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Road Trip (Gypsy Sisters S2E6)


SEASON 2 EPISODE 6 "The Family that Plays Together, Stays Together" 

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: January 2nd  2014   

SYNOPSIS: Kayla meets with Nettie after seeing her video apology, and they decide to take a family road trip, which includes a visit to an animal park.



RECAP: After watching the DVD that Nettie sent, Kayla calls Annie and Sheena in to watch the DVD again with her. She admits to feeling some type of way after watching the DVD. So, she decides to call Nettie and have a conversation.

Nettie can't believe that the DVD worked and that Kayla is calling her. Nettie takes the opportunity to apologize to Kayla again and ask to meet up with her in person. And surprisingly Kayla agrees. She's ready to work on their relationship, if she believes that Nettie has really changed.

"I hope Kayla realizes that it took a lot for Nettie to do this, this is not nothin she would normally do, so she must be really sorry and I hope Kayla realizes what she's trying to say" - Kayla

  Across town, Mellie and Little Richard pick up her pregnancy photos. She is shocked by how nicely they came out, but she still thinks she looks like a fat cow.

Nettie is at the nail salon with her youngest three daughters spending good mother daughter quality time during which Mellie decides to join her. Nettie tells Mellie about her plan to meet Kayla for lunch. Mellie doubts that Nettie can keep her hands to her self, but Nettie assures her that she can.

Soon after, Kayla and Nettie meet face to face to hash out their grievances. Since neither of them have seen each other since their fist fight at the beginning of summer both are a bit nervous about what to expect. Even though Kayla is late, Nettie begins the conversation with an apology, and a promise to do better in the future. Kayla's still hurt, and has a lot to say about how the fight went down but in the end, the two cousins make up.

Shocker: Kayla, Nettie and both their crew are headed on a road trip together!

While Nettie and Kayla work put their problems, JoAnn and Mellie are at the tattoo parlor so Mellie can cover up the tattoo she has of Robbie's name on her abdomen. JoAnn is skeptical is the cover up is necessary cuz she thinks Mellie and Robbie will eventually get back together. But, Mellie sticks with her plan and covers up his name with some brass knuckles.

After lunch, Kayla heads home and invites Annie and Sheena on the road trip with her. But are skeptical but are down for a girls only adventure.

The next day Sheena, Nettie, JoAnn, Kayla, Mellie, Annie and some of their daughters, and of course little Richard pile into an RV and head for Tennessee. It's Day 1, and the road-trip is off to a rocky start, cuz there is still a lot of tension in the air.

Shocker: There is wrestling on the bus before they even hit Tennessee.

 In the RV Mellie and Annie are wrestling, and Mellie accidentally rips Annie's underwear. As they get ready to stop for their first photo opp, Mellie starts screaming at everyone because she thinks all the yelling is going to wake up little Richard. Everyone but Mellie get off the RV to take pictures with the Huge Pink Elephant. Later that day the all arrive at the hotel they plan to spend the night at.

The next morning everyone pikes back into the RV, to continue their journey to Tennessee. As they are driving down the road Robbie calls, turns out he wants to see the baby. Mellie is not impressed, and tells him to stay away from her and their baby. However, Nettie snatches the phone out of Mellie's grip and proceeds to tell Robbie where they will be and invites him down to meet his son.

Shocker: while Nettie was talking, Mellie barely said a thing

 By the end of the day, Kayla, Nettie, Mellie and the rest of the crew arrive at the cabin they rented in Tennessee. While everyone runs around laying claim to different rooms, Mellie hides inside the RV refusing to come out.

"We pull up to the cabin, it was back in the woods, scary as f*uck, it nice on the outside and I'm sure it's nice on the inside but I'm not about to walk in there, cuz God knows if there are murderers or whoever the hell in there. I'm not taking my kid in there" - Mellie

After a few hours of sulking, JoAnn gets Mellie to come in the cabin. Then it's lights out for the Stanley Family.

 They next morning everyone pikes into the RV and head to a safari. They get to feed the animals, ride camels and be up close in personal with animals most of them gave never heard of before.

So Far, So Good! The road trip seems yo be just the thing everyone needed yo bond with each other again. And since there hasn't been an all out fight yet, both Kayla and Nettie are calling the trip a success.

REVIEW: Besides the fact that this road trip came out of thin air, I think it was the perfect way for all of them to reunite. And while Mellie seems to be coming off as the same crazy selfishness Mellie she's always been, this time I think some of it was missed placed. I actually enjoyed watching Mellie yell at the other girls when they were hollerin around a sleeping baby. I mean all the adults are mothers, who does that? But all in all this was a good episode. Can't wait to see how the rest of the trip goes


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