Saturday, January 18, 2014

How to Fix Switched At Birth Season 3

5 Things We Need To See in Switched At Birth Season 3

5. I need Bay and Daphne to be worried more about their lives and less about their romantic relationships In the past two seasons I think that both girls have gone through at least 5 boyfriends apiece. How do either of these girl have time to go to school, study, and do extracurriculars? Why does it seem like their lives and personalities revolve around which ever boyfriend they are seeing at the moment? I need that to stop. Both of them were much more interesting when they were more concerned with how they should deal with each other, instead of worrying about their V cards.

4. I would really love to see Bay and Emmett back together. Now this is a total fan girl moment but I would love to see Bay and Emmett figure out a way to make their relationship work. There was something really special about those two together, and I think the show would benefit from that.

3. Can we see more about how the switch affects both families less the excessive drama. Switched at Birth was at its best when they found out that Regina had known about the Switch for years. When both girls were trying to figure out how Angelo would fit into their lives, and dealing with how in some way both of them were abandoned by their parents. Watching Regina get her act together was nice this season, but figuring out how the two families will deal with holidays, Christmas, credit cards, cars, responsibilities and trust funds is where the show hits gold and they need to concentrate on that more. 

2. Nikki and Toby actually struggling through their first year of marriage. The idea of marriage is both wonderful and scary but definitely, hard to navigate successfully when the two in the relationship are young. There are definitely going to be some road blocks fro Nikki and Toby especially since they don't exactly know where they are going or how they want to get there. The show should take advantage and make sure to catalog how these two end up making their marriage work.

1. Angelo developing a relationship with his daughters adoptive parents and exercising his parental rights. Angelo needed to find a way to love his daughter and take care of her, especially since in his mind he already abandoned his 2 other daughters. In the end i think he came up with a decision that he could not only live with but that was ultimately the best choice for Abby. The key to him being in Abby's life is forming and maintaining a relationship with her parents and exercising his visitation right regularly so that he is apart of her life growing up. I would love seeing how this works out for him.

What about you, What do you need to see from Switched At Birth season 3?


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