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Grown Women Act Like This? (Gypsy Sisters S2E2)


SEASON 2 EPISODE 2 "Fists of Fury"

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: December 5th  2013   

SYNOPSIS: Nettie and Kayla collide in an all-out gypsy fight; JoAnn travels to Martinsburg; Mellie meets her father for the first time; Nettie discovers that her daughter ran away with her ex-boyfriend.



 RECAP: After Kayla's flying punch things go down hill for her quick. There is no easy way to say this, Nettie beat her ass! No if ands or buts about it. It didn't take long and Kayla knew she was out matched, all she could do was round up her crew and try to head home to lick her wounds.

But that didn't quite go as planned cuz now everyone wanted to fight Shena, because of some perceived issue she had once made against someone named chicken? Doesn't matter cuz neither Nettie nor Kayla wanted to see that go down so they yelled bullied and cajoled her back into the truck but then a fight did break out. But eventually they were able to pull off and head home. Kayla thinks the fight was dirty, and Nettie is mad that it ever got to the point where they were fist fighting but thinks that in some ways Kayla deserved it.

The next day Kayla's is still pissed about the fight from the night before, and as she checks on the swelling around her eye she comments about Nettie wasn't that tough, and how the small bruise she got doesn't even need ice.... girl I love ya but sit your ass down, you got beat!

"Gypsies fight to settle disputes and arguments, but they also film fights so there is always a video to prove what really happened" - Kayla

On the other side of town, Nettie and Mellie meet up to go and finally see Mellie father, who they blew off the day before so they could go fight Kayla. They arrive at her fathers door and stay and chat all about Mellie and her unborn baby. But it's clear that Mellie isn't into this meeting, for one she's quiet which never happen and she also clings to Mellie. The father seems sweet but I can see how if I was Mellie meeting him for the first time, I'd feel a little awkward.

At Kayla's house, Kayla tries to force Annie to cover up some skin by, having her daughters shove her into a nice tan skirt and a blue tweed jacket. But Annie isn't having it and thinks the outfit makes her look like a grandma..... Not even close honey. But in the end Kayla and the girls convince Annie to try a shirt that doesn't stop directly under her boobs, it's not modest by any stretch but it's more clothes than Annie is use to wearing.
While Kayla is forcing Annie to try on clothes, Sheena gets a call from JoAnn (Nettie and Mellie's sister, Sherna's best friend, and the last new gypsy sister this season. It turns out JoAnn is headed up to Nettie's so she can help fix the relationship between Nettie and Kayla... Sheena doesn't think that's gonna happen anytime soon but she's willing to help JoAnn out with her goal.

Shocker: Nookie has run off with Pookie again!

Nettie is pissed of course, but at least JoAnn is there to comfort her sister.

Richard, Kayla's husband decides to put all the women in his house to work, blacktopping the drive way. Wearing the most adorable shirts the whole family gets to works, and fails miserably. But it's ok cuz Richard brought his real blacktopping crew to do all the heavy lifting. And in the end the driveway looks amazing.

 Mellie stops by Nettie's house and tries to help her get in touch with Nookie. But it's clear that Nookie is being a typical Romany girl and it may be time for Nettie to let her little girl go.

REVIEW: I think it bears repeating, I didn't know grown women acted this crazy, I mean both Nettie and Kayla are over 40 years old yet they were fist fighting in front of their kids over nonsense. It's just crazy. And can I say I'm tired of Nookie running off, I mean Pookie either marry the girl or let her go already,enough with this back and forth mess. I think in really goin to like JoAnn, she has this calmness about her that Iike. I can't wait to see what's gonna happen next on gypsy sisters.


  1. I am a Kayla Fan!! Nettie is wayyyy to stuck up


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