Monday, January 27, 2014

The Assets is Cancelled

 The Assets is Cancelled!

This Cold War spy drama mini-series event has officially been cancelled by abc after airing only two episodes. Originally airing Thursdays at 10pm to replace Scandal, while the show was on winter hiatus, the show failed to garner interest and ratings. It started out as the lowest rated season premiere on ABC, and continued to bleed viewers. The show was set to air 8 episodes, there is no word on wether abc will make the remaining episodes available online.

"The Assets” was a series based on the real life events of CIA counter-intelligence officer Sandy Grimes (Jodie Whittaker). The year 1985 serves as the backdrop to the final showdown of the Cold War when Sandy and her partner Jeanne Vertefeuille (Harriet Walter) vowed to find the mole who would turn out to be the most notorious traitor in US History, Aldrich Ames (Paul Rhys).

Since Scandal and Grey's Anatomy is not set to return from its Winter hiatus until Feb. 27th, repeats of the reality competition show, Shark Tank will take the Thursday 10pm spot moving forward.

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