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And to Her a Child is Born (Gypsy Sisters S2E5)


SEASON 2 EPISODE 5 "A Newborn King"

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: December 26th  2013   

SYNOPSIS: Mellie goes into labor; Nettie sends Kayla a DVD to plead for forgiveness; Annie and Sheena help Kayla prepare for a chili cook-off.


RECAP: The false alarms are over, Mellie is officially in labor. After arriving at the hospital she immediately requests an epidural. It's early morning and with her labor confirmed, she tries to get in touch with her sisters; Nettie and JoAnn, but neither of them are answering their phones. It looks like she may be giving birth alone.

"I'm definitely giving birth today... I'm scared" -Mellie

It takes a few hours but, her family shows up in droves her sisters: Nettie, Brandy, Tanya and her Husband Whetzal, and a few of her nieces and nephews are all there during her labor. Mellie is her usual bitchy self but, she's excited that her family is there to support her.

Shocker: Robbie is no where to be seen, in fact he doesn't even show up while Mellie is in the hospital

After hours of intense labor, its time for Mellie to push. But she's scared, her sisters comfort her, and JoAnn finally makes if to the hospital. After a few minutes of reassurances Mellie begins to push and ultimately ends up with a baby boy, which she named Richard Joe Whetzal Stanley.

Congratulations Mellie!

Turns out little Richard looks nothing like Mellie instead he looks exactly like his father Robbie. More family turns up at the hospital to celebrate the birth of Mellie's first child. Even Mellie's mother, Lottie Mae, who was recently sprung from jail, came to see the newest edition.

"I'm so glad I have a bunch of brothers and sisters cuz I know no matter what little Richard will be taken care of" - Mellie

The day after Richard was born, Kayla stops by the hospital to see the new baby, but in order for Kayla to visit Nettie and the rest of the family must leave the hospital. Trying to be the bigger person, Nettie agrees to leave without much fuss Kayla can come by. Nettie is even being so nice as to set Mellie and Richard up with a room in her house so she can get use to being a mom with family and help nearby.

Kayla meets baby Richard and loves him at first sight. She is so proud of Mellie for giving birth to such a beautiful baby boy. Kayla thinks that little Richard will be the one that could make Mellie change from running wild.

Shocker: Mellie's nickname for her kid is "Fat Bastard" and "Fat Pig"

Back at Nettie's house, Nettie and JoAnn are getting Mellie and little Richard’s room ready. Nettie admits to JoAnn that she was hurt that she had to leave the hospital in order for Kayla to visit. JoAnn advises her to reach out to Kayla one last time with a video message.

Nettie returns to the hospital after Kayla leaves with a gift for Mellie from Sandra. Sandra had blinged out a car-seat, pacifier and matching outfits that say “Little Dick” on them all for baby Richard.

Over at Kayla's house, her crew (Sheena, Annie, and her kids) are busy preparing for the chili cook off, by trying out different recipes. While they are tasting recipes the mail comes, included is a package sent from Nettie. It's a DVD labeled Watch Me!

Kayla decides to put it aside thinking she will probably want to watch it alone. The next day Kayla's family has an amazing time at the Chili Cook off. And the crowd seems to really like their chili. Unfortunately she doesn't win the contest.

Shocker: Kayla doesn't even place at the Chili Cook off

  Mellie and Little Richard are released from the hospital, they then head to Nettie house to settle in. To make the transition to motherhood easier they have JoAnn staying in the room with her.

After the chili cook off Kayla decides to watch Nettie's video in private. In the video Nettie apologizes for everything that went down before and during the fight and owns up to some negative things about her personality and her past. And in the end she asks Kayla to forgive her, and to try and form a relationship with her again.

Kayla is moved by the DVD and she can't believe the person in the video is the cousin she grew up with.

REVIEW: it was so cute to see little Richard get born and for Mellie's family to show up for her in such a big way. But I have to say her nickname for he son is reprehensible it's just awful, and her sisters need to tell her so. I have to wonder is having a baby will truly change Mellie from being such a hard core party girl. I doubt it but it will be interesting to watch. And it finally seems like the feud between Nettie and Kayla may be over. Thank God! Cuz it was hard to watch these two cousins dog each other do badly. Until next time...


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