks she's in labor. The family gets ready to head back to the hospital but this time Mellie doesn't want to go, because the doctor will not induce her early. Nettie decides to take her anyway. On the way to the hospital they stop and get food, since Mellie is hungry. When they get to the hospital, the hospital stops Mellie's labor and basically prescribes bed rest for Mellie. So there is no baby that day.

REVIEW: So there seems to be some thawing in the Stanley family, and we for one are glad to see it. I didn't like Sheena in the beginning, I saw little use for her being a main character on the show, but now I am really liking her. Annie on the other hand is the best comic relief ever. I know this is off topic but is anyone else interested in what is going on between Danielle and the boyfriend she had last season? We've heard no mention of him and I want to know. This was more of a filler episode but it was fun, plus I see a reconciliation between Kayla and Nettie in the future. Can't wait for more gypsy drama next week!


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