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Forgiving is Hard To Do (Gypsy Sisters S2E3)


SEASON 2 EPISODE 3 "The Blame Game "

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: December 12th  2013   

SYNOPSIS: Nettie confronts Sheena about her allegiance in the family's feud; Mellie reaches out to Kayla for forgiveness; JoAnn thinks she can fix Nettie and Kayla's relationship.



 RECAP: Mellie and Dallas start the day bonding and talking about motherhood while fishing in a park. Mellie actually catches a fish... Go figure

Nettie finds a picture of Pookie on the internet, and determines that the picture was taken at Kayla's! Yet no one told her about it, which sucks because Nettie could have followed Pookie to figure out where he's been stayin with Nookie so she could drag her ass home. After realizing that Sheena didn't even have the decency to call her and let her know about Pookie, Nettie is pissed and wants answers so she calls her up.

The call does not go well and the silence the ensues when Nettie asks if she knows where Nookie and Pookie are, says more than anything Sheena could possibly say in response.
Nettie and JoAnn decide to try and help Nettie by looking all over town for Nookie. They check Kayla's place and a motel in town but no luck. Nookie and Pookie had checked out of the motel the say before.

"We are trying our best to find Nookie for Nettie, but she is 15 it's time to let her go" - Mellie

Determined not to let Nettie's drama ruin their fun; Kayla, Annie and their kids head for the park for a picnic. They had tons of fun and even organized a impromptu watermelon seed spitting contest. It looked like the day would be just about perfect until it was Annie's turn to assemble lunch. She decided to fix ham, cheeses and pork and beans sandwiches...... Ewww gross! After that "recipe" Kayla vowed to enroll Annie in some cooking classes.

Unbeknownst to Kayla and Nettie Sheena goes shoe shopping with her best friend and Nettie's sister JoAnn. While shopping they come up with a plan to fix their feuding family. JoAnn would meet with Kayla and Sheena would meet with Nettie.

When JoAnn gets back to Nettie's house, she agrees to help with with her shoe blinging project for her new business and tells her about her shopping trip with Sheena

Shocker: Nettie agrees to meet with Sheena and talk

Over at Tanya's house, Mellie is having a melt down about her weight and about getting stretch marks. (Lol you have to gain weight when your pregnant Mellie)

Kayla and Sheena decide to have some bonding time and head to a chocolate shop. After their eyes glaze over when the owner tells them about the history and make up of the chocolates they choose a few and head outside to talk about who else..... Nettie

Shocker: Kayla agrees to meet with JoAnn

Mellie with urging from Nettie decides to get some pregnancy pictures done. Awww she looked adorable. When Nettie arrives at the shoot, we find out that JoAnn has run off with her boyfriend. (How do you run off when your grown?)

Kayla makes good on her promise and drags Annie and Sheena to cooking class where they learn how to make noodles from scratch.

With JoAnn having run off with her boyfriend, Mellie attempts to step in and take her place since JoAnn was supposed to meet with Kayla. When she calls Kayla to see if that would be ok. She does not felt a positive response. Kayla just isn't ready to see her yet.

  REVIEW: I had really hoped that Kayla would take the opportunity when Mellie reached out to her. I understand why Kayla feels like wrong was done to her, but apart of me keeps coming back to the fact that Kayla challenged Nettie to the fight in the first place. And in the end Nettie did not beat Kayla as badly as she could have, so maybe it is time to forgive and forget. Hopefully next episode we will see some type of reconciliation between the two sides of the family. I am ready for them to get along and learn more interesting gypsy tips and language I am tired of the fighting. 

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